Civilization 5 Patch: List Of Fixes From Patch Notes

By Peter Chubb - Oct 15, 2010

In a response to freezing issues, 2K Games has released its patch notes for an upcoming update, although they have yet to set a release date. The list of fixes is huge, although it needs to be in order to solve the constant problems with not only AI and UI but with gameplay as well.

We pointed to the fact that the patch notes is huge, but Alexander Sliwinski from Joystiq learned from 2K Games that this is only part of the updates. The ones that you can see in its entirety here is just those that the developers have been working on over the past few weeks – so we can expect much more once released.

The main areas where this current patch improves on are as follows: UI, Modding, Gameplay, AI, Multiplayer and Misc. So far there are 11 fixes for UI alone and just one for modding.

With Gameplay there are said to be 14 improvements and 9 with AI. Finally three fixes for Multiplayer and 10 for Miscellaneous. The list is so extensive that you will be better to read them all on Joystiq. If you think that there are some missing, then please let us know.

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