HP / Palm Pre 2 to Dump Sprint for Verizon

By Peter Chubb - Oct 15, 2010

Rumors of a Palm Pre 2 have been doing the rounds for some time now, but since HP purchased Palm, the update has been up in the air. However, fresh rumors surfaced this week when details leaked on specs and photos of the next webOS handset.

Many questions were left unanswered, but one looks to have been answered for us now. The first Pre was originally launched on Sprint, now it looks as though they will be dumped in favor of Verizon – this does make sense if they wish the handset to stand out amongst the dozens of Android smartphones released each year. More details on this can be found on Engadget.

One question that that still remains is the whether the new handset will in fact carry Palm branding or move over to HP. Maybe it is time for change, and with HP being the largest PC vender in the US, this will certainly help carry some weight?

We cannot say for certain if Sprint has been dropped, but it has to be a huge kick in the teeth for the carrier who enjoyed the exclusivity when the first Palm Pre launched in June 2009? The other carrier that could also get the new version of the smartphone is AT&T. Which carrier do you think is best for the HP/Palm Pre 2?

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  • Brittany

    I've had my Palm Pre since it was released on Sprint and I have been waiting for a new version to upgrade. I was excited when I heard about the Pre 2 but I will be very disappointed if I Sprint does not carry it. I'm not changing carriers cause I've had Verizon before and they suck and At&T is just too expensive for the same things I get for cheaper with Sprint. So I hope that Sprint will carry the Pre 2 cause I love my Pre. It's so easy to use, compact, and the multi tasking is better then the iPhone or Android.

  • Mark S.

    Dear HP and Sprint,

    My original Pre is outdated and I am ready to upgrade to a new Palm Pre 2 and Web OS 2.0! Please don't make me have to "downgrade" to an Android phone just to stay current.

  • Dan

    WebOS is by far the best phone OS. I know, I've had may phone over the years. I bought the Palm Pre on day 1 and aside from the hardware issues, still love it! Please continue with Sprint. Add other carriers if needed, but let me stay with Sprint and have a Pre 2.

  • Cooper

    when is it getting released to anyone?

  • boggie woogie jones

    once i had a palm treo then i had a iphone then i had a blackberry now i have a palm pre and i love it because it is the best and i really like it because it is so simple to use and even while using it on one hand.


  • sac2dude

    Ultimately it comes down to what phone delivers the best functionality and "experience". It's not about horsepower, or apps, or whatever… and it never has been. Anybody remember when the iPhone was first released? Closed platform, no apps, yet it sold well. It was sleek and new, and its limitations as a phone (battery life?) which were overlooked due its style. What had apps back then? The Handspring/Palm Treo. I could download apps for anything on my Treo – TomTom navigator, UltrasoftMoney (plugin for Microsoft Money), etc. Great phone too, yet the Treo never took off. It comes down to the design factor. Currently I have the Pre from Sprint – downloaded patches for it, have the larger battery, and it's a great phone that I only need to charge every couple of days. The Pre 2 will be worth a look is Sprint picks it up, but the new Blackberry torch is nice as well, and solidly built. Will I switch? hmm…. Torch is AT&T only right now, so I guess I'll just wait.

  • Rick

    The Pre 2 is just the beginning. From what I understand, that's what was already in development just before and/or during the purchase by HP. It's already going to feature a substantial "bump" in the hardware realm (that being mostly the cpu). But the way i see it, with more resources at their disposal, we will definitely see a superior device (the rumored roadrunner HD maybe? roadrunner having been the pre 2's codename), hopefully sooner than later. I love my Pre to death, with the stagnant cpu being my only gripe. If Sprint bails on Palm, I'll be hugely disappointed and I just might have to make the move. I love webOS that much.

  • richard

    Have a Palm Pre with Sprint, and have been happy with it. WebOS was awesome, and the apps that were available were just fine. However, after the first year, I am dealing with build quality issues (plastic screen with wipe marks, defective camera, problems with slider), and while I have a few apps to make me happy, I do feel excluded from the other app markets where more useful apps would go. Plus, the small screen can be a pain to work for the web. While I would love to support the Palm Pre 2, I agree with some people here that it will probably be left in the dust, unless it can bring something revolutionary to the table.

  • bos

    I'm an owner of the original Pre and despite it's downfalls (mostly being brittle) I love it!(mostly due to Web OS)

    However, if the Pre 2 is not released on Sprint I am going to be one very unhappy camper – because I am not going to switch carriers – which means I will probably buy an android….

  • LA Caller

    I hope Sprint gets the Pre 2, I'm ready to upgrade. Not because of loyalty to Palm, but because WebOS is by far the best mobile OS available today.

    Have you tried multitasking on the Android or iPhone? Android makes you navigate through the app menu again to get to an app that is already open (or even worse, you can download a windows task manager type of app be able to switch and kill apps… just sad.) On the iPhone, you have to double-tap to get a horizontal list of icons representing the running apps (which are not really running…)

    My biggest gripe with the Pre was its spotty hardware quality. Now that the Pre 2 seems to take care of the pain points (slider, glass and USB port cover), I can't wait to upgrade!

  • mhuff

    Pre 2 is NOT just the same old Pre. Twice as fast of CPU is very welcome. The glass screen and slide mechanism are greatly improved. I've used iOS, Windows Mobile and Android and WebOS is way ahead in phone OS's. Sure theres not as many apps but honestly, I do not need a 100 apps that make a farting sound. If you do, get the iPhone. The apps I need are available for WebOs.

  • Marty B.

    The Pre + is a very good phone in day to day use. It can be well operated by one hand and does all the stuff a phone really needs to do except for Google Maps with Nav (and I think part of this is Verizons fault). I was frankly surprised that the Pre + never made it to sprint. It is improved over the Pre. I also use an EVO which has lots more horsepower and wow factor, however the pre+ OS is better, and the phone is easier to operate. The Pre does lack the apps this is a market share issue. HP can solve some of this by delivering some killer apps exclusively for the Pre. This is how apple kept the Mac Alive. They had Logic and Final Cut Pro, as well as a nice operating system.

    The Pre + has an advantage of its small size is very usable and you aren't carrying a huge phone around. Its almost the same size as a flip phone with the power of a smart phone.

    The screen does need to be glass, and the addition of Micro SD would be welcome. Only Apple can get away with not having expandable memory. 8GB is not enough, 16GB is workable. Only the + had 16GB

  • moises

    this is going to be a big fail regardless who Carries it, because is the same old dated palm pre, the only ones that probably going to get this pre 2 are the people that still have the original pre which is what about 80.000 peaple if so, hppalm need to reconsider and wait to make a different hardware to go with the new webos 2.0, there plenty nice looking mockups on the precentral if what they need is ideas.

  • csc

    Why don't you wait until the Pre 2 is officially announced before you say Sprint has been "kicked in the teeth."
    Presenting rumors as facts is shoddy "journalism."
    Maybe Sprint's employees can be better trusted than VZW's to leak confidential information?

  • aaron

    Agree Tim. The future is 3rd party apps – Apple changed the game and Android has been a market equalizer. Cool and sexy OS w/multitasking is just not enough in my opinion to pull in new buyers in a large scale.

  • Tim McGee

    I was one of the first people to get a Pre when it came out on June 6th, 2009. I owned the phone for a year and bought an Evo 4G the day it came out. While the Evo doesn't have a virtual keyboard the onscreen keyboard on the Evo is larger and has spell check that makes it easier to compose email and text. Any time something on a phone slides (like the pull down keyboard of the Pre) there can be issues. The Pre did not have a way to reformat the page so while I could pinch to make pages larger to view I would have to scroll my finger to read each sentence. That's terrible! The main reason I would never again own a Pre is the lack of programs in their app store. Many making apps for smartphones make it for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. If I was with Verizon I would buy a Droid and not even consider a Pre. Thank me later.

    • Tanner

      I have a similar experience. I got a Pre on its release date, and used it for a year… until Evo came out. I loved the cute little things the evo could do, but by september i had sold my evo to gazelle.com and reactivated my pre. I agree about the web browser, but the only programs I really miss on my evo were a good spreadsheet editing software. I liked voice commands, despised no keyboard, and struggled with the "windows like" layout on the evo. I know there are thousands of missing applications, but I could not tolerate the impotence with which the android platform multi tasked!!! app killers, re opening apps that were "already open". One breath of fresh air on the evo was when the beta came out for swype. That made that device almost usable without a keyboard. I absolutely loved the camera on the Evo, which makes me hate the one on the pre. I liked the big screen at first, but having to use the phone on a regular basis I realize that if your phone is so large you cannot reach across to the top corner while holding it in one hand…it is too big. Processor speed was great, would have really been great if you could see your "running applications". It amazes me that anyone could choose android over palm after using both. I can see loving android if coming from a standard phone…but not coming from palm. There is another gal in my office who had the pre, sold it, got an epic, sold it and went back to a pixi. Her reason was simple. "EASE OF USE" still haven't found the perfect smartphone, but for now the pre will do