Samsung Galaxy S: Problems after Android 2.2 Froyo Update?

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2010

A few hours ago we informed you that the official update to Android 2.2 Froyo on the Samsung Galaxy S was now starting to roll out in a select number of countries. For those of you who have already installed the update – have you noticed any problems?

Just like the Froyo updates to the Motorola Droid X and HTC Incredible, the update process is not always an easy ride. Considering that the Froyo update is a large one and packed full of new features and functionality, there are often a fair amount of bugs and problems which come along with it.

Judging from the feedback so far on the Froyo update, there doesn’t appear to be any major problems, which is a good sign. However, the update has only been live for a few hours, so problems may be found over the weekend. If you have Froyo installed already on your Galaxy S, let us know how your update is performing at the moment.

Have you noticed any performance, speed or app related issues?

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  • my phone turns on but never gets past the 1st page… just shows the samsung galaxy s II logo n freezes… wtf? i cant do anything with it. i plug in charger and it shows the battery image but doesnt show its charging… ideas?

  • Ilovefrancey

    My camare won’t open period 🙁 I’m a photographer, I live for the camare on this phone AND IT WON’T OPEN >:E I didn’t even update my phone, it updated it’s self -_- help me please

  • facebook isnt working properly. you cick on the app and it takes you to http://www.m  but never loads…. cant see anything

  • emanuel akins

    some off my apps stopped working and my facebook app is going bad

  • kk47

    hi all!
    m from galaxy s a few months ago n have recently heard of the froyo update. have read so many reviews n tht has left me rlly confused! lack of flash support do irritate at times (cuz its d only shortcoming of this superb phone!) n i thot tht froyo update ll solve this issue. can any1 suggest me whether shud i go for the update or not? thnx v much in advance!!

  • adnan

    My phone seem to halt or lag. Does not response so quickly. I keep getting forced close error. Many applications in markets once I select install comes up with error message " cannot be found" although its shows in the market.

  • Peppiecat

    Should I buy the SGS or the Nokia N8? I am in the middle east and therefore likely to have no support, I will have to buy on Pay as You Go as no contracts here. The above comments suggest that I should stay away from SGS, but the N8 websites also say that phone is horris too?

    Advice would be great.

    • kk47

      i used, analysed N8 for a day! its gud..but not better than galaxy or wave. if u want to watch videos of all formats, all sizes on d amazing super amoled screen go for galaxy s..only disadvantage wit galaxy is tht it dznt have flash suppert (yet!) and its cam is jus fine..mainly cuz it dznt have flashlight ( tyms better than N8!!). if cam is ur concern lemme tel u tht u cannot replace a mobile cam wit a digi cam (dunno y m tellin u this..jus thot it wud help).
      hope u'd get d best!

  • Jenny

    I like the update, though whenever i click to go onto messaging it asks to connect to the internet and will not let me on until i do it is really annoying and i don't have a internet plan causing me money problems, just to send a message thats one reason i got the phone can someone please help me i have tried the factory restore and it doesn't help.

  • winstonhussein

    Does not obtain IP address on my home router which I have been using since I got the phone. It is a linksys router and my girlfriends phone which I have not updated yet still works with it. Trying to avoid a factory reset to this issue.

  • Mithun Das

    Hey i have upgraded my galaxy – s to froyo, but its showing problem with the WiFi. After few hours WiFi is not able to obtain IP address from the router, while my wave or omnia 2 can. I have done factory reset but its still having the same problem. Can any one help?

  • AKS

    I installed the Froyo 2.2 update on my Samsung Captivate, Rogers ver. and I have noticed that the battery drains faster and weird things have started to happen; I try to make a call and the screen goes black. or ijust goes back to the contacts list. I had to restart the phone a few times to fix the problem.
    The strangest thing happened just the other day, I was trying to send a text message so I opened the text application and utube opened instead, no joke, tried a few times and always utube opened. So I had to restart the phone to get it to work. Something is seriously wrong with Froyo.

  • Max

    I have updated through KIES, like it's meant to be, but all it was is a disaster! Everything slowed down to a Symbian speeds and Bluetooth has completely F-ed up. Stalls the connection to the car, drops it after every phone call and I have to manually re-connect, music player stuffs up all the time too… Not happy at all, used to love my phone with the 2.1 version cause it was flying but not any more. Also battery lifetime has shrank down to almost half a day where previously it used to be 2 days easy! Not happy at all. Anybody has the same issues?

  • ElJameso

    Got the update… Phone still sucks.. laggy piece of shit. Don't buy.

  • Adam

    If you get the black screen problem on your samsung galaxy S after upgrading the firmware hold the up volume button, home screen button, and power on until factory text appears then reset all factory data and reboot the'll take a while to use seemed to work..hope this helps.

  • ollie

    iv had 2.2 on my galaxy s i9000 for just over a month now (17th jan at moment) and the problems that were on 2.1 are only rivaled by the problems on 2.2. heres a list of problems im having on 2.2:

    MAJORLY slow at times, took 8 mins to load up facebook today

    kicks me off wi-fi internet when it likes with error msg

    back button doesnt work even when it lights up

    innaccurate touchscreen, and very dumb swype which guesses words as badly as G.W bush prepared his speeches, I tried to put in cinema last week and it came up gonnorhea! hidden word msg wont go away.

    freezing and resetting itself at least once a day

    and more.

    I got the phone in june 2010 and had a faulty one which broke on day 1, took back, got another, this had problems too, took back and they denied replacement because “another one from same batch will be faulty too” (manager at p4u) and I kept getting told to come back, or too busy, or new batch in next week, come get one then, I went in and the batch never existed 😀 went in over 6 times and gave up with the store and went to e-mailing head office which also messed me about. I was told to wait till beginning of september for 2.2 with a faulty phone bht the update only came out november.

    trading standards told me that I should wait for the uodate too but get a sorry from them for having to wait so long (got 3 months refund) and if the update doesnt work it was breach of contract and I could cancel it if I desired, which I shall be doing.

    hope this helped, sry for wall of text, had to go back and correct 427 words because this phones screen is so stupid.

  • Mike. Hull, Uk.

    Since updating getting quite a few lock ups. Mainly whilst using internet. Also lags alot, not as fluid as before. dissapointed..

  • stevey

    i believe the only noticeble improvement is video is now in mpeg 4 format.
    It left all my applications ,media photos e.t.c intact, Have not tried G.P.S yet it was good before update so i hope it is same or better. Still lose connection in android market
    so no change there. I finally connected with Kies Win 2 dont know if this was older version . It was set for win 95 compatibility mode. so i had to uncheck that and away it went.

  • Feroz

    Hi.. I upgraded to 2.2 via kies, the look and feel was nice but the phone started to hang, the order of applications got changed. The phone gets hanged more often, it takes lot of time time open any new application. The flash 10 is also of not any great help..
    Overall not happy with Froyo, Hope gingerbread fixes all this problem

  • Desperate

    After update to 2.2 my Samsung galaxy s is not working well at all. Email not working, not able to check, not pushing, just crashing if I try open deffault emal app. Phone is now REALLY SLOW in general and black screens/crashes now and then…

    How to change back to 2.1?

    • bluerage

      same goes with… got problems after the upgrade… phone is now v slow as well… the 2.1 eclair works better.

  • skywing

    I just upgraded to JPA…. not that impressive as I thought… lagging….

  • jayd

    the 3g on my samsung galaxy s seems to drop out after i updated it. anyone else?

  • Dyl

    my 3g network does not work and every time I add a contract it forces a close. All started after froyo update

  • Ryan

    I did the update about 5 or 6 days ago. This is now Sunday. Samsung pulled the 2.2 update from there severs Friday, this is from a Bell Aliant/Mobility technical support supervisor. Appearantly there is major issues with the 2.2 on galaxy s. So they will get you to send the phone away and the Samsung repair center will update 2.2 so there will be no problems. 3m after having 5 or 6 freezes, random phone resets and laggyness with the phone since 2.2

  • David PEKMEZ

    Just bought a galaxy S, was on 2.1, did the firmware update … just one word to say … unusable miss my Iphone !!
    – No way to open my emails, the phone freeze while the screen goes black
    – lags of the phone when I launch an app is ………….. just crasy
    – Phone disconnected while talking to someone
    – 10 seconde to open the number screen to make a call
    – App crashing etc …..
    I had it 2 weeks ago ….. I never saw that on phone market… they should test a little bit before
    I think i'll buy an Iphone … 🙁

  • Dave

    Seems faster for you tube, but very laggy using swype and in general. When I press the phone icon to make a call, it takes up to 4 sec to open the number pad. Other wierd things include freezing when unlocking phone, excessive mistakes using swype (was never as problem before) and general speed issues like the cpu is constantly maxed out might try a factory reset and reinstall everything….boo.

  • rod90

    the lag is terrible. the quadrant score shows it too. barely 980. so from stock 2.1 without lagfix to stock 2.2 there was a gain of 100 points but even worse lag than 2.1.

    on 2.1 with lagfix it scores over 2200. something is seriously wrong with Froyo.

    is Cyanogen our only hope ?

  • Frog-o

    In Finland, updates 2.1 to 2.2 gone well, but after that all actions became really slow.
    Cannot sync my calendar via msoft exchange, e-mail crash about 5-6 times every day.

    I have plan to make downgrade back 2.1, cause then all apps working quite well.

  • Pusit

    I was once happy with samsung galaxy s 2.1 eclair, but when updated to 2.2 froyo the phone became very slow, swype was once very intuitive, but now this became like a low I.Q. moron. The lag before was tolerable but now every time it lagged, it’s as if the phone was off with dark screen for several seconds to minutes. does any body knew how to downgrade back to eclair?

  • JaseJo

    I found the froyo update has made my samsung galaxy S phone slow. Even trying to delete an email takes ages as the phone is so slow t react. Dont like the sweeping chevrons to unlock the screen. Am a fan of the phone but now starting to have doubts. Does anyone know what can be done to put this right?

  • Manish

    problem with bluetooth..cannot send pictures to my mac

  • kartik

    I am from india…i recently updated to froyo and i m not at all satisfied with the speed. Its the same as eclair.when i try to acess LOGS it really lagd hard and keyboard is also not showing up fast. When i use 5mp option in camera it doesnt take fullscreen pics(was possible in eclair) and the video records in 3gpp format.plzz help.

  • Kari

    GPS is fixed. Google Maps Locks to satellites "faster" than before but not the fastest ! Keyboards in various screens take some time to load and key response is not uniform. You give some .. you take some !! That's life with Phones getting as good (or bad) as desktop PC's !! Hope for another update soon from Samsung.

  • Vikas Sharma

    I am Vikas from India . I updated my SGS to 2.2 last week but since then the phone got slow. In the RAM Management section I can only see 314 MB been accessed. Overall performance is not that good as it was expected.

  • rocky

    froyo isnt impressive there r too many complaints.the ratio is 1 satisfied and 9 getting needs to fix this,as soon as possible.cause swithing to symbian or iphone is faster than waiting mouth open for updates.anywaz cherz.

  • lewis

    Recently installed the android 2.2, managed to connect to kies after a little while but since i have installed the new software my phones performance has got worse, when i go to send a text or use the keyboard it takes ages to load and is very laggy. Also loading apps is a lot slower and i am having to pull the battery out several times a day because the screen goes blank and freezes. Never had these problems before the update, so is anyone else getting this as well?

    • Hazza

      Im getting exactly the same, problem, so much lag with the keyboard response, its catching up when im writing the next word!

  • Narendra Limbu

    I updated my samsung galaxy to froyo and everything working fine but the camera is not working well. I takes the snap but does not show the picture or the preview. Only the thumbnail showing the structure of the body appears when we preview the snapped picture.i tried restoring the factory setting and switch off but didn’t work. What can i do do any one have idea.

  • unsatisfied

    I updated to Froyo early this week, factory reset it and reinstalled all my apps. GPS is still the same, totally unreliable. Some applications will hit an error and close while being used (never happened to me on 2.1). Feel the whole thing is lagging as well. SGS in Malaysia.

  • Just Me

    I am from Singapore,
    I have updated the new froyo 2.2 version and i am actually not very impressed by it.
    The update made my phone speed from 800+ to 900+ but it actually got lagger.
    Hope Samsung will release a new update to fix the lag…

  • Ian

    I updated to Froyo then removed ApnDroid. Now the internet will not work when not using wifi. As in it won't send or revieve data via 3g etc. It will send a MMS fine, but nothing when I try and access the internet whilst out.

    Any suggestions would be great thanx.

  • Jeroen

    Jeroen from NL, We got the update last saturday. on average I'd say its an improvement, however the stock email application currently no longer works. Activesync continues to sync email/contacts/calender items just fine, but launching the email app fails 100% of the time.

    I have this problem on all of the phones that I updated to 2.2 (10 units)

  • Nick

    I did the update (in Sweden) the official way. Seemed to go well at first, but the phone started getting slower pretty soon after. Now it is so slow it's unusable. Battery life is less than half what it used to be. Applications get hung up very often. I'm about to try getting back to 2.1…

    • ryanb

      Hi nick, mine is the same on battery life and on speed, have you fixed this problem yet? what did you do?


  • meterman56

    Updated to Froya 4 days ago main problem concerns battery life, as if something running in background draining power… any suggestions?

    In hindsite I would have stayed with eclaire!!!

    • ryanb

      completely agree, it murders the battery life, dont know why its so bad!

    • barney

      mine is the same charged it over night, made one 3 min phone call answered two texts and battery was dead by 3 pm that day

  • paul

    HI…can you help me with android 2.2?I upgrade the android 2.1 to 2.2 and now I can`t acess the internet,android market and other application with the net.Please help me, my ID is paul_costin98

  • Lal

    In Finland. Everything was working well for 2.1 and was eagerly looking for this update.

    Moved to new Froyo on Samsung Galaxy S y'day. The ActiveSync (Corporate Email) stopped working; the same old security issue (this server requires security features your phone does not support) problems same up. When asked for help to Samsung Support, they asked me to do a factory reset. 🙁

  • Vectorm12

    Updated friday evening through Kies to the official 2.2 kernelversion and discovered on saturday that the bug with exchange accounts not being able to sync that plagued HTC users back in July/August is in effect. I've tried every workaround including attempting to disable SSL without any luck. Samsung screws up yet again.

    Atleast it's not as bad as the older 2.1 update 1. Everything is working great in Froyo appart from one of the key features of the phone.

    • Lal

      I understand the frustration. Tried a hack; but none worked so far. Any luck at your end?

  • deven

    Froyo uk for unbranded samsung galaxy s up and runing throught kies software uptade your kies 1st then it will tell your upgrade available for your firmware got mine yesterday 5.30 pm uk time

    • Steve C

      Updated my Galaxy S with Froyo via Kies 2 days ago and I like the appearance generally. The problem I had was a general slowing down/lag evident particularly with opening and deleting emails but also with other functions. The general advice on researching this was to do a factory reset and now this phone really rockets along without lag and I am v happy. There is the hassle of having to redo email accounts and reinstall all your downloaded apps but it is worth it.

  • Michael

    aye ronn just call ur provider, they will send u a txt will the configuration

  • Ian

    I just updated via kies and eduroam much is different. Flash doesn’t seem to be working, different layouts for say setting haven’t happened. Its still saying android 2.1 update 1. Some things have changed but very little. Can anyone help me out please.

    • Yan

      Hi, I updated to 2.2 but my skype is not working fine. Can anyone suggest?

  • joris

    can anyone tell me when the update for the galaxy s is available in the Netherlands??

  • Ronn

    Hi..I had to do a factory restore to get the android market visible again…although i got back the market app…now i have noticed that I am not able to manually configure my APN settings…it does not appear in the APNs list, even after saving….Any idea wt 2 do?

    • rocky

      ronn u got to add a new apn,when u get new apn in setting,then manually feed the port,proxy etc,etc…..then restart and ull have internet back.if u already hav pre defind apn then select ur operator and give the feed.usually the apn name and port no is important…

  • Michael

    does any1 no when ireland and the uk is getting the update, i hear its next week, but no 1 confirmed this, any1 here no.

    • ishman

      Well on samsungs twitter they said erly this week but that should have been today so I think there’s a nother delay :'(

    • barney

      ive got the update in the uk and i would say dont touch it. phone lags like hell on everything.mesaging is the worst it can take 8 secs to open, and when your typing a mesaage the characters take 2 secs to appear

  • Colin Lister

    I just tried running Kies and when I connect the Galaxy it goes stupid; the screen flashes on off on off like crazy, and wont connect. (It has worked before without any problems – but not any more).
    Is there anoyher way to update the firmware?

    • Pim

      this is due to very long filenames on the inetrnal and external sd of the phone. Look on in the forum. (on my phone it was sound hound and tome thumbnails stuff). After removing thi=ose files kies will work fine.

  • shehzad

    yes factory reset did the trick for me too. moreover… do not use sms apps like handcent or chomp as they seem to be slowing the arm down. I know the stock sms app sucks but thats perhaps the perk of having a samsung!!

  • Richard

    no problems at all, installed great and is at least 3-4 times the speed. runs very smooth with no glitches, i wonder where you are going wrong, maybe you need to do a factory reset and not install 8 million applications which we all know you dont need!!!!

  • Ake

    With Remote Sim Access Profile (rSAP) being the primary reason I bought the Galaxy S in the first instance, it is somewhat disappointing seeing signs of the reason rSAP is not working after the upgrade is not due to a bug but more due to a lacking Bluetooth Profile in Android 2.2… However, as this is a Bluetooth profile included in the technical spec listed on the Samsung webpage, I am still living in hope it will be addressed sooner rather than later.

    • Observer10

      Whoa! No rSAP support would be a definite block for me too. Are you saying that SAP support is completely missing in the Froyo update? I think I'll stick with 2.1..from what I read the GPS isn't fixed in 2.2, neither is the lag..and the Flash support is so bad that people who have ben waiting just for that have turned it off! Great upgrade by the sound of it.

  • D1n0

    Hi all,
    Same as narcom, i've a french galaxy S.upgraded through kies and Regedit and it works as it should be.
    No lag at all, flash player works perfectly for me and the phone is smoother than the previous 2.1
    Maybe it depends from where you baught your phone.

    Good luck to every one!

  • narcom

    Hi,here France.
    Updated to Froyo 2 since 2 days.
    Amazing:Update kept all my settings and Apps. Very nice.
    new features I discovered :task manager widget,more speed and nice settings icons.
    Mostly nice : got rid of all the garbage apps of my operator.

  • Dave B

    Oh and Joes idea of getting the update by modding the registry, yes it works but that's what I did and it got bricked, so you do it at your own risk!!!!

  • Dave B

    BAD news! Updated mine via Kies, all seemed to go well until the reboot. After that all I got was the Samsung screen from 1st powering up, it just hung there, never even gets to the swirling 'S'. After about 30-40 secs it would vibrate once, another 20 secs or so a triple vibrate, it just repeated this sequence until you took the battery out. No chance of the factory reset as the key combo doesn't seem to work on mine.

    I later read on the XDAforum (in a bid to try and resole the issue) that you really do need to check your Galaxy S would do the reset key combo PRIOR to updating, if it doesn't DON'T DO THE UPGRADE! /Because if it bricks the ONLY option is to send it back to Samsung. Ohhhh the joys of hindsight.

    Needless to say mines had to go back and god knows how long they'll have it, if this is as big a problem as it seems to be it could be bloody weeks in a back-log!

    • Joe

      There's no need to send it back. Using Odin, put your phone into dowload mode and flash it back to the older version mine was 2.1 eclair JM8 version.

    • Joe

      just disregard the above post, sorry

  • clayton

    well strangely enough it started working i had to pair it to my router about 3 times and now its ok? strange

  • clayton

    i have sgs on tmobile and have forced the upgrade using the above method and now i have no wifi. i turn it on but see no signal. everything else seems fine. i had to restore factory settings and reboot a couple of times. not happy about wifi not working though

  • Peter Jorgensen

    My name is Peter Jorgensen and from Denmark.
    I have now had the Froyo on my samsung Galaxy S for over 24 hours.
    The flash 10.1 support is not worth anything. I have already unchecked plugins to get rid of it. It SLOWS down browsing the internet sites so much it is practically nothing worth. And if flash videoclip is played it also is not smooth and not worth using it and slowing down browsing. All in all i have the feeling it is not so smooth an experience after i have upgraded and all the rumors about much faster phone is just not truth. If I knew what I got with this upgrade I would not have upgraded.

  • Harangad

    I stay in India and I did some reg edits and got froyo installed through kies.Froyo is not all that impressive.There are some serious lags with the web browser.Flash is not all that impressive .I still prefer using skyfire even after the update.The gps is fixed(thank god).quadrant score was1010.I hope ryanza fixes this.
    Bottomline Samsung still needs to fix the lag problem,it really is irritating.

    • Chitresh

      Hi Harangad, i am also from INDIA. I downloaded the KIES software.. But it is not showing any upgrades available. Whenever i press the Firmware Upgrade button, it shows that the firmware is up to date.. How did you get the update?

      • Joe

        I have a quadrant score of 2002. This is what I did. Since I was already using froyo JP3 beta version last month, I flash back to 2.1 eclair JM8.Then this is what you do to trick Samsung Kies.
        1. Open Kies and back up your contact and apps..
        2 connect your phone and upgrade firmware as you did
        3 after it says no update, cancel it but don't close Kies
        4 type regedit in windows start menu and open it
        5 go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, software, Samsung, Kies, Device DB and search through the numbers until you find HIDSWVER click ab and change the value to I9000XXJF3/I9000SWC/I9000XXJF3/I9000XXJF3. look for Software revision and enter the same value. look for product code and change its value to GT-I9000HKDXEE.close regedit.
        6 Now in Kies select firmware update again as you did and you will be able to update.

  • Caolan

    I don't know if this has anything to do with the update, but my phone's screen went black a while ago, and I haven't been able to get past the startup screen to actually use the phone since… I was having this problem in the past where I could not even turn the phone on without disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, but I've tried that now several times and still cannot use the phone. Not impressed.

    • Colin Lister

      I had a similar problem. It would however start if it was connected to the power adapter and charging. After a few goes at this and removing the power it started working properly again.

    • Ummar

      or do manual reset by pressing and holding up volume, power and the home button,
      phone will restart. keep hold of the buttons till you see it start outputting text and going into recovery mode, then let go of the button. the do wipe data and factory reset. That should do it. it will take about 5 mins max but hopefully that should recover.

    • huanglong

      I had a similar problem…whenever my phone went to sleep i couldnt bring it out of sleep…it just showed a black screen even though i cud hear beeps…plugging in and out of charger helped somtimes…but it seemed related to having a screen lock on. Turned off screenlock and now i dont get black sxreens any more.

    • Dorex

      Same here,but in my case I didn't do the update.The phone just froze up and I only get a black screen and the two buttons at the bottom are lit. Pulling out the battery didn't help.
      Estimated repair time (Bell Canada) 3 to 6 weeks !!! FML…

    • Ryan

      Don't Worry, I logged out of facebook, and got the same problem. I had to send my phone away for the 3rd time now (I definitely got a refurbished or defective galaxy) but anyways i sent it away 3 days before christmas, tech said because i updated to 2.2 it went to shit, anyways they have to format it and install 2.2 fresh because there were "remnants of 2.1 on the phone. and they were conflicting."

    • Denis Proulx

      The same happen to my phone and now the phone is on it's way to samsung for repair as im writing this.

  • Peter Bjorkdahl

    Got my JP6 from Kies yesterday via Kies in Swden! Lost the market place app – it returned after factory reset.
    Works fine!

  • Joe

    I flash mine with JP6 last Oct.13, rooted it and lagfix and I love it. It scored 1969 in Quadrant test.

  • Raffaele

    better then previous release but not what I expected… still lags a bit after a lot of apps installed and multi tasking… I thing for better performace will have to wait 3 more updates of i9000 firmware since they make one almost every month some times even 2 per month.

    i9000 JPM by odin 1.3

  • Daniel

    I installed the update and the market dissapeared and the order of the programs got screwed. I then reset the phone to factory settings which fixed the problems.

    I've been installing software and testing the phone and it seems to be behaving well. There is a noticable speed improvement in various apps, and the whole phone seems to be running smoother.

    While the speed is the most noticable improvement, i'm also quite fond of the new way to search in the browser (like chrome). I often caught myself trying to write search queries in the URL field and now i finally can. The updated keyboard is also a noticable addition.

    Doing this on a Danish phone btw, and they also fixed some cosmetic issues (like the text of the bottom button bar being a bit too wide so it looked crammed when language set to danish).

  • Shiva

    It's only through Kies as of now.

  • vvw


  • Scott Deagan

    I'm in London and am checking on Kies for an update every 30 or so minutes – still nothing 🙁

  • Richie

    Maxamed – This is through the KIES application

  • Naeem

    i flashed Leaked JPA rom ( bulid date 7 oct 2010 ) and its not impressive

  • Maxamed

    is it OTA update or through Kies you didn't tell us where and how incomplete news

    • Chris

      Upgraded 15:00 yesterday, I have had about 3 freezes and sometimes laggy. CPU is a lot more active.