Apple and Verizon Partnership – Android Momentum Worries

By Peter Chubb - Oct 15, 2010

You may well know that Apple and Verizon Wireless are about to begin a new partnership, which sees the iPad being sold in Big Red Stores. More details on this deal have been covered in my recent post. One thing is certain from this deal; this could put a dent in Google’s momentum with its Android mobile OS.

Don Reisinger from eWeek has listed ten reasons why such a deal can threaten Android and start eating into its mobile market. Reisinger believes that Apple is too big of a company for Google to just relax and not fear them, but what can the search engine do?

Let us take a look at a couple of the points that Don has made. Verizon has always had a good relationship with Android, as they needed something to compete with AT&T and Apple. Now that Apple has now started to deal with Big Red, there are fears that their efforts with Android could become diluted.

If the iPad has good sales in Verizon Wireless stores, then this could become the starting point of an ongoing relationship with Apple. We could seem them finally get the iPhone, as well as the iPad. With the holiday season coming up, there could not be a better time to sell the Apple tablet device.

These are just two reasons why Google should fear this latest deal; visit eWeek for another eight reasons.

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