Call of Duty Black Ops: Sniper Gameplay shows Quickscoping

By Alan Ng - Oct 17, 2010

We have a treat for Call of Duty fans now, as a leaked video has appeared for Black Ops, thought to be shot during the ongoing closed multiplayer beta for the game. The video focuses on how the sniper class works in the game.

The video comes to you courtesy of EverythingForGamers, who have uploaded the video on their website, which means that it is less likely to get removed once Activision hear about it.

The video is over two minutes in length, and shows the player taking up position and sniping enemies from distance – seemingly with a lot of ease.

Either this guy has a lot of skill or quickscoping is extremely easy to pick up in the game – we’ll let you watch the video and draw your own conclusions on it. Quickscoping is a lot of fun, but some people argue that it shouldn’t be allowed in the game – where do you stand on this debate?

We also added the same video from YouTube below, although it may be removed soon. If that happens, check it out in the link above instead.

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  • shadow sniper

    calling all quickscoper try puting the “ACOG Sights & no silensers” on your sniper rifle to give it the ability to “one shot kill” anyone from mid to short range as well as (with a good sight)anyone from long.

  • Carl

    Quickscoping takes no fucking skill… I can do it flawlessly.

    Its fun but like n00b tubetubers (oma and dangerclose) and bootsers it fucks a game up. Blackops should do these 3 things:

    Ban tac inserts from ffa

    Add some scope up time to snipers like cod4

  • Carl

    And make oma unuseable with gernade launchers

  • heh

    doesnt matter, to be honest all of the call of duties are the most inaccurate to real life situations and very inaccurate to real life firearms although i dont expect the game dorks who make this game to know anything about it anyway

  • Cod gamer

    Why r u all complaining its a ******* game-seriously calm down and enjoy the game, it is meant to be fun ya retards

  • I Am Grotesque

    Let me say this, from the gameplay i saw, the person wasnt running aroung scoping insanely fast and hitting the leg and killing them, the damage ratio is better than in mw2. the scope speed it less, and it takes longer to focus, im pretty sure no noob is gonna walk in like in mw2 and quickscope. trust me i knew soo many insanely crappy noobs but they could quickscope just fine. mw2 is unbalanced not just becuz of the quickscoping tho. i havent seen any obvious flaws yet, i shall have to wait till i play it

  • joey

    yeah take out quickscoping, i bet all the people who agree with that are noobtubers,sprayers, or commando fags. how is it cheap if its a sniper vs a machine gun. sniper u have to aim, machine gun SPRAY. i say take out noobtubing and commando. its more fun to quickscope then camp, u feel like a pro when u take out 5 guys not even zooming in all they way.


    Quickscoping takes so much more skill than spraying, First of all u always get those annoying Hitmarkers u get knifed, u get sprayed, u get noob tubed. Spraying and running around with a assault rifle and tac knife = no skill its to ez. i lik to challenge my self and quickscoping ina match full of ppl who think there good cuz they spray = skill

  • bill

    Lol all these haters. Let me think about this for a second, a man with a bolt action sniper rifle where you really have to aim in to be accurate vs a man with a machine gun who can just aim and spray…. im not knocking people who use machines guns, i do sometimes to, but quick scoping takes a hell of a lot more skill to do well CONSISTANTLY every game. If you think otherwise it is just incredibly obvious you are an idiot who isn't very good at the game. Close range machine gun v sniper, machine gun SHOULD win every day of the week. If you keep getting killed by close range snipers it just means YOU are not doing a very good job and are just not a very good player. Quit complaining.

    • Woot! This was exactly what I would have written as I was reading along the comments 😛

  • Spooger

    It does not take immense skill. All your doing is using the auto aim feature. FAGS

  • CamperHater

    quickscoping does take skill as everyone cannot do it successfully, i can go into a TDM with a sniper and will come 1st or 2nd nine out of ten times. but the main reason people do it is because it is fun, it is more exciting and more of a challenge, you also feel a better sense of accomplishment than just camping with a sniper. I know that not all snipers camp, but come one, everyone hates a camper. Campers suck just as much as commando/marathon/lightweight noobs.

    • mills

      i used to use marathon lightweight and commando but now iv found something better ump danger close and mother fucking rpg's 😀 LOL

  • theQS

    To anyone who thinks that QS takes no skill are ignorant and full of BS as there is nothing else you can compare QS to that also has a level of skill such as getting a 60+ kills a game with any gun every game, THAT takes skill, QS with a bolt action sniper against semi autos THAT takes skill anyone who thinks other wise are jealous of the quickscopers as they cant do it them selfs end of story.

    • blake

      umm semi autos so the intervention is only the FAL and pistols now?

    • QS is BEast

      I agree QS is not easy to do but there are a lot of people who think it is easy. if you can mix QS and HS together you'll be Nuking that map evertime. besides when i QS i just try for that amazing clutch shot QS across map throught gras is the best and is why i QS. I also agree if u are being charged by a guy spraying u with a AR and u own him with a QS to the face ur good 🙂

  • YouFailAtQuickScopin

    quickscoping isn't as hard as many people make it out to be, but not everyone can do it well, play a public match, using quickscoping – picking off enemies or rushing whatever, or use some machine gun in which you can spray with, what's gonna get you more kills? the gun that you can spray with.

    Notice how on youtube all the 60+ kill videos are all submachine guns or assault rifles? there's little or no videos where someone has got over 60 kills in around 10minutes by quickscoping.

    • mills

      i had a buke with an intervention…
      and the other day i had over 60 kills with an m21 so it really depends who your versing sometimes quick scoping gets you loads of kills if it is used at the right moment 🙂 not like stupid across map pot luck quickscopes >.<

  • bill
  • i ve done a lot of reading and im pretty sure you cant use sleight of hand pro with a sniper rifle, just like you cant use the tactical insertion in free for all….. ive nly played MW2 (WAW zombies!) i used A.R. and SMG's. i got board and tried the sniper rifle.. its very fufilling to get 1 shot kills. very very fun. for the people who say quickscoping is hard is full of shit. i was no pro at it but its easy to learn and easy to build the skill.

  • Xx RZ0 xX

    Lol love these comments look the best way to put this is who cares about QS ? i dont .. who cares about rushers/campers i dont ? I have good games all the time just by using tactics ? rushers = rush them the feck back . campers sneak around them 🙂 .. QS fire a rpg at there ring they can never move fast enough .. but please people remember this is a damn GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • viista

    ok. actually quickscoping does take alot of skill. not in mw2 but in like WaW and cod4, where there was no sleight of hand pro. people who think it doesnt, go on cod4, use the m40a3 with a regular scope and quickscope. same with WaW. mw2 is to easy and anyone can do it.

  • Beast

    I could care less if quickscoping returns. If anything, it is an immense amount of free kills when the kiddies attempt it. Not to mention, it isn't that hard to do anyway, for those of you trying to say, "Oh it takes so much skill!" no it really doesn't. Just as anybody can aim a weapon, anybody can aim in and hit their target because their reticules practically create an central area where your bullet is going to go. Hah! At this rate, if the number of kiddies trying to quickscope is anywhere near the percentage of fanboys on this page, it looks like I'll be pulling 70+ kills a game in demolition again!

    Bring on the quickscopers!

    • Captain QuickScope

      but you have to admit mate, QuickScopers who can dominate FFA, TDM and SnD matches with a k/d of 30 – 7 etc. are really quite good? Like, I'd consider myself a pretty good QuickScoper and my k/d currently sits at a healthy 3.38 which I'm genuinly proud of…even if it may seem rather sad

  • Ryan

    Most ppl only know quickscoping from MW2 and its extremely easy it takes noo skill it took alot more in Cod4, I dont hate quickscopin i think it looks cool in a final killcam but running around quickscoping in domination is just pathetic

  • joe

    i dont mind people quickscoping as long as they dont complain about people using the scope properly

  • chris

    what I love about quick scopers is that they kill 7 people then die 200 times.

    • Ethan

      No that's only the people that "try" to quickscope but havn't got the technique right. People who actually "can" quickscope get a pretty good amount of kills, usually more than deaths. Atleast quick scopers don't spray and pray, they line there shot up.


        Thk u thts so true, spraying takes no skill. All these ppl are just crying cuz they cant quickscope cuz it takes skill to rush an enemy with a sniper then accurately taking the shot hoping not to get a hitmarker or not missing or getting knifed. Quickscoping takes Skill

        • bdub


    • Captain QuickScope

      I'm afraid not mate, I used to have a k/d ratio of 1.12 before I started QuickScoping now 6 months later, my k/d has skyrocketed to 3.38…I'm afraid the so called "QuickScopers" you play against aren't even rookies, they attempt to "QuickScope" when in fact they are most likely just diabolical snipers

    • Snipings Dead

      I Have to say… at frist when I heard quickscoping whould be Removed, I was over joyed. But after buying the game I had a feeling that they took the snipers and smashed each and everyone of them and took a crap on them, I mean, like What!? I can't even get anymore kills with a sniper anymore, It seems as there way of fixing the "no more quick scoping" did alittle more then what they intended.

      Theres really no point in scoping anymore… that 2 second to get a focused Aim gives your target a chance to shoot you.

      The thing I hate the most is that they add this 2 min Penalty to scoping and half the time you get Hit makers… 🙁 Oh plz Treyach at least fix the LONG Focusing sights…

  • Brado339

    Awesome man! yeeeaaahh quikscoping is back!

  • nick

    i agree man! hate quickscoping

  • ViciousDS

    Sniper is not the term anymore, its pretty much recon, you can snipe sure but you can also move in very fast and take down enemies quickly.

    There is no such thing as "I'm a Sniper, I'm a Sniper", its called recon.

  • Pengo

    I completeley agree as a sniper you shouldn’t be running aeound you should be tactically picking people off. Besides in real life you can’t run around with a 2 metre long sniper and zomming in so accurately and spinning around etc. Ridiculous.

    • YouTube-xShadows32x

      It's not ridiculous it's fun and it takes skill. Unlike you running around knifing, camping, spraying, whatever the hell you do. It's sad.

    • efrem

      what gives you guys the right to dictate how someone should play a video game or how it should be made. you dont get killstreaks for getting kills in real life so why should quickscoping be banned. Im just saying if youre saying sniping isnt realistic then you need to be consistent and point out all the other things in the game that are unrealistic

    • ukr4life

      first of all its a game so you shouldnt even mention a real life comment, if you wanna play a real life game go and play bad company 2. plus the maps arent big enough to be sitting and hiding out in 1 spot in the whole game and if they where all you guys well be bitching and crying saying stuff like ohh ur a noob camper.

    • je moeder

      in real life noscoping is as straigt as hell so stfu

      • Danny

        i want you to go out and find a cheytac m200(intervention) and hipfire it GARUNTEE you will break your arm

  • Raaz Pathan

    Again, whats the point of quickscoping? There is absolutely nothing I see that makes it a fancy shot or anything of that sort. A "beautiful" sniper shot is a headshot across the map with BULLET DROP, like the Battlefield Series…

    Although I do give Black Ops Kudos for fast pace. Thats why im getting BO only for having fun.

    Either way, good gameplay.

  • Akimbo blades

    Man really! Comn treyarch no one loves a quickscoper. Sniping is supposed to be an art, where you use patience and dexterity to take down your targets. After that you usually have to move to a different side of the map and start over again. There should be no such thing as a Sniper who rushes the enemy.

    • Akimbo Snipers

      STFU quick scoping/no scoping is an art just because you cant do it its its completly fair you have a fully automatic gun like really maybe you should move so we cant hit you so GOML no what should not be in the game people who run around just knifing.

    • sean

      dude proper quick-scoping is one of the hardest things to master in the game, requiring immense skill. i took up quick scoping years ago after I got bored using machine guns and it is extremely rewarding. Also, quick scoping does not unbalance the game at all, unlike noob tubers or campers

    • shane3x

      Really? Seriously it's not an issue how someone plays as long as it's within legal (aka not cheating or hacking) game mechanics. This goes for camping too, as long as your having fun and playing within the rules who really cares? People really need to chill more. I get sick of all the "ZOMG NOOB" and whatever other essentially child like arguments and rants people spew out of their mouths.

    • TheDudeAbides

      your an idiot, complaining about quickscoping. quickscoping is the definition of skill if done correctly. A bolt action rife, you get 4 maybe 5 shots a clip, it takes 1 shot to kill you and you have to be deadly accurate. Any other automatic weapon kills you in 2-3 shots when that weapon has a much bigger clip and no downtime between shots so you can just spray. stfu

      • J dog

        Quick scoping is not really even all that hard especially since you rely on the aid of the assisted aiming just when you're crosshairs get on the enemy. All you have to do is quickly pull you're gun up and fire. It takes like no skill. Especially since a lot of the ones I see are shots that don't even hit the enemy. I've seen a game winning kill came where a guy was maybe 50 feet from an enemy and quick scoped him for the win. The only problem was his shot was like 10 feet above the guy's head and off center. What would be really skillfull is hitting a guy in the head on the run or in the chest for the 1 shot kill.

        • TiiBbY

          Oooo j dog ur an idiot quikscoping takes no skil really dats yif I play u 1v1 mw2 or cod4 il thrash u . I’m a competitive sniper on ps3 part of a vast growing community it is really fun and I av got into so many gud clans and met so many other kl guys . Quickscoping is an art that takes and shoes skill . I could BEAST it wit a scar or m4 bt I dnt. It takes no skills 20 bullets in like 6 seconds intervention 5 bullets in like 6 seconds so much more skill. It is nt luck m8 as there are some clans like EPiC oriGinaL n eXiLe dat wil thrash clans in matches 100 times out of 100 it takes dedication practice n skill . If ur on PS3 ad tibbs401 and see wt I mean

        • mw2 sucks 8===D

          dude your basing this off of mw2 and that game was shit

    • Daniel

      go play bad company 2 and stay away from call of duty….

    • YouTube-xShadows32x

      Man Shut the fuck up there is a legion of people who love to quickscope you are just one of those random failures who always gets turned on by them and continuously raped.
      Get out of here. ANYONE who honestly thinks you have to play like a bitch with a sniper is a bitch who can't quick scope themselves. Snipers can rush the enemy as they please. If you want them to suck dick in the back corner go play Battlefield

    • quickscoping ftw.

      lol. if you did that you would only be called a sad camper, no? in some terms i agree. but as a quickscoper myself i must say it delivers a lovely feeling when you pull of 'that shot' quickscoping is a skill which requires one to pre-aim before they look down the scope and if that person can master that ability then quickscoping then becomes dangerously good. in terms of damage and accuracy as most of the time it only takes one shot. but at the end of the day, like all cod's who wins in a gun fight is down to whoever see's who first.

    • danny doom no1 add me

      ok everyone shut the fuck up

      1.quick scopeing is fun, cool, takes a bit amount of skill to use and is utterly pointless

      2.hard scopeing is for the real pro’s, more reliable, takes skill and to prove that it takes skill think about this getting a headshot by hard scopeing line up shot, hold breath, pull trigger

      headshot by quickscoping zoom in and hope for the best

      3.any other gun step one rape step two orgasm so shut the fuck up and learn to use assault rifles because quick scopeing is banned in black ops ha ha ha ha

    • quikscper :)

      ummm its a video game…get over it. no matter what they do there are still people that are going to do it, so just learn to live with it.