Gran Turismo 5 – Will It Be In Your Christmas Stocking?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 15, 2010

When we first heard that Gran Turismo 5 was going to be delayed yet again, we assumed that it was a joke. We now know that it is not, and this latest setback has angered fans of the franchise that have had their copy pre-ordered for months. We do not know how long the delay will be, but let us hope that it will be before Christmas.

The delay of GT5 was bound to get some attention, but who would have thought that it would have stirred so much emotion and passion from PS3 users and fans of the franchise?

According to a report on Gamer.blorge, even Sony U.S. was said to be frustrated with this latest delay. We already have a couple of reasons why the racing sim has been delayed, which we covered just yesterday. There is also the rumor that the popularity of Call of Duty Black Ops forced the delay, as the developer would not want to try and compete with such a big title – they don’t come much bigger than Black Ops.

I can tell you one thing, I just hope that GT5 will be in my Christmas stocking this year. If not I am stuck with playing F1 2010 – problems and all. Having said that, the delay could be due to a stock issue, so we could only be looking at a couple of weeks. If this is the case, then I suppose I can live with it – but can you?

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  • Palle Redknapp

    Well you're clearly impatient and lifeless if you can spend another few weeks without a game. I say f**k BlackOps. I'm behind every delay PD are making on GT5. This is pretty decent as well, at least i'll have time to play it if it comes out before christmas. I doubt there'll be any more delays. I'm sure it's to do with the fact of avoiding Forza's cheap idea of interfering with GT5's release because of it's special edition rubbish.

    As for your comment Sean, i don't think GT5 will get a price drop anytime after a year of its release. It's like MW2, which is still selling at full price!

    Besides, doesn't anyone care about Assassins Creed: Brotherhood? I'd rather get that instead of BlackOps to fill in the time till GT5 comes out.

  • Shz

    I just cancelled it today and pre-ordered black ops! I for one wouldn’t have bothered about black ops that much if gt5 came out 1st but fuck sony, now i can play black ops for a long time until gt5 is preowned on rhe shelves! Theres goes their signature edition profit! Cunts

  • Steve

    I'm not even a big fan of CoD, but my money's going towards them this year instead. Polyphony can go fuck themselves. The reason they're delaying the game is because of CoD, but come on, I reckon 90% of PS3 owners would've picked up GT5. Greedy cunts. I know they've spent 6 years developing it, and I know they want as many sales as possible, but this is unnaceptable. Polyphony, you've just lost a customer 🙂

  • chris

    its getting stupid now the amount of people this has let down over the last shall we say YEARS its getting to the point will people play it after waiting for so long

  • Sean

    I cancelled my pre-order and getting BlackOps instead. Money is tight and I havn't got the time to mess around with a game that may or may not come out this year. I don't care for 3D or Move so the time wasted implementing those features is of no good to me. I may pick this up later next year perhaps with a price drop.