Fallout: New Vegas – DLC is Xbox 360 Exclusive, Better Than PS3 Version?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 18, 2010

We have some fresh news for you regarding one of the most hotly tipped games of the year — Fallout: New Vegas, in which Bethesda have announced an exclusive deal with Microsoft to bring the first DLC to the Xbox 360.

Although the game is scheduled to be released tomorrow (October 18), reviews are very scares at the moment, therefore we are not sure how the game is going to hold up. But we did find one review that confirms the brilliance of the game, with the reviewer playing 12-hours of the game so far without even getting anywhere near to the end. Good news then.

Back to the matter at hand, the DLC exclusive to Xbox 360 owners has had no leeks as of yet so we have no idea what the content contains. Pete Hines of Bethesda released this statement: –

“We’re excited to continue the partnership between Bethesda and Microsoft, and build on the success of the game add-ons released for Fallout 3 on Xbox Live.”

“Fans will once again be able to continue their experience in the Fallout universe with the add-on packs planned for after the launch of the game.”

It looks as though Fallout: New Vegas will keep gamers playing for a long time, so PS3 players wont feel too aggrieved having to miss out on exclusive DLC, or will they?

Source: IGN

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  • Flyingamerboy

    PS3 IS better it uses blue-ray no scratches the online is free unlike greedy Microsoft and im sure that they both use PC stuff inside them don't know what tho and bethesda should release for all platforms not sure about PC as they make their own stuff. when the hell did xbox or PS controllers become better than each other????
    the graphics on PS are better and i own both
    gamecubes good


    FFS xbox is like a guy with a small dick he has to have everything flashy to hide the fact that he's got a 1inch cock / shitty consle

  • mantic

    Stop crying already PS fanboys, you are getting LAME!
    PS is NO better than Xbox, in fact Xbox has more detailed graphics on any game released until now (just check out Mass Effect2 for example). Maybe you just like playing on the PS long out-dated joystick instead of the near perfect Microsoft one (which is a multiple test winner).
    I am not saying the PS is bad (I own one just for blu-ray movies and a couple of exsclusives) but it is in no way better then the Xbox, I'd say they are equaly matched. So get you'r head out of Sony's ass and just buy both systems, they are both worth the cash.

    • dee

      You have no clue on what your talking about seriously xbox is the worst thing to happen to gaming since the gamecube grow up u joke

  • Angels are dying

    I think we should get up enough people who pissed at bethsda for screwing there fans on ps3 and send a shit-load of complaints to them cuz they need to kno that they have upset millions of fans

  • Choked at you!

    you guys are shit honestly get your shit right and give ps3 dlc now. and make update content that will stop the game from freezing at the worst possible times. you had plenty of time to fix it and u just got lazy. thanx for ruining the expirience for millions!

  • Russ

    its always very easy to put a stop to the flaming console retards on these matters with simply the following statement :

    360 and PS3 are both completely inferior to the PC. even a 3 year old graphics card can max out this game and look 5 times (or more) detailed than either of these crappy consoles which are effectively both childs toys.

    Eat that, console losers

    • retard killer

      You gay ass failiure in life. Go back to your fckin den and play crysis before I send my dog to eat ur heart out bitch. Get a girlfriend and a life. And stop living with ur retarded mom.

    • Batman

      Incorrect. I bought my computer 3 years ago at great expense [Compared to a console] and it can't max out any of the games I have on PC. If you buy a gaming PC, granted they are far superior to consoles, but consoles simplify controls and provide good performance and graphics at an acceptable price.

  • Seraphim Rayn

    I actually have all of the current-gen systems, but I ordered New Vegas for my ps3 instead of my 360, and to be honest, I feel really upset that they are doing this. I have nothing against with either console, but I feel that it isn't quite fair to the fans of fallout that ordered and support the game on the ps3 or on the pc. I believe DLC shouldn't be exclusive. Ever. When you release your game for multiple consoles, you should try to support sales for -every- console your game was released on. It's kind of stupid when you think about it… Knowing that the dlc will -only- be available on the 360 (for the time being hopefully) will give gamers more incentive to buy the 360 version, yeah, but what about all the other games you made for pc and ps3? All that time spent on those versions will kind of be a waste, why not give your all your -fans-, your supporters, and the people who gave fallout 3 the "fame" (for lack of a better word) it deserves, of all consoles, a gift for purchasing the game you worked hard to create. They still shelled out the same amount of money for your game, no matter what console they got it on. Don't leave out the fans! Bad move, Bethesda… bad move…

    • googler

      im totaly agree what you just said 🙁

    • Angels are dying

      I think we should get up enough people who pissed at bethsda for screwing there fans on ps3 and send a shit-load of complaints to them

  • wesley

    This is just lame of Bethesda… it sucks that PS3 is the better system and they could probably have made a better game if they didn't dumb it down to run on 360 also… so to make it worse they release DLC for the inferior system?

  • Sheogorath27

    lame. I guess we'll just have to wait two years for the dlc….again…..which is about the time the game of the year usually comes out anyways. Heck, I'll probably just get a 360 by then anyways for Fable 3 and the never released dlc and trophies, that is to say acheivments, for oblivion that are on the 360 version.

  • FalloutFan

    wtf! I swear they just hate the Ps3. What's so great about Microsoft that Bethesda favors. Ps3 is 10 times better. I mean i'm still gonna buy the game because Fallout 3 was the s#@$, but i don't have to be happy about this BS.

  • niggs

    Here we go again with my console is better than yours bs. Shut the fuck up, Xbox gets the dlc first cause they felt like paying 1000000 bucks to get it first. Yes it sucks but oh well! PS3 and PC will get the same content as the xbox. But people always saying one console is better than the other need to shut the fuck up. I like playing games, I have several consoles so shut up you fucking nerd!

  • FTS is a whiner

    @FTS "WAAAAH I bought a PS3 and all the developers like the xbox more! WAAAAH!" quit crying and buy a big boy console.

    • Dee

      considering Xbox blows they just test to see how well the dlc works on the tin can before upgrading to systems that actually matter

    • Batman

      They don't prefer Xbox, Microsoft like using their money to bribe producers. It sucks, but don't let it get to you. I personally own both a PS3 and an Xbox, I'm going to stick it out for the DLC on PS3 as to say the least the Xbox 360 is disappointing.

  • FTS

    Tired of this bs I pre orderd this for the ps3 I’m not even going to open it back to gamestop for this garbage. Tired of Bethesda and their bs I’ll buy if used if I ever get the urge to give it a chance again.

  • LOW