Droid X and Droid 2: New Security Flaw on Android 2.2 Froyo

By Alan Ng - Oct 18, 2010

We have some important news if you are a Motorola Droid X or Droid 2 owner, as it has been confirmed over the weekend that a new security flaw has been found within the handset, possibly linked to the BLUR interface.

As reported from BGR, it has been revealed that users can still make voice calls on their handset, even though the device is supposed to be locked.

The lock screen can be easily bypassed by issuing a voice command on your handset on the lock screen. For example, if you say ‘call home’ whilst being locked, it will still go through with the call command and you’ll then be able to make calls as normal.

Obviously this is a problem which wasn’t part of the script, and it’s been confirmed on both the Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X smartphones – the original Droid is unaffected. We haven’t heard from Motorola yet regarding this issue, but we’ll let you know when a fix is on the way.

Check out a quick video showing the problem below. Try it out on your Droid 2 or Droid X for yourself and let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Nick

    Sorry guys, but that does not sound like a bug to me. Kinda like a hands free feature for the phone. No one should be driving and trying to unlock a phone. But if everyone meaning moto, google, and maybe VZ are saying it is a bug. Then so be it, fix it.

    Also, iPhone lovers you should stop talking. Your guy's phone has the biggest flaw of all, "keeping phone calls". Wait, that might be the network? But still, enjoy your new cases… Your just mad, you guys are just on the losing side of the battle, and yet still with the worst network in the country.

  • Fandroid

    This happens with the beloved iPhone4 too

  • Doctor Nick

    this is hilarious. they STILL haven't fixed the problems?? And people say Android will achieve the most growth this year and in the future. Don't believe the hype.

  • petethechop

    People actually use voice dialing? Go figure.

  • Roger

    All of the problems with the Andriod 2.2 download to Droid X have persuaded me to delay the download until the problems are substantially cured by further updates.

  • Ryan

    I don't think this has anything to do with Blur, actually. My blurless Droid X has this issue.

  • skedone

    erm why is that a security flaw what about if you have it locked and are on bluetooth headset lol

  • Stelers

    well, isn't that just splendid!! Never fails…always something. The biggest flaw w/Droid X is being lied to about how it came w/Flash Player..lie! I was COMPATIBLE & as just able to get it on my phone this past weekend…liars!!