Samsung Galaxy S: New Problem over Android 2.2 Froyo Delay?

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2010

Following on from from our report yesterday which suggested that the Android 2.2 Froyo update was just around the corner, we now have some disappointing news which may result in a delay for Samsung Galaxy S owners.

As reported from Phandroid, it has now been confirmed that the source code released yesterday has now been removed from download by Samsung.

They haven’t stated a reason why, meaning that the download probably appeared a little early, and against the authority of Samsung themselves. This of course could have a negative effect for Galaxy S users waiting for the Froyo update, but don’t forget that an unofficial Froyo ROM for the stock Galaxy S may still be on the cards.

For those waiting for the official update though – the wait continues with no sign of an ETA. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • snerd

    Just upgraded to Froyo using Kies without any issues so the official update is out there but could be different between regions…

  • niclasn

    @hassl3hoff: you probably need to upgrade your Kies as they released an updated 1.5.3 today. Solved the issue for me.

  • Benny

    nothing here. im from singaproe.

  • hassl3hoff

    i have received the update but samsung kies wont install keeps saying "firmware upgrade cannot proceed" can any one tell me why this is thanks?

  • Hugo

    Its because of this problems with Samsung that I prefer by large the Nexus One….it might not have the best screen (it doesn’t ) but at least I get all the updates ( running already froyo 2.2.1) and its a metal phone not a plastic phone

  • jorge

    i just got 2.2 here in finland, but the market app it's just gone any ideas what's wrong?

  • Scotty

    Not released in australia either… Very disappointed with the buggy kies software also…

  • Observer10

    No updates on Kies here in the UK … incidentally nearly every time I run that Kies software it does a ~44MB update.. one file at a time. Which idiot implemented that I wonder. For software which can turn your expensive phone into a useless paperweight it certainly doesn't make you too confident about the rest of it's design.

  • Roewl

    Nothing on Kies here in Holland 🙁

  • Jammin

    Maybe the reason they have removed it is because its on Samsung Kies NOW!!!!

  • Elvis

    Droid 3 was on the books for a 15 Oct 2010 release and possibly a bit delayed so might be better to wait for Droid 3.0 "gingerbread" instead.

  • Devin O

    everyone with a galaxy needs to call Samsung! call them and tell them you want your update and you want it yesterday, if people don't talk the company just keeps on hanging out screwing people. i was told by a Samsung rep that there would not be a 2.2 update and that the galaxy will be skipping straight to 3. haha I doubt it! I'll just keep using my glitchy 2.1 galaxy s because i still like it better then my iphone!

  • samsung customer

    sammie nvr keep promised to thier customer. they developer is worst compared to other manafacturer.

    omnia 2's win6.5 update delayed, now galaxy s.

    Superb hardware with horrible software