Gran Turismo 5 Delay: Is COD Black Ops the reason?

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2010

After continuous delays for a game that has been in development for half a decade, you really have to wonder what is going on at Polyphony Digital and Sony headquarters. Is the latest delay for Gran Turismo 5 really development related?

After hearing that the game won’t make it’s November 2nd launch date in the US, it does make you think that there is either a major problem which has just been discovered and they are not telling us, or it’s something else.

Some interesting comments have been made by SCEA producer Taku Imasaki, when speaking in a recent interview with the New York Times. Here is the part which got our attention:

“We’re really close, but this was an executive decision that was made yesterday. Realistically, we thought we had a good date. We’re not happy over here.”

The keyword being ‘executive’ decision here. Now if you consider that Call of Duty: Black Ops – arguably biggest game of the year will be launching on November 9th, you have to wonder if that was the ‘executive’ decision that this member of Sony was hinting at.

You might think that it’s outrageous to think that, but we wouldn’t rule it out. Gran Turismo is Sony’s baby, so if they could benefit from better sales after a Call of Duty launch, why wouldnt they do it? If they launched on November 2nd as expected, then they might see a sudden drop in sales one week later when Black Ops launches.

This is just our thoughts of course, and something that you should bear in mind when thinking why GT5 has been delayed, again. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • n00b

    @Joe wtf are you talking about?i actually OWN forza and it is truly pathetic attempt of the simulator genre.How can you call it kick ass? Turn 10 are the least helpful develepor going aswell,top gear pack and you have to buy the game again? also the physics feel like your on a magic carpet and the damage is unrealistic at best

  • Joe

    makes perfect sense. Plus sony is still lagging xbox. Sony doesn't want the xbox to stay the defacto shooter platform by saturating the market with another triple A title just before black ops. Also, most publishers have non compete clauses with the major consoles so they don't release triple A titles right on top of each other. Just remember all the GT5 fanboys slagging Forza3. Debate which one is better all you want. I've been playing a kick ass racing game for over a year while GT fanboys have twiddled their thumbs.

    • Jeff

      I agree, forza 3 is pretty decent…my favorite part is the fact that you actually have a "clutch option"…besides, if you're a car guy, I'd have to say that besides the GT series, forza is the best second choice.

      And yes I do belive that GT5 was postponed because of COD black ops, it doesn't make sense to release a highly anticipated game like GT5 right befor the release of the worlds most popular shooter's (cod) release.

      All i know is that i cant wait till GT5 is in my hands!

  • deere johny

    Uh..seriously????? Delaying the release date of GT5 simply because COD7 is coming out can be view as a smart move. Now, the other side of the story is that not everyone plays shooter games. Also, there are other facts to consider, it is true that COD franchise is one of the biggest and may offset sales. Think about this, it's not a good move either to delay it right before Black Friday. If there is a true delay not associated to COD release, they might wait until Spring.

  • kory

    COD black ops is going to destroy the whole market. plus, grand turismo is not even that good. just good graphics. i'm buying cod black ops and dragon ball raging blast 2 so i would say yess.

    • Scott

      Gran Turismo isn't that good but "dragon ball raging blast 2" is? LOL 😀

  • Tom

    I think it is the reason. A lot of companies with games releasing this year around the time call of duty is to be released have moved around probably because of Black Ops. Call of duty is THE biggest franchise in the games industry today. So yeah companies will fear that their games will see a drop off in sales because as soon as Black Ops comes out as everyone will flock in the masses to buy it.

    Releasing Gran Turismo 5 earlier this year would have been better. They can’t release it a week before because sales will drop off as soon as COD is released and they can’t release it just after as everyone will be playing COD, me included. So the best time would be first quarter and after next year or earlier this year, the latter hasn’t happened so guess what it’ll probably be pushed back until December at the earliest. I’m not bothered when they release GT 5, i will be playing black ops and looking forward to Duke Nukem Forever!

  • GT5

    this was retarded… worst article ever.

  • comicon

    your stupid gt5 will be bigger than black ops plus there both differnet genres .idiot

    • Josh

      If a 16 year old has $60 allowance in the run-up to christmas, and he has a choice of either GT of COD in one week, which one will he get? COD of course, because all his friends will too. But, if like most MEN, he likes cars, he wants GT too. So yes, I've thought this ever since they pushed it back from the 2nd November. It makes perfect sense. What else could they be doing that would be corrected in a month? They'd have to remanufacture all those thousands of discs that were made for the 2nd November launch.

      Think about it, YOU idiot.

  • Fredzy


  • Comedykev

    “Gran Turismo 5 Delay: Is COD Black Ops the reason?” Err No.