Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: PS3 vs. Xbox 360

By Peter Chubb - Oct 18, 2010

It is no secret that PS3 users were unhappy when they learned that Assassin’s Creed II was much better when played on the Xbox 360, so Ubisoft Montreal has said that this will not happen again with Brotherhood?

When I started to play Assassin’s Creed 2 on my PlayStation 3 I could tell from the start that it seemed rushed, so is nice to know that Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood will have more attention to detail – just hope that it is not too late and fans of the franchise have not walked away.

IGN Australia has been talking to those involved in the design of the new game and believes that both version of the game on Xbox 360 and the PS3 is on a level playing field – we just wonder how true that is? (View gameplay video).

This seems to be the case with many games these days, we only have to look at F1 2010; readers have commented on how much better the graphics are on this racing sim compared to that of the PS3.

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  • everyone here is getting trolled

    I have both consoles and love them both. For different reasons. I love Halo Reach (xbox) and MGS (ps3). I’m kinda disappointed because this article didn’t really answer my question. Should I get AC brotherhood for xbox or ps3?

  • Gi.

    Some of the comments here are nonsense. It has less to do with the console and much to do with the developer spending the necessary time in creating the same game with two different methods.

  • DarkShadow345

    First of all, I own a PS3 and yes I have played XBOX 360, by the way Nvidia (PS3) owns ATI (XBOX 360).

    Second my ears sometime heard "GTA IV couldn't fit to the 7.50GB DVD and developers had to cut-off some things. Of course no problem with the PS3 (50GBs Hello?). Hey I'm not sure tho.

    Imagine XBOX 360 with God of War 3 (47GB) developer would need to make 4-5 DVDs to make the game playable on XBOX, or Uncharted 2 (uses the whole 25GBs of a Blu-ray disc) then cut the game to 2-3 Discs and install this on the hard drive! (Which not every XBOX comes with Hard Drive, but on PS3 there's hard drive on every SINGLE machine)

    But again PS3 will always beat XBOX on graphics, FREE ONLINE, capacity..Wi-Fi (Yeah, I know it comes with the new XBOX 360 Slim but with the oldest XBOX's you need to buy the device) and bluetooth, basically connectivity.

    That's all I wanted to say, thanks. 🙂


      dual-layered blu ray disks can hold up to 100 gigs :DDDDDD

  • 12inch

    My dong is bigger than yours.

  • Eonofen

    not another flame console war…really guys. first off no one console is better then the other, they both have ups and downs, heck, i own a wii xbox 360 and ps3 and i have fun on all of them. Really though look at the wii, its underpowered when comparing to the others but the titles like Zelda, and game experience, you won't find in any other system. Wii wasn't even aiming to be a next gen console yet its console sales still surpasses the ps3 and xbox 360. You really can't say which is better xbox or ps3. look at the exclusives on both systems. No other system can bring you the good old halo experience like the xbox, and ps3 you can't go wrong with games like god of war. bottom line, no matter what system your on, a true gamer plays them all. I mean look at back in the day when we had sega and the snes…. we all grew up with mario and sonic. When you bash a system, you just look retarded. True gamers don't argue which system is the best, they dominate in every system they get there hands on. cause bottom line, in the end, its all a matter of if its fun or not.

  • EN87

    Why does everything have to spiral out of control into a fanboy slapfest so quickly?

    And why is it that people in both camps are so brainwashed that they always mention the best looking games PUBLICATIONS have chosen? Its pretty impossible that everyone naturally agrees that Uncharted 2 is the PS3's best looking game, because overall, it's not. Same goes for 360 and Gears 1,2 etc – why is Metro 2033 never mentioned, when the tech powering it is brutally impressive?

    I wish people would STFU and REALLY form their OWN opinions and not those that games journalists tell them.

  • Jonathan

    Love how this article doesn't give us any comparisons of pictures or anything at all it says ps3 vs 360 but doesn't say what the difference is Peter chub …. ur retarded thanks for wasting my time

  • staylifted

    @ TDR… well if you'd bother to read the specs, you'd know that ps3's 7 individual cores out-perform the 360's 3 dual cores, also because the xbox has shared graphics memory with it's cpu, they both suffer, and the graphics memory for the ps3 runs at 3.2ghz compared to a pathetic 700mhz from the 360, from a technical standpoint you're incredibly wrong… stop watching the tv commercials.

    • Stayliftedsucks

      PS3 actually only has 7 SPE's which aren't actually cores… owned fanboy?

  • marhorn

    ps3 lovers are just jealous that the Xbox 360 is better!

    • ARZ

      I have both…. and i must say that my ps3 is waaaay better than my 360 as a whole entertainments package. the xbox IS a good console though but im always on my ps3, not my xbox, apart from exclusives like fable n stuff. oh and killzone owns halo hands down!

  • Nadedog

    @ TDR… Rubbish! One just has to look at UNCHARTED 2 & GOD OF WAR 3 to see what graphical power the PS3 has.

  • Whatnot

    GDR clearly is a xbox fanboy. Uncharted 2 has the best graphics this generation and no install or loadtimes. Please also explain why ps3 games all look better then mp games and xbox exclusives

  • bazzerk

    It is true that the PS3 is let down by it's inferior graphics chip. However these consoles are so evenly matched its not worth going into. Both have been out for so long now that if one was superior to such a huge extent you would have seen it by now. It is just marketing and we all get taken in by it.

  • MMM

    I love a good self reassurance post

    • Jordan Dyckes

      @TDR / @bazzerk A xbot is in the room !!! What game have you've played on your fagbox, that looks better than Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 or God of War 3.

      "Poo Ray" is far superior to standard dual layer disc, you have games which require multiple discs and this should never happen to PS3 Owners; also the textures stored on disc don't need as much compression / decompression and their for less strain on the Cell Processor.

      And for the record "The best games on Xbox" ??? Halo is the most milked game ever, nothing really changes, Fable 3 boring and Gears Of War seems to be milking it a bit as well and online is rubbish as it's full of hackers with JTAGS.

      Not to mention the Forza 3 Collectors Edition, which is the biggest rip off ever; Do you want some new cars??? GO BUY ANOTHER COPY OF FORZA THEN LOL. No DLC 4 U.

      The PS3 is and always be more powerful than the Xbox 360, Sony crafted the ultimate system; however with developers being lazy, only true exclusives bring out the power at the moment.

      PS3's Graphics Chipset and Cell Processor work as one, to create the most powerful gaming system ever (apart from PC).

      I also own a Xbox 360, I've played Xbox live and it's the worst mistake I ever made a Mahusive waste of money on a lamebox 360.

  • TDR

    It has nothing to do with for what platform it was developed on first. The PS3 has an inferior graphics chipset, less memory available for program code, lacks a hardware scaler, and cant load data from BluRay fast enough for a decent playing experience (which is why you HAVE TO wait ages while each PS3 games installs large chunks of itself to hard disk!)

    So what you can do on the PS3 will always be limited when compared to the Xbox 360.

    As has often been said, if you want Poo Ray, get a PS3. If you want the most powerful games console, the best games, and the best gaming experience (especially online) get an Xbox 360.

    • Jae

      And for the record it has everything to do with what platform the game was developed for first. Many developers have said that if you develop for the PS3 first and then port to the Xbox then the game tends to be the same quality on both platforms, however when done vice versa its buggy on the PS3.

      I dont mind the Xbox but i have to say i prefer the PS3 mainly because of the free online and also the exclusives (MGS4, LBP, Killzone, Resistance, God of War, Heavy Rain, Modnation Racers,MAG,Gran Turismo 5, Ratchet & Clank, Flower, etc plus upcoming FF Versus 13, Agent, The Last Guardian.)

    • Wario

      TDR has been brainwashed really well,and actually believes the xbox 360 is more powerful than the PS3,less memory?,6.8GB DVD space VS 50GB Blu Ray, not to mention no xbox 360 game is technically better than Killzone 2,Uncharted 2,Heavy Rain,God Of War 3 etc. The 360 is just "easier" to develop on,not "better", The PS3 has much more headroom for future development.

      If you want less exclusives,PC ports,an inferior gaming console that is only a DVD player,no online dedicated servers and a unreliable red ringing machine, get an Xbox 360 😉

      • Wariosucks

        Memory= RAM noob cake.

        • Tech4U

          Memory= RAM and RAM=Memory and in other words they are = and may be used =ally. What is wrong with people who argue over something like that when you could be getting in on the conversation about how to port video games.. shame that you're not learning with the rest of us.

    • Steve

      hit the nail on the face m8

      • TDM is a No Go

        LMAO…. TDM you sound like a 15yr old fanboy, might want to get your facts straight before posting bs like that……

        The 360 is the most powerful gaming….. STFU haha you lose.

        I own both, and the games I care about graphics, go to my ps3 and the only thing my 360 does is play cod…… not to mention there arnt even games designed yet to utilize the full capacity of the ps3……

        TDM all I have to say is GG you lose.

    • TBJ013

      You're simply and truly a moron if you want you think that everything you just said in that comment is correct..

      The PS3 can route any graphic loads, as well as other loads to the multiple processors it has. This is why it is overall more powerful. Yes the 360(which I'm a huge fan of) does have a better gpu(that's what your graphics chipset is, it's called a graphics processing unit), but overall is not more powerful. It doesn't matter if the gpu is more powerful because the PS3 can simply reroute things. Overall, the PS3 is more elegant in design and execution. I don't understand why people don't understand these things. I just recently got a PS3 and have had a 360 since they first came out, but I still accepted the fact that the PS3 is more powerful and better designed overall.

      Also, if you truly do think the PS3 is inferior, then please be my guest and check out games such as Killzone 2, MGS4, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 1 and 2, as well as many others. Look at the dates that they were released and how far ahead graphics wise these games were. I mean Uncharted has some of the best facial expressions and speech animations I've ever had the joy of witnessing.

      So please, before you decide to type out a comment, make sure what you're saying is right/correct.

      Otherwise, you may just end up looking like the fool that you just portrayed.

  • Klatu

    If the game is ported from the 360 version, as the last was, expect the same graphical differences this time around. Minor differences as they may be, us gamers are a picky breed. My guess is this one will be developed around the 360 architecture first, as usual, because it is simpler and more like pc architecture. This tends to be the norm for console games this generation, and it is symptomatic of the advantages to using a pc based architecture, particularly when in a windows platform.