Nokia N8 Review: Camera Meets Expectations

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2010

For those of you who are interested in the quality of the 12MP camera sensor included in the recently released Nokia N8 smartphone, you’ll be pleased to hear that the camera has been given a glowing review.

That review comes to us courtesy of Engadget, as although they have given the handset an overall score of 5/10, they have praised the quality of the camera on the N8, stating that it is currently the best camera on a smartphone by far.

You may think that this was expected since the N8 is only one of a few 12MP smartphones on the market, but it’s rather refreshing to hear that the camera does actually perform, and Engadget has provided media samples to back up their claims.

Unlike the iPhone 4, Engadget state that the N8 produces ‘extremely detailed and natural shots’, and that the LED-assisted autofocus on the handset was the ‘fastest they’ve ever seen’. They also reveal that the camcorder quality is better than that seen on the Droid X, but is choppy in places compared to the likes of the iPhone 4 which records at 30fps – the N8 only at 25fps.

Engadget close off their camera review by suggesting the the N8 is a ‘photographers dream’. If you are a consumer who is buying the N8 solely due to the 12MP camera sensor, it looks like you are going to be very happy indeed.

Check out their full review here and let us know your thoughts on it.

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  • john

    it have the worst camera i ever had. my first mobile, sony ericsson with 2mp camera is far better than this n8.
    ovi is not working in ksa mobily

  • sunil

    I purchased on 3 rd Nov and it is having dismal camera producing very poor images and and very low volume of the loud speaker

  • Sandy

    Check out the video in YouTube named "Nokia N8 HDMI with Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard" Explore the endless possibilities.

  • Tarun Kukreja

    I got the new nokia n8 on 14 oct….love the phone. I am a former n95 8gb user so i was hoping everything better than my previous phone.
    But there are a few things which cant be ignored—>
    (a) speakers are not that powerful.
    (b) only 1 speaker that too at the back of the phone…really bad. cant hear phone ring if phone is kept on soft surface which absorbs sound..or in phone cover.
    2. MUSIC
    (a) cant edit music info in song details.
    (b) cant search songs.
    (c) there is no separate album or artist view, rather artist & album are merged.
    3. WIFI
    (a) once u have defined an access point it automatically connects over & over again…believe me i have tried everything from switching widgets to offline mode, "always ask" mode, manual selection mode.
    it really consumes have to delete the defined access point everytime.

    If anyone can help with these, you're most welcome.
    some of these problems can be solved by nokia by software upgrade…but speaker sucks.
    I am a long time Nokia user, but, this was probably my last nokia phone…believe me nokia can't get better than this.
    Well, as they say, nokia is a sinking ship. Apple is the Future.

  • Averagejoe

    I have been using the N8 for 10 days now.
    I simply cannot understand how anyone can post any negative reviews about it.
    Compare to a journalist publishing a bad story.
    Using the N8 hands on has been a blast. The phone is simply outstanding and keeps on stunning you with its features as you use it one day after the other.
    I dont usually write reviews and am not a tech expert, but i do know phones.
    Given the option between 2 Iphones or 1 nokia N8 in my house hold, no regrets i would pick the one N8.
    I paid $602.00 at the Nokia store in Chicago and am enjoying every penny of it!!!!

  • Clint

    Guest, I am in full agreement with you. Most reviews I have read are tainted with an obvious bias towards one OS or anther.

    They discuss the “difficult learning curve” with using Symbian^3 and how much more “complex” it is when compared to the “simple” UIs of other OSs yet they totally ignore the fact that there are millions of Symbian users out there for whom the learning curve will not be a steep one at all!

    They repeatedly refer to how similar, although they admit to major advances, the UI is to s60v5 but fail to comprehend that this is specifically the case so that those who are familiar with the UI will feel totally at home.

    Symbian bashing has become the fad and is resulting in plenty hits by those for and against the OS so it seems that blogs/reviews/hacks are all jumping on the bandwagon to increase advertising revenue.

    Someone has also brainwashed millions into regurgitating the fact that it is all about software and hardware counts for very little! Total rubbish! Software can be upgraded and advanced by pushing out new firmware releases, hardware is fixed and you are stuck with it.

    The N8 seems to be getting heavily penalised as a result of many reviewers personal preferences. It has become a bit of a joke really.

    As an aside, a friend just mentioned on Facebook how upset they are as they just dropped, and smashed, their iPhone…. but of course it is all about software and hardware means very little!

    • D JOseph

      Oh Clint you have said it so right…I am from The U.S. and we are always labeled as being nokia haters and apple fan boys. I went from palm treo to nokia n95 , to nokia n95 nokia n97 (aarrrgg) to nokia n8…and i don't plan on leaving symbian alone..Other than the Nokia N97 i have have no problems..including the N8…and every nokia phone i have had has always had better hardware options then the best apple or android phone out…unfortunately in America we can sometimes be held capitive by popular products rather than usefull the SUV…so all of you guys and gals with these android and iphones…break the bonds…get a nokia n8 you won't be sorry and you may just get a little smarter..

  • Guest

    Hi, It seems that all these 'low' overall results are being solely based on the fact that the phone runs symbian 3. Unfortunately everyone misses the fact that this is undoubetly the best phone ever with regards to hard ware, multimedia and build quality.
    its obvious that iphone or android users are against the symbian platform.

  • hetal

    it has very nice screen

  • satendra desai

    if you are an nokia user you will notice that nokia lower end mobile are worth bying but never buy high end nokia as Nokia has reputation of 3rd rate service provider. just read above article this writer will never write about nokias lousy service which is equaly important to utilized all features but poor nokia managment dont know how.
    Stay away from high end nokia phones to avoid severe heart burns