Call of Duty Black Ops: New Campaign Trailer for Xbox 360, PS3

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2010

We have some good news for Call of Duty fans now, as Treyarch has just released another trailer for Black Ops. This time, the video focuses on the single-player campaign, with a brief teaser clip for you to enjoy.

Some of you may have already seen this trailer, as it aired exclusively on ESPN a few days ago. For the majority that didn’t though, the trailer is just over a minute in length and compiles some of the game’s cutscene footage in a nicely put together piece.

Sadly, there isn’t any actual gameplay action, but the trailer is pretty good anyway. Whether you are buying the game for it’s single player, multiplayer, co-op, or zombie content, it is safe to say that fans are going to get their money’s worth when the game lands on multiplatform on November 9th.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts on it. Are you pumped up for Black Ops?

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  • two weeks

  • scottmiik1

    mw 4 is the 1

  • Dennis

    X-box 360!!!!

  • kevin

    fanboy this fanboy that shut up and play the video game console.

  • ToxiC PlayA

    360 all the WAY!!!!

  • i luv u

    cant wait for the new hospital level for nazi zombies Black Ops

  • Freddie

    360 FTW!!!!!!

  • mike

    PS3 BABY!!!

  • Alex

    Looks ok I don’t like cod at all. But ill buy to hold me out till bf3. Sony wishes they could run circles around microsoft. 360 ftw

  • Jasen

    you know I don't feel as "pumped" for CoDBOs as I did for MW2…but I think that's just b/c they promoted it 2 different ways. But it's nice b/c I remember pre ordering MW2 in like May of 2009 and having to wait and with Black Ops I just pre ordered it this week and its like days away. And I feel that there was less information leaked about this CoD game so there is more of a mystery for me.

  • zolid

    Oh I'm definitely getting this but not for the suxbox 360 muahahahahaha….but I am serious Ps3 runs circles around the 360

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    • guest

      you stupid fanboys get over it already are you guys so dumb that you don't understand the consoles are a matter a preference besides your mommy bought you that ps3 and your sorry ass can't afford a 360 no one cares what you like better you 12 year olds need to just shut your pieholes

      • thehitman

        hey dumbshit they're the same price. Only you get more bang for your buck on PS3 and you call them fanboys?LOL FAIL!!

      • tim

        in australia ps3s are more expensive douchebag.

    • BlackOps

      of course you're getting it for the ps3… most of the players on it suck making you seem like a pro.

  • arnas

    i am not realy going to play compain…

    • your mum

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