Samsung Transform Review – Nothing Like Epic 4G

By Peter Chubb - Oct 16, 2010

Back on October 7th the Samsung Transform was unveiled, with many saying that it was a mini Epic 4G. However, after reading over a recent review of the device, those wanting to get a bargain Epic like handset can forget it. The Transform is one of those smartphones that fools you into thinking that it is a high-end device, when in fact it is not.

Before you jump in with both feet just remember that this latest handset from Sprint is a mid-range device, Sean Hollister’s review on Engadget states that it is nothing more than an evolution of a Moment and Intercept. However, just remember that this handset costs $50 more than those two handsets, for that you get a front-facing camera, LED flash and a few other features, but nothing to increase performance.

The design of the Transform is hard to fault, this shows that Samsung are on top of their game when it comes to handset design – you only need look at the Galaxy S range to see that. However, the Transform is slightly thicker and has a cheaper looking finish – just remember this is not a high-end phone.

Sprint wants $150 for the Samsung Transform, Hollister believes that this is $50 to $100 too much, and that alone will stop it being a great addition to the Android lineup. The problem is, the current price tag will confuse those into thinking that the handset is high-end – when in fact it is not.

Have you been fooled by the Samsung Transform?

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    i just got mine shipped from wirefly for FREE with a new sprint contract so there really good to me for texting and facebook and ANGRY BIRDS!!!

  • Shanna

    In agreement with Janet … This phone is the worst phone I have ever used. It is just horrible ….

  • geezer

    The Samsung transform is a piece of junk. Even if it was strickly a cell phone it fails. Drop calls, unable to hang up calls, terrible battery life, slow response touch interface, non working 3g (ev) etc. I am sending the phone back and just getting the evo. This is the worst phone I have ever seen. I bought this phone for my wife and she hates it. It reminds me of the Samsung glyde from Verizon. Samsung either makes great phones or the worst. Do not buy this phone. Spend the money and get the epic or evo. I have the evo and it is the best phone I have ever owned.

  • Janet

    I hate mine . . . very slow response to touch, takes FOREVER to turn on, HATE that you have to slide to answer. LOUSY battery life. So sorry now that I upgraded from my

  • LMAO

    I don’t care what reviews or anything else says, this phone is descent! I got mine free but would have easily paid the 150. I am a phone junkie and I give the transform 5 stars! Why pay 300 or 400 for a phone? If you want computer features, buy you a computer I mean darn, its just a PHONE!

  • Dar

    Yeah but if you are late on a payment wirefly will charge you the rest of the price of the phone. Plus if you need the phone serviced it needs to be sent out.

  • Boo

    Wirefly has them for $69.99 for new customers and $89.99 for contract upgrades.

  • Boo

    Wirefly has them for $69.99 for new customers and $89.99 for contract upgrages.

  • kristv

    Amazon has already dropped the price on this phone to $100, which is more in line with what the phone is worth. I wouldn't be surprised to see it drop to $50 within the next 4 weeks really. $100 is plenty reasonable for a phone that can do what this phone does.

  • NoneYa

    I would easily $200, maybe even $250, if it had a beefy processor, 5mp camera, and AMOLED screen. I hate the size of the new "performance" phones, Epic/Evo. They are just too big. Plus the $10 fee on those is BS. A Nexus One on Sprint would be perfect.