Verizon iPhone 4: Is this everything we need to know?

By Gary Johnson - Oct 16, 2010

Speculation has been pretty intense recently concerning any iPhone coming to the Verizon network, but this has been going on for a long time now. With any luck the latest round of rumors are true, so the endless speculation and rumors can come to an end.

Erica Ogg and Kent German of Cnet have written an informative article with a question and answer format, which gives their predictions on what could happen. The first question which is asked was when will any Verizon iPhone happen? This looks like January being the safest bet with the current iPhone 4 but with CDMA chips inside.

With Verizon close to having a 4G network will any iPhone on the carrier support this? Apple may want to spend more time testing their handset first on the network, which is similar to when they first launched the original iPhone for AT&T and stuck with the carriers 2G edge network at first.

Any handset found on Verizon will differ from ones found on AT&T, but a dual mode device could find its way onto Verizon so customers can roam on GSM networks abroad. Will customers switching from AT&T to Verizon experience a better service? The easy answer is yes but with a sudden rush of new customers joining Verizon, will the carrier have enough capacity to meet the sudden rush of data requirements?

Use the link to read the full article, and let us know if you think everything has been covered or has something been missed?

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