Google Instant Search: Built Into Chrome 8

By Jamie Pert - Oct 15, 2010

If you are a fan of Google Instant search and Chrome is your preferred web browser we have some good news for you, the developer version of Chrome 8 features integrated instant search functionality, which means it may be coming to the proper release within the coming months.

At the moment Chrome allows you to carry out a Google search by writing terms in the address bar and pressing enter, Chrome 8 will give you instant search functionality as soon as you start writing your content in the address bar.

Google has previously mentioned that they will be adding Instant search to Android, therefore it is not surprising to hear that they are adding it to Chrome, let’s just hope there is an option to turn it off as not everyone is a fan.

Currently Google has not confirmed when this functionality will be coming to the release version of Chrome, therefore we will have to keep you updated.

Do you think Google Instant search integration will make Chrome better?

Source: InformationWeek

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  • Dave

    Pretty good, although I can't see it being loved like everyone.