Iomega USB 3.0 Portable SSD Drives: Performance & Price Info

By Jamie Pert - Oct 15, 2010

Iomega has recently launched a new range of portable hard drives, however they are a bit more desirable than most as they feature USB 3.0 connectivity and SSD flash drives.

These drives are said to offer twice the performance of USB 3.0 drives which feature 7,200rpm HDDs and 10 times the performance of a USB 2.0 drive, also they can withstand 10-foot drops.

Iomega has decided to bundle some free software with the drives, you get v.Clone, a 12 month subscription to Trend Micro, QuikProtect, MozyHome and Roxio Retrospect Express. v.Clone is very useful for keeping a backup (image) of your entire hard disk(s).

There are three capacities which will become available in November, the 64GB drive will cost $229, the 128GB drive will cost $399 and the 256GB drive will cost $749. These prices do sound to expensive to me, what do you think?

Source: SlashGear

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