iPad Touchscreen iMac with SMK-Link’s PadDock 10

By Peter Chubb - Oct 15, 2010

When Apple released the iPad back in April there was not much in the way of accessories, but six months down the line there is now a huge choice on offer – although only by third-party vendors. One accessory that has caught my eye is the SMK-Link PadDock 10, which turns your tablet into a touchscreen iMac – well kind of.

This is basically a stand, but what makes this so different to the others on the market is how it can rotate and come with speakers already built on – improvement of sound for the Apple iPad is a must in my eyes. The price for this stand is $99, but it is a small price to pay rather than getting a basic one that Apple offers.

Engadget has spent a little hands-on time with the SMK-Link PadDock 10, and the first thing that they wanted to try is how it can rotate your iPad by 360 degrees, you can even tilt the tablet as well, although Nilay Patel did point out that it is a little stiff.

After reading the review it is clear that the stand is not going to be the perfect tool to spend hours on, but using it in the kitchen to follow recipes or to make some music with the numbers of apps available – it certainly is a great social tool.

We cannot tell you if it is worth the $99, as there are so many more choices on the market, but can you say that they look as attractive as this?

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