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Fallout New Vegas Review: Bigger Than Predecessor

Fallout New Vegas is released tomorrow for PC, Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 users, so it comes as no surprise that a review of the game is in high demand. There have not been that many reviews yet, but we did manage to locate one, and it says that this is bigger it is maybe bigger than its predecessor.

KanedaGallon from FeedYourConsole has spent 12 hours with Fallout New Vegas so far, and has not scratched the surface. For those of you who would like to know the story, you play the part of a Courier who has been shot and left for dead. Your mission is to find who did this and why – by any means possible.

The game is huge, and will take much longer to compete – something that is sure to make a few people happy. How often do you get into a game, only to find that you have come to the end? Hopefully this one will keep you occupied much longer.

There are a few nice touches to this game, the reviewer picks up on the point that you need to stay hydrated in order to carry your ammo crates – if not then you will die just as you would in the real world.

For an early review of the game ahead of tomorrow’s release visit FeedYourConsole.



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