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Halo: Reach – Noble Pack DLC Screenshots Show 3 New Maps

If you are looking forward to the release of the Noble pack DLC for Halo: Reach we have some come across some must-see screens for you to check out, these screens give you a glimpse at the three new maps this pack brings, these are Breakpoint, Templest and Anchor 9.

We have embedded four images at the end of this post, however if you would like to see them and a few others at a higher resolution you should check out this link.

Of the three new maps I like the look of Anchor 9 the most, apparently this map will allow Free-For-All, Team Slayer and Team objective matches.

Check out the images below, the top two are from Anchor 9, I think you will agree this looks like a very fun map to play on.

Source: Bungie


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