Halo: Reach – Impressive Gameplay Stats One Month In

Halo: Reach has now been out for just over a month, a couple of days ago Bungie decided to let everyone know just how successful the game has been by releasing some usage statistics.

You can see full usage statistics on Bungie’s website here, in this brief article we will talk about some of the more impressive stats that have been revealed such as the fact that over 16,445 man-years have already been spent by the millions of gamers playing Halo: Reach.

At the time Bungie revealed the stats over 544,000,000,000 Credits had been earned by players in total, also 3,900,000 screenshots had been uploaded and 784,000,000 player-games had been played, impressive, eh?

Earlier today we revealed that Bungie would raise the player cap and release more armor once players have collectively completed 117 million daily and weekly challenges, with this incentive I would expect Reach’s players to build on these already impressive stats.

How many hours have you spent playing Halo: Reach?

Source: Bungie


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