Angry Birds: Android Download On GetJar and Server Problems

By Gary Johnson - Oct 17, 2010

The hugely popular gaming app Angry Birds was released for owners of Android devices on Friday via the GetJar app store. Demand for the game was so huge it took down the sites servers, so was then added to the Android Market.

Leslie Horn of PCMag is reporting in an article that the games developer Rovio put the game on the Android market for gamers to download for free via an app. This was done as people were unable to access GetJar while the site was down.

GetJar posted on Twitter that there were 90,000 downloads “in seconds,” this caused the site to crash and redirected users to to download the app directly from their Android phone.

People who did manage to get Angry Birds on Android noticed that it did not support multitasking, this followed developer Rovio saying earlier in the week they were delaying the game to add this feature.

The free version of the game is ad-supported and contains 195 levels, a paid for version without ads is promised soon. Did you download Angry Birds for Android?

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  • Graeme

    I managed to get it, but it won't install on my HD2 that has been modified to run Android (2.2) as well as WM.

  • Addict

    I got it for my g2 friday and been playing it every since I feel like I’m back in the day when sonic came out I just can’t stop playing great game and its free

  • R

    Yes, for my G1, and all that I got was a white screen with blue on the top at times with the credits music playing in the background. The menu button brought out the credits video, but the game never appeared or was playable.

  • R L Donnell

    Warning! This is a highly addictive, cleverly designed app that is known to cause loss of productivity and smiling users… you have been warned!