Fallout New Vegas Review: Bigger Than Predecessor

By Peter Chubb - Oct 18, 2010

Fallout New Vegas is released tomorrow for PC, Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 users, so it comes as no surprise that a review of the game is in high demand. There have not been that many reviews yet, but we did manage to locate one, and it says that this is bigger it is maybe bigger than its predecessor.

KanedaGallon from FeedYourConsole has spent 12 hours with Fallout New Vegas so far, and has not scratched the surface. For those of you who would like to know the story, you play the part of a Courier who has been shot and left for dead. Your mission is to find who did this and why – by any means possible.

The game is huge, and will take much longer to compete – something that is sure to make a few people happy. How often do you get into a game, only to find that you have come to the end? Hopefully this one will keep you occupied much longer.

There are a few nice touches to this game, the reviewer picks up on the point that you need to stay hydrated in order to carry your ammo crates – if not then you will die just as you would in the real world.

For an early review of the game ahead of tomorrow’s release visit FeedYourConsole.

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  • Rock

    Fallout 3 is crap compared to New Vegas . Better quests , bigger game , sane speech and no retarded Moira .

  • Jason

    Agree. Have played many hours with both games. Fallout 3 seems much more interesting. I always loved the unknown around each corner. No metro tunnels to explore and the buildings are tiny with nowhere to explore in new Vegas. Also how many buildings look cool only to run up and find the doors are all barred? So your left above ground outside with no purpose or anywhere interesting to go. Also the story in 3 was awesome! When you rushed out of the vault for the first time not knowing where or what to do, awesome.

  • 3josh

    I agree that New Vegas is very disappointing – but for very different reasons.
    First, combat feels very unbalanced – and the way DT works limits the usefulness of weapons without AP ammo. I'm at level 18 and I still have a hard time killing Giant Radscorpians even with two companions.
    Also the general world development feels VERY unpolished compared to Fallout3. There are a tons of 'items' that are static even though they look identical to items you can normally interact with (this really screws up the sense of immersion). There are also plenty of places to get 'stuck' or where a companion falls and gets hurt (so many I think that's why they made them all unkillable). There's also very little point to exploring interesting / difficult to reach places in New Vegas as there never seems to be anything interesting to find there. Perhaps this is due to having very few real skill books – but there's also far fewer hidden weapons.
    On top of that it seems even more buggy than Fallout3. Overall I'd MUCH rather have a new Fallout3 expansion. I could complain a lot more but I'll just say that while Fallout3 and every expansion has been so addictive I'd forget to eat let alone go to work – I've hardly been playing New Vegas at all. The quests, dialog, environment all seem boring. Maybe I'll try the 'Wacky Wasteland' option and see if that helps.

  • Elijah Chercoles

    Well, i got Fallout:New Vegas on the first day it came out hoping it would be the game of the year that would occupy many hours of my life, but despite the last Fallout (Fallout 3) having to be one of best RPG's that i've played Fallout: New Vegas has been a disappointment. The storyline is about getting revenge, same as many games for example Fable 2, there are no metro tunnels witch were the main thing to traveling around the post-apocalyptic world and gave a scary but thrilling sense to the game, The radio is rubbish, Mr new vegas is a shitty radio host and the music is not memorable like butcher pete, the gangs are not a good idea, FUCK THIS i'm not gonna make a speech all im trying to say is that Fallout:New Vegas is a not a step up from Fallout 3 it's a step down. FUCK YOU BETHESDA!

  • Killmore

    My first impression of New Vegas is that it simply feels like Fallout 3 with a massive add-on patch. That’s not bad at all but, what does not sit well in my stomach is the 70$ca it costs on top of the re-emerging game crashes.

    Considering Fallout 3 was plagued with bugs, which a large portion was addressed through patches, I was surprised (and disappointed!) to see so many game crashes in New Vegas (2 for me in about 45 minutes). Have they not learned from the previous instalment? Granted that the scale of such a game potentially means more bugs, I still find the game crashes unacceptable considering they've had so long to identify the causes of the problems found in the game engine.

    Did anyone else notice how NPC' get stuck everywhere when in the first few houses of the game? The chick's dog at the beginning was stuck in the air facing the ceiling when I entered the bar.

  • Goro

    Michael!! STFU!

  • Michael

    I'm saying is it third-person and what is it out of 10. Also my dad is wondering is this a really good game. And if a pice of crap its junk wasting $60.00. Is it adult graphic or that Fable graphic that look dumb. Please tell me.

  • Blah

    To me, what is most important is the quality of the quests. The area can be huge, but running around gets boring. THe quests give a purpose to the locations and tie everything together, like the guild quests in Oblivion. Everything in oblivion tied to some sort of quest. Fallout 3 disappointed me in that there weren't enough quests, and a lot of cool locations had story/quest attached to them.

    • Dylan

      Hmm…i played both games and I thought there were a pretty equal number of quests in them. I played FO3 for a little over 200 hours and oblivion for a little less than 170 or so hours. And that's with all dlc for both games. Hoping the quests are as compelling and the outcomes are as great as they have been in Oblivion and fo3

  • tina

    yay iam get it for my brother he loves this games.idk y.

  • Mark

    You only need to stay hydrated in hardcore mode.

  • wat

    I've played it for a few days, honestly it may be bigger, but for some reason I don't find the narrative nearly as compelling as Fallout 3.

    There are some interesting additions that were sorely missed from Fallout 3, faction armour for example, disguises you as a member of that faction.

    • UK_John

      Played it for a few days on the 18th when it wasn’t released until the 19th – and video game killer by the sounds of it….