White iPhone 4: More Reasons for Release Date Delay

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2010

For those of you who are still searching for solid information on the now-infamous white iPhone 4 delay, we have an article for you to read now, which may have pinpointed the sole reason for the worldwide shortage.

According to this report from Pocket-Lint, the White iPhone 4 has been delayed due to Apple’s partners in China, who are finding it difficult to match the white color on the case, with the same white color seen in the manufacturing parts – we’re not lying either.

They included a few new images of the White iPhone 4 in the wild, with the user in the picture giving out all the juicy information on the handset. He was apparently given the handset by a friend close to Apple, and he adds that the White home button on the iPhone 4 currently doesn’t match the white color on the front plate – hence the delay.

Whether you believe these new claims or not is entirely up to you, but it does sound like a reasonable explanation behind the delay, which is going on four months now.

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think the new information is correct, and that Apple are fussing over a perfect shade of white?

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  • Appdude

    hm..everything has to be perfect for this little pice of high-tech…I HOPE SO MUCH they make iphone with 4G network while theyre at it!? (new White iphone 4G or then 4Gs) would be very nice!…

  • Bel


    This is getting ridiculous…I'm starting to wonder if I should just wait for the iphone 5…