COD Black Ops Beta: Death Machine Gameplay in HD

By Alan Ng - Oct 18, 2010

We have another video for you to take a look at now, once again taken from the ongoing Call of Duty: Black Ops closed beta. This one is rather tasty though, since you can watch some pure gameplay footage in HD.

It is worth reminding you that Activision are currently on the warpath and are continuing to block any Black Ops gameplay videos they see, so we’d advise you to check it out asap if you want to avoid disappointment.

Aside from some solid Team Deathmatch action, the video also gives us a first look at the ‘Death Machine’ care package drop. It’s essentially a beefed up minigun that you can use for a while, and looks like it will be able to take down enemies with just a few bullets. You’ll find this segment towards the end of the video.

It is a bit disappointing that this remains a closed beta, but as long as the gameplay videos keep coming, we won’t complain! Let us know your thoughts on the latest video.

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  • Angel

    don't be daft. send your e-mail adresses and at 9 nov you will have the link to download fro megaupload. send them to

  • approve my messages nerd

  • why wont it let me press backspace? this site is keeping me here :c

  • lalalala

  • Brown boy


  • bakerboy

    i hope they make an open beta 🙂

  • Jasen

    I can see why they take the videos down and what not…and I understand. But lets face it the week of the release there will be hundreds of people playing this game on Xbox Live. The leader boards will be all f*** up like they were with MW2 and I'm sure they won't reset them either. And just because they took these videos down…you can still find them online…


    OMG! you are soo true, this is turing into rubbish ! i hope they can see they are gay 🙂

  • breakdowninvadeer

    activision has turned into a bunch of money hungry idiots who won't let anyone see the game before they buy it, i like to see what games are like before i buy them and by them deleting all the videos is making me weary about buying it.

    • manwiththeskill

      Words of a wise man, I agree completely! I just hope no one thinks of Treyarch this way.

      • breakdowninvadeer

        i love treyarch they are the true geniuses behind these games, activision just controls the money. at least thats what i think.

    • blackti3

      I'm sure there will be reviews and videos up before 11/9. These videos are from a closed beta, I don't blame them for taking down videos of an unfinished product.

      • angry fucker

        fuck you! the game is complete. they are just being pussy bitches, makes me wanna snap their necks and cash some checks