Wow Patch 4.0.1: Update Rebalances Class Issues – Is WoW Ruined?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 14, 2010

For those of you who were able to log in after the World of Warcraft 4.0.1 patch yesterday, you might have noticed some extreme changes to your characters damage output, healing output or threat per second. Nicknamed ‘God Mode’ for some, these issues have been fixed and announced by lead designer Ghostcrawler.

So much has been happening in Azeroth these past 48-hours. The highly anticipated 4.0.1 patch dropped, but with it has come a flurry of problems, issues and bugs that we detailed in an article yesterday.

There have been many of you who couldn’t log in and have been told to ‘check your addons’ by GM’s or general people trying to help. I’ll just mention here that there has been changes to the way video settings work, so try and reset all these to the lowest possible to see if that works for you. This is just a suggestion and not an actual fix, but if it works for you, pass on the information.

If you were one of the lucky ones who managed to get in game during the 4.0.1 rush, I’m pleased for you. But you may have noticed that you had an extreme buff or nerf to your class. These changes have been noted and modified to bring rebalancing of the classes back in order.

In a forum post from Ghostcrawler, he mentions a select few changes but also states that “we don’t have any other changes to announce at this time. I am reluctant to mention additional classes or specs that we are looking at currently for fear of instilling excitement or panic.”

Check the full post below:

We made many changes yesterday. A lot of these were bug fixes, and many bug fixes will affect damage one way or the other. So just because you don’t see a specific change referenced below, doesn’t mean it didn’t change.

With that said, here are the specific changes we made in reference to my previous post:

1) We buffed the base points and coefficients of many warrior dps abilities. We didn’t do as much to tanking abilities.

We buffed the base points and coefficients of many Ret abilities.

We buffed the base points and coefficients of many Feral cat abilities.

2) We lowered the base points and coefficients of many mage abilities, but lowered Fire more than the other two.

3) We nerfed Shadow Word: Death, but it is possible we didn’t nerf it enough. It should not be Shadow’s biggest spell.

4) We returned Searing Pain’s damage to its 3.3.5 levels.

5) We increased the benefit of resilience by 50% for players level 80 and below. The tooltips will probably not reflect this change

In a side note, if you have not seen the new Druid Tree of Life models, check them out here.

Do you think that patch 4.0.1 has ruined your World of Warcraft experience?

Source: WoW Insider

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  • azara

    I have tried adapting to the changed with my druid since the expansion. I hate it. Its been 3 months. I do not get good dps anymore and have doubts that I ever will like I used to. I am depressed over this but I am kicking wow out of my life. RIP Wow

  • Nighthawk4

    All my existing characters are ruined – DK (80), Hunter, Druid, Shaman, Mage, etc. No rest at an Inn, all cities ruined, The Barrens, Hillsbrad, etc. Wish I wasn't signed up for an annual sub. May well not be renewing that. Tempted to cancel my Cata pre-order. This is the worst ever patch.

  • PessaNega

    This new patch has been interesting…the talent trees have been simplified. THANK YOU BLIZZ. And the only thing that locking your skill sets into one talent tree until a certain level is going to do for your character is make it better in the long run. Farming JP and getting tier ten a little easier prior to expansion? YES. not a bad thing THANK YOU BLIZZ. I have had a few in game glitches since patch…(expected) but overall relearning my chracters has not taken very long. And i am looking foreward to the new Cata.

  • Disappointed

    I was looking forward to the patch, which I thought would enhance the end-game play, but after it was released I was confused and frustrated. The worst I think is the priority rotation, I have to get looking at my bars to see what is available, so I miss what is going on around me.
    I know change will have an effect on the end-game and may take time to adjust, but this (patch) is too much to take at once. I have stopped playing the game and since I have purchased the expansion I’m hopeful the next patch will address the issues players have with this patch, if not I’ll join the growing number of ppl’s who have canceled their account.
    From what I read and talk to my wow friends most have been negative on this patch and from what I read here a lot of ppl’s have canceled their account, along with my wow friends.
    In closing I no longer enjoy the game see no way for Bizz to recapture the individual identity that once set ppl’s apart, but with the expansion we shall see if Bizz can pull it out or be another failed product.

  • wtg

    Sit there and restart your computer about 20 times when wow starts and tell us how much fun you are having. Google wow crash
    I would love to know the exact number of those leaving the game.stopping their accounts etc.I would bet there are not the estimated 12 million users.Wonder what Cata sales will be? Suggestion to Blizzard. Fix this quick or there will be an expansion taking up room beside your computer not ours.

  • wtg

    I get different messages from gms telling me its this that or the other thing. They give automated messages telling their clients that it is their issue and not Blizzard's.
    You know how hard it is on a machine to have to constantly hardboot? I highly doubt blizzard will give any reinbursement for the problems at hand as they are a multimillion dollar gameing company.

  • wtg

    I have been playing for 4 years now and have not seen a fail like this in a long time. I am not excited about Cata coming out
    I have done everything that was required to me to make the game play without any success. defrag,clean out dust compressed air,virus scan.up to date drivers,reload reinstall game, update windows, disk cleanup.registry cleaner,make sure all parts are new and up to date, the list is long to what I have had to do on this particular patch just to play for a hour without crashing.
    Deleting the wtf folders etc resets your pre cata launch and downloader causing interuppted game play and the installer has to keep trying to load.

  • Rel

    I've been playing since Day 1 of WoW. I've seen all the changes, weathered the patches, the x-pacs (bc & wotlk); worked on my toon to perfection like a hobby (which is supposed to be fun). This patch has it's ups and downs, but, i'm not going to weather this storm. I've played the cata beta testing and i wasn't surprised they pushed the release date back, but, I'm surprised they set it for Dec 7. IMHO they should have pushed it back a few more months. WoW is slowly becoming EQ. They finally updated their code with 4.0.1 (could tell they still need work on that) from the one they have been using for over 6 years.

    Good Luck ppl who are staying. At the nerdragers raging at the ones leaving (including me): We have common sense to know when a ship is about to sink and are jumping ship and find safe passage on another ship

  • cough

    For everyone who claims Blizzard made the game 'new' again, you are kidding yourselves. All they did was switch the class mechanics up a bit, and reduce the amount of records in the database. It is a complete insult to people playing the game calling it 'new' again.
    People who are canceling their subscriptions (and there are a lot of them this time around) are not about the QQ, the have canceled because the game is supposed to be an enjoyable experience….not a frustrating one.
    Personally, when something I subscribe to is going to be updated, I expect value from the update in the form of content…not the insult that we got you fanboys are calling 'NEW'.

  • National~Ysera

    I played for 4 years, other then the new flashy magical effects, blizzard ruined the game for me personally. I have had no itch to play at all, have since cancelled my subscription and unistalled the game. Blizzard handed those quitting patches out with 4.0.1(for me anyways) oh well guess its time to invest more money into xbox. I did have fun tho and had a blast raping face on my feral kitty. Thanks for the fun blizz and good luck in the future…hope you straighten out some of the issues you have caused and people can start to have fun again.

  • Guest

    I feel that the game for me is no longer fun and has become work. With the constantly worrying about your gear and always working to get better stuff. The patch has just added on more problems with now having to get new glyphs, redo all talents, figure out how to play your lvl 80 toon, etc… I was going to cancel my account but decided maybe I just need to take a few months off. This has worked for me in the past when I just became bored with the game. I am hoping after a few months I can come back to a whole new game with a new outlook.

  • Mark

    I do have to thank Blizzard for screwing the game up BEFORE I bought the expansion.

  • james

    Im actually kind of glad they screwed it up so bad. Now I will have a life again and save myself $15 dollars a month too. im out 0/

  • Mike

    I am not gonna talk about the technical issues the patch brought on, they will work themselves out (if Blizz wants to remain in business). The game play changes are what I want to talk about. They suck.

    You had a game where it was possible to have literally hundreds of different talent combinations to give yourself a unique character. They decided all this individuality was what, bad for business? Now you get to make some pretty simple choices about what you want to be, and then this is a game of who can click the mouse faster? I have tried since the patch to be open to it, but the game experienvce for me is gone. It's dumbing down of a game, plain and simple. They took a game of chess, and decided to make it checkers.
    I don't think I will continue playing.

  • Thatguy

    There are many pros and cons i've noticed through certain classes and specs

    Feral Druid dps is enormous and I can one-shot things with ravage..
    Frost Dk's have been buffed quite well and do better dps.
    Mages are now a little easier to level.

    Hunters have had their dps reduced severely and have focus instead of mana
    Warrior tanks and many other tanks are now harder to tank with.
    Prot Warriors have had major threat abilities revamped and many no longer cause threat.

    Considering that my main was a Prot Warrior tank that is now annoying as ell to play, then yes this patch has more then just ruined my experience, it destroyed it.

  • Dio

    Disappointed. I've only played for a year, but this change was too much. Canceled wow and gonna try the lord of the rings. Hope those who stick around enjoy, but for me these changes were fail.

  • ezappa

    lots of blizz arse lickers – yeah the patch has fucked up even if you dont play an uber toon that imbas over everything else. but even so the system is nerfed and made generic silly talent trees that you cant do naff with. iv played 5 years and its worst i have seen – we play this game for what it is not what its can be. younger new geek number crunch coders in the blizz dev team – geek wow teams and guilds who do have a say in beta and other testing

  • Cruelmaster

    All you wow lovers who stick to wow religiously no matter what and criticising pees who are not OK with the changes seriously need to get a life. Either you are employed by wow or you have nothing else to do. If I pay for a a product and it changes and wish to voice my opinion or concern then what has it got to do with you? There are so many egg heads on forums with opinions on everything that does not even concern them LOL.. good riddance etc. Personally I do like some of the changes but what I do not like is grinding weeks to get dps to a certain level (yes I am a damage junkie) and then just to see Blizz ruin it all. Imagine you study for PHD in medicine and the university tells you soz.. you were a bit OP and we decided that you are back on your fourth year.. It is all the time and dedication that peeps put in that simply goes to waste for what? Lack of creativity or proper content if you ask me. Secondly you play a class for certain qualities and to see that mess with is similar to go to some wine distillery and piss in good recipe and say oh it was a bit OP… This means I have to dedicate weeks just to get gear back in order which in fact means this is not game I am going to play for fun or interest. No it is going to be grinding for gear and points. I have 4 well geared toons and I am so sorry but there are other games out there.. So blizz enjoy my subscription NERF.. you were getting a bit OP!

  • Nathan

    I have been playing since vanilla. Have been though a lot with the game. I have no problem with some changes in fact some are good. I like the recuperate on the rogue, been waiting a long time for something like that.

    But static talent trees, raiders unable to use their classes, all the work of enchanting and gemming and inscription gone, total collapse of the battle grounds. These are not minor bugs but systemic changes. Nothing in the past has ever been this bad.

    The fact that each person could play the game in completely different ways and have fun in their own way was what made Wow special and gave it such a large player base. It is not nearly as special anymore and that is what we are all commenting on. I am still subscribed for now because I support other players but I cannot justify $15 a month for something I am not enjoying.

    *looks down at patch 4.01 / Cata and shouts*
    "You were the chosen one! It was said you would destroy the game flaws, not make them. Bring balance to the game, not leave it in darkness."

  • Diz

    It took me a while, but I actually got used to my Mage (along with my other classes). Does more damage on his own and my Mana seems to last longer. Pissed I can't conjure food or water though πŸ™
    Just give it a while, it's not that bad or worth giving up your account. Once Cataclysm releases things will get better.

    The only thing that has me in a rage over the patch is that my Strategy Guides are absolutely useless now. All are based on the way WoW used to be. I never really used them, but now I can't even if I wanted to. Oh well, I guess anything to sell the new Cataclysm guide.

  • MotherZappa

    I would like to thank Blizz for now making my WoW life equal to RL. So I worked hard for years in both RL and WoW life to perfect my "toon" and in a blink of an eye it all changes. So is this a social lesson that has now bled into the fantasy world – don't get too attached to things because it will all change and life is cruel even in the world of Azeroth!

  • mike

    I have played wow for years up until 4.0.1. I tried the patch for a few days giving it a chance to sink in, and even though some classes got nerfed while others got a sort of buff, I feel the patch has ruined the experience at least for me. I am sure their are many players that like the feel to the gameplay and patch and are willing to keep playing, and that is great. Blizzard in my mind is an awesome company with really high product standards, but I feel the expansion will be a turd with bells and whistles.. To each his own.

  • Lovesthebox

    Yer im out have been playing wow for 3 years have 11 80s to many changes at once makes me really sad to c how much they have stuffed it up….. Remember the good days of wow is all u can really do πŸ™

  • Lovesthebox

    Yer im out have been playing wow for 3 years have 11 80s to many changes at once makes me really sad to c how much they have stuffed it up….. Remember the good days of wow is all u can really do πŸ™
    Oh and fuck u blizzard

  • Nerdz4tw

    Overall the patch blows, in my opinion. In lvl 20-60 bg's, everyone (even lvl 49 twinked warriors) are getting 1 shotted by rogues thanks to the new spell that disregards armor for 10 seconds. Now my mage who ive had and spent time on for about a year is useless. Im getting killed in pvp and my dps is horrible. I heard they're going to fix it with cata, but we'll see.

    Anyway, i realize blizz is just trying to balance the classes, but honestly, they nerfed the wrong ones. Shouldve kept the game how it was and let cata come.

    • dont_start_none

      thats exactly what they want you to do is BUY cataclysm and see….by then you've payed them again.

  • Neil

    All of u please stop complaining about the patches, if you find ur character nerfed then play another character

    • James

      Really? Another character? So we should spend months leveling another character because the fat cats at Blizzard sold us a bill of goods and then changed it. If I had a 3 month contract with you to bring you an apple a day and then two weeks into the contract started bringing you kumquats instead, you wouldn't have a problem with it??

      Besides, I like the game play changes, its the bugs!! This is more like APB (which shut down after only 2 months because it was so bugged that people couldn't play the way they wanted to play). This does not look like the polished well researched games that Blizzard has been known to produce.

  • Josh

    I have a lvl 80 of each class and I have to say that some got nerfed, and some got buffed… so what? the game is still fun, it's something new to learn, and I for one will be thrilled if we lose some of the QQ'ers from the game. Good riddance! If you whine about every change, good luck in real life. Grow up and learn to adapt.

  • Abyss

    Hey Blizz fuck you now Hunters are no fun and i constanly Get dced and lagging like crazy so your pretty much robbing me

  • Johnny Mercury


  • Brian Gonsalves

    There are some nice changes in 4.0.1 in terms of simplification.
    However I think they went too far in that direction by locking me in my chosen tree. They should have added a "recommended" button and then allow you to edit as desired. This button covers both the experienced and inexperienced player requirements.

    The resto tree druid shape is now just a 30 second DPS buff with a 3 minute cooldown. Yes it buffs healing too but there is no place for a pure healer to use this talent. This talent seems designed to generate a wipe.

    I don't know how to make my tank a tank now. I have no clue how to get crit immune.

    Many tool tips are meaningless now. Unstable affliction says something like "some" shadow damage. I need hard numbers.

    My biggest complaint is the bugs. I hate bugs. I particularly hate having to pay blizzard to find the bugs in their software instead of the other way around.

    I have not given up yet but I am not playing much right now either. Let others with more patience find the bugs for Blizzard. I'll try again in a month.

    • James

      I couldn't agree with you more. (12 million players X $15 a month) + (A large number of rubes X $25 sparkle horse) = ENOUGH MONEY TO FIX YOUR GAME BEFORE IT ANGERS MILLIONS!!!

  • Chuck

    Im disappointed, not devistated but disappointed. I enjoyed the diversity of the talent trees. I have 5 80s and loved going into their talent trees and "tweaking this and that". Blizz truely has forced us all into a cookie cutter mentality. Basically taking away all the experiance most of us have gained through playing. Way to reward loyal customers, but then again, we really are just numbers in their profit margins. Its only been a couple days since the patch and not ready to quit completely. I wont renew one of my accounts for now though-$15 a month I can write of to foolish spending but not $30.

  • will

    getting more spells and un-nurfed at levle 85????….and it being end game content…what good is it going to do then?

  • will

    Edited…patch "Chop 4.01. Good going Blizz.

  • Ginie

    Everyone needs to understand it ur toons are getting rdy to become 85, There are a lot of good changes and bad the bad ones will get fixed up they did it with wotlk as well……I was reading the posts from last year and this year and there were 100s of post on how ppl what vinila back and guess what ur complaints have been answered and now your all bitching about it…….get used to it or /ragequit it will all work out in the end……i agree there were nerfs and loss of spells but u will get more at 85 so no point trippling up on spells that u will get back in 4 weeks time….. anyway peace out i like the patch but the nurfs were unlucky…..New patch in few hours to fix bugs

  • Leofrick

    This patch is awesome as far as I'm concerned. It breaths new life into the game. Some in game glitches need fixing, and I need to relearn six 80's, but the new talents and the new displays and the new power rock!

    It says they nerfed mages somewhat, I don't see it. My mage is better than ever. The fights are more vibrant, the action is better, the survivability is increased. Rogues are better, priests are better, warriors are better. I'm not sure what they did to hunters though, that's the class I'm having a hard time with, seems like they limited them terribly, but maybe i shouldn't have speced survival…

    The game is fun again, and that's what counts. All the people above who are bitching, just don't like change. Change is good and this patch, once they get the glitches ironed out is good as well.

    • charles

      Ya mages are so OP now its frigging rediculous. If Blizz doesnt nerf them (like they did DKs when people cried) you'll see nothing BUT mages in the game, forget any kind of melee in pvp, but maybe thats what blizz wants.

    • dont_start_none

      change is not always good….look at the change america's voters ushered in.

  • Guest

    Wow $5000 gold just to fly a little faster, Blizzard you must be crazy. On top of everything else wrong with the new patch, just another insult from you guys…lol the joke must be on
    the folks that pay you $15 a month for the privilege to play, Grats King Blizzard.
    Another pissed of paying customer.

  • Guest

    Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents worth. Thank you Blizzard for fubaring the game up beyond all sense or reason. You have truly lost your edge.
    Another unhappy camper. ;-(

  • Logan

    The game has been simplified so that a larger pool of new/young people can play. There is nothing wrong with change to a degree. However, when you basically cank what people have worked hard on while paying money over a long period of time, it's going to piss a lot of people off. I wouldn't mind some changes or even a lot of changes slowly but when experienced 80s are cut down to the level of a new 80, that's ridiculous. When my Hordie friends who are new to PVP can fight me (full Wrath warrior) in Wintergrasp and kick my butt with just button mashing, then something is wrong (and that is post patch fixes). Changing talents and giving Azeroth a paint job, seems more like a pretty lame money grab by Blizzard. Yeah yeah EULA and their company, whatever. It's like when you design a website. You don't design it the way you want it to be, you design it the way the visitors want it to be. Soft/IT engineering 101.

    Oh yeah and what exactly is the purpose of a beta anyway? All of these problems were addressed in Blizzard's own forums by beta testers. But that's ok, ask the paying customers to help fix all of the problems for two months. I know that's what I want to be doing instead of chillin out playin. Last thing…how do the designers miss or leave something as blatant as Fury's T10 2 piece bonus? My five year old could have caught that in production. But then again, he is the game's target market now. Doh!

  • Wowplayer

    I feel the loyal customers of WoW – including those that mistakenly think the new patch makes the game "better" – deserve a partial explanation for what's actually happening:

    The changes are specifically geared towards saving memory, bandwidth, and ultimately making money. They have nothing to do with making the game "better". And it is because the game is becoming LESS dynamic (not more) that it's not a good idea to buy Cataclysm.

    For those of you who have IT and programming experience, you know that memory is a set of "states". Hence, the fewer states required, the less memory is used. The talent tree is just such an example. By limiting the number of possible talents or talent combinations, the memory required to save these talents is limited. And if enough people have the exact same talent tree, it's even easier to make a preset state to calculate everything that particular "toon" does. Counters are also another example of memory (and bandwidth) intensive mechanics in WoW because they require a large number of states, and transfer of information, the higher the timing resolution is clocked. Those mechanics such as the Paladin's Sacred Shield have been removed – again, not to make the game "better" but to save computing and networking resources. Instead, "Flag" based mechanics (like the Holy Power) replace it. The loss of Armor Pen and Defense? By reducing the number of factors needed to compute the damage done, healing, Crit, etc, the effect is the same: fewer resources required.

    What does this mean?

    A lot actually.

    It means one of two things:

    Either Blizzard's developers and corporate executives themselves think that Cataclysm will be a bust…

    Or they are intentionally short-changing their customer base and pocketing the difference.

    Neither possibility is appetizing for you, the customer.

    They are not buying the equipment necessary to expand the game or accommodate new customers (including those in China). They're just shrinking the necessary memory and computing load regardless of what affect it has on the quality of the game.

    If you felt patch 4.0.1 felt extraordinarily "clumsy" even after seeing so many patches in all your years of playing WoW, you were onto something.

    If you felt the changes in patch 4.0.1were not very imaginative, or were extremely arbitrary, or came from a project team that didn't have an interest in "improving" or "expanding" the game, you were right…the development team was constrained by the Engineering requirement to "dumb down" the game and "Do less with less".

    If you were wondering why your belief that the wow team would fix the problems in the beta went unanswered, it was in part because there wasn't much of a team left to fix them…the most they'll do is change a few damage coefficients here or write an applet there. Most have either been layed off or transferred and the resources spent on other things not related to WoW (like Diablo III).

    How do you know if Blizzard isn't pocketing the money?

    You won't. And there's no way for you to prove that they are.

    Again, it's quite possible that they've looked at their numbers and decided that it's not economically feasible to hire more developers, capacity and maintenance for more equipment, and general "overhead". Maybe the "cost of money" for investing contemporaneously in WoW isn't to their liking.

    And maybe that's because they know Cataclysm is going to be a flop.

    Yes, there will be a slight peak of interest, but it won't be sustainable because the game sucks and it won't adapt to its changing customer needs even after its release. And the reason for this necrosis will be either because they weren't willing to invest in its development months ago (even years), or because they intentionally made Cataclysm a lemon and gutted their product so they could get their last profits out of WoW's paying customers.

    But whatever reason they have, none of the possible reasons are good for you, the paying customer.

    • Former wowplayer

      Really interesting, thank you.

      I have been trying to wrap my head around why they would chance to anger so many people.

  • AngryFireMage

    They killed the fun of starting a mage character… I'm a reletivly new player so I dont have any 80s but i did greatly enjoy the mage class for its aoe and special abilities. Now I have to wait forever for a decent aoe my spells are medicore damage and 3 second cast with a global cool down i often waste time casting because by the time im done someone else has killed it already. They got rid of create refreshments till like level 50?!!? What the hell does that have to do with balence? Alot of the spells suck because they work like a warriors rage in that you have to use them right away or loose them and theres these annoying lights that block my sight letting me know theyre activated. Also they take away from the custimization by forcing your talent tree… guess its time to go to Guild Wars full time.

  • Steve

    I have to agree with the cookie cutter remarks. I just dont see the point of the Talent Tree anymore considering your pretty much forced to put all but a few of your points in one tree. What is the point now. They might as well get rid of the Talent Tree altogether and just have a "One Click" button to decide if you want to go (for example) Destruction Warlock or Demonology Warlock.

    A good example of the "Cookie Cutter" is the WoWPopular website. Where once you could check out 5 or 6 different builds for a Resto Druid build….there is now only one. And its pretty much the same for all classes and all builds. Cookie cutter!

  • Soforias

    WOW loosers!@

  • ribye

    I've been playing for over 5 years have 6 80's, its certianly a learning curve, some good some messed up ie tree form for druid, don't get that at all, love the mana my disc priest now has and umbrella shield. seems blizzard is going for the casual gamer now, those with full time jobs how can't give 4 hours to a 5 man raid or all day av, I remember the 3 plus hours spent on a horic shadow labs, it was fun but for those with a life it was just not doable and it seems Blizzard is aiming more for those who want a quick heroic and no need to research how to gear, hunters who don't have to worry about when to start stacking armor penetration. I"m not down on the patch, some good some bad some just weird, 30 sec tree form really ? Guess time will tell if blizzard hits that target audiance and if the hard gamers abadon it, at the end blizzard's only real game is selling for dollars and lets face it they are winning that game.

  • hanz moleman

    I was getting bored with WOW, its a welcome change for me. Agreed its a LOT to learn with new spells and systems all at once, but if cata was just a change of gear and scenery I would be pretty dissapointed.
    Blizzard should have fixed the major problems by the time cata is released. We have just over a month to learn everything before cata.

  • Monsterre

    I quit because of this patch sorry Blizzard but i enjoyed being able to tank/kill huge mobs i gathered. If i wanted to find a healer friend to aoe mobs down i woulda asked but i didnt after 5 years i quit WoW and almost 4 80's worst update to the game ever.

  • Noobtard

    I have been playing for approx 3 years now, and yes I absolutley love the patch. If things were removed, ie gems and Armour Pen, maybe you had the wrong stuff in your gear or items. I have not had any stuff taken off me, except couple of glyphs here and there. Of course talents have been changed, and as a few have mentioned before, change is great. Keeps things new, and I think it takes away the stale life of having do the same things over and over again. Its also letting us have time to adapt before cata comes out. So that way, toons can be sorted for readiness when cata is finally released.
    So for those that want to "Be the best of the best . .SIR" take your elitism elsewhere, and just enjoy the causal change, the very same that happens in life . .even accept the challenge of change and try and take that to the max.
    " Noobism – the very essence of life"

    • Whatever

      I'm not any kind of power gamer, and that *is* the reason I quit. I don't play enough to be in any of the l33t guilds or get any of the l33t kit. I used to enjoy logging on and playing but now the character that I've played for two years is worthless. I spent a lot of time farming vendor trash for the glyphs that I had *and* the spells that I had.

      Now blizzard has stripped most of those spells from my character, not even reimbursed me the simple cost of those spells and *then* renamed the spell line and expect me to buy it again!? Yeah right, instead I am suing them for my monthly access time over the last three months plus the personal time I wasted farming the money that they literally stole from me.

  • kstahmer

    For many, including myself, the problem isn’t the 4.0.1 patch nerfs and bufs. We can acclimate ourselves to those changes. It’s the 4.0.1 patch technical problems. Specifically, low frames per second (fps) and sound lag.

    Far too many players have these problems. They don’t reside on the players end; they reside on Blizzard’s end. The low fps problem is the worst. With fps running as low as 5 – 10 fps, game control is annoying sloppy and awkward.

  • Spamandeggs

    I can't even play because I lag so bad with this patch. It took me 5 days to download, and after that, my toons can't even walk. I can't type in guild chat to say goodbye to my friends…I love WOW, but I guess I won't be able to play anymore. Thanks for a wasted 18 months…

  • Thamelas

    I've been playing WoW for almost 6 years now. I play a warlock and a pally tank. To me this patch ruined the game. Two weeks ago I started trying out Lord of the Rings Online, and found that I liked it a lot more than WoW. I think I will be spending a lot more of my game time there. In my opinion, WoW's time in the MMO limelight is over. As a fellow WoW player, I'd recommend that those leaving WoW give LOTRO a try. I don't think you would regret it.

    • Kurt

      Definitely going to look into it. I'm not a "veteran" WoW player who people are saying should "be gone"… I only stated playing 4 months ago. New player, who is now leaving.

      The nerfs and all are a result of chronic whiners who felt classes were overpowered when, in reality, those whiners are the ones who don't know how to play their own toons.

      In the real world, every building is different, every human being is different, all have different strengths and weaknesses. Why should a game be any different? This new cookie-cutter methodology is the last straw for me. Hope LOTRO is as good as you say. My friends, family and I need a new gaming home.

      Work is boring enough. I don't want the same when coming home to play at night.

  • Moxie

    Yay! I love the new patch. It evens things out a bit and makes it alot more fun for the people in the battlegrounds that were always getting One-shotted!

    Thank Blizzard!!

  • RetriPala

    WHY THE FUCK DIVINE STORM IS BASED SAME ON HOLY POWER AS TEMPLARS VERDICT?! Attack is pretty much useless to fill up into rotation now, unless your on trash and use it instead of TV… It should never be took off rotation, its the main source of paladins DPS that made paladin competitve DPS after BC! What kinde of brain dead blizz programmer got up with retarded idea like that >< Hell Im MAD!

  • 1alaskan

    i dont play cookie cutter games.. they are a dime a dozen. i like mmo's. these toons are now cookie cutter toons and all the fun of experimentation and excitement are gone. I left
    Everquest when they messed that one up and never went back. eq2 turned out to be a nothing. so i came to WoW. … until now.

    account canceled.. you'll find me, my sister, my two sons, my two nephews and our money on LOTRO

  • dragonbreath

    aggro used to be a thing of the past, where the dpsers had to watch it more than the tanks did. Remember that? Now all of you have gotten spoiled in aggro generation that the dps'rs have to wait again. If a dpser has to wait five seconds….let em wait a little bit. Aggro appears to be not a problem after that. I've ran raid, top dpser at 10k…..I did only about 6-7 before….and with the tank still holding aggro, oh wwwaaaaaa, you have to re-learn your class. I thought that was a good thing. Raids and instances will be much harder……so why don't you all QQ over that. I love the changes and have been playing for a solid six years…since the first beta. The game has come a long way and has changed dramatically overtime I guess good riddance to you veterans if you plan on quittin. That means more game for me to play without the lag. Don't you just mmmmiiisssss those 6 hour, 5 man dungeons?

  • Noodlez


    I’ve been playing wow now for around 5 years, I agree change is a good thing to keep everyone interested and playing.

    But they have changed to much to quick I have an 80 well geared and set up warrior tank never had any issue with aggro, now all if a sudden infant keep any off mages Dks or locks in raids or heroics I mean they really do need to sort these issues out. Abs will

    Personal see whatbhsppens over the next few weeks butalsondo

    Feel they should have provided us more detailed class change information.

  • ByeWow

    If you'd been playing as a resto druid for a long time and now your "normal" form changed to a cooldown, you'd hate the new changes, also. Yeah, WoW changed too much. New content and new abilities would be so awesome, but some of us got gutted.. Oh, and the new Cata tree form is beyond ugly. I think Bliz has lost its mind.

    QQ – Account dropped.

  • Radevonuk

    This patch is, for lack of better words, a "big one." It's a lot of change. A lot. I feel for people who feel as though their toons have been gutted, but honestly I think it over the long term this will create a better game experience. Kudos to Blizzard for having the balls to face some of the more wonky aspects of the game system that have slowly festered since the cap was raised about 60 and make some really radical changes.

    My Assassin Rogue is certainly different than he was before. But that's life. The best thing about WoW is that it is not a static gameplay experience, but an ever-evolving world. Evolve or die. I'm sure some oldfags will throw in the towel, but honestly these changes are going to make WoW a better, more dynamic game today and over the next few years.

  • WTF

    i have only been playing for half a year and am disappointed in the mass changes. the model is moving more toward the cookie cutter approach for player development. all the builds for players are pretty much the same, with so few points to use it will not deviate much. same with gear – everyone is able to get the exact same gear, gems, enhancements. maybe this was by design as blizzard is trying to entice more people to play – make things easier. but being able to create a different character is part of the attraction of MMORPG. hopefully some of these changes will be rolled back – especially the one with druids and trees.

  • Cryptograph

    Dude I love this patch!

    Despite the small problems, this has got to be one of the best changes to WoW since Vanilla added AV!

    Sure, my rogue can't do /AS MUCH/ dps (or can she?), but the tradeoff is [FINALLY] survivability!

    I am no longer a piece of meat that has to watch evasion, CoS, and feint religiously (well, /just/ them)!

    This patch has tradeoffs – that's it, really. They built it for tech that's coming out next quarter, so fps has changes etc, but it's really awesome.

    Happens with every patch and especially around expansion time.

    Go Bliz!

    • David

      The problem is the instances were nerfed. IDK about level 80 content. But I was leveling a few toons in the 60's. Every battle only lasted a few seconds. With some players doing wild damage like 80% and others doing 12%. Most people say who cares about low level content. But low level content makes up 90% of the game. I had no choice but to quit for good. GhostCrawler can't be trusted with that much of my time.

  • Jacob Hiim Blizz $$$

    Hmmmmm Just Play Private Servers…. if you dont know how you just need to change your realmlist. Blizzard are extremely nooby, i mean a ret paladin pwned me and a lock in 2 seconds flat….. Private servers ARNT illegal (if they are why are thousands running?)
    Thats about it….. private servers are better if you dont enjoy the leveling rate/ drop rate/ profesion rate
    So What u waiting for?>>>>>

    • Rafa

      I don`t know if private servers are illegal but the fact that there are tons of them doesn`t mean that they are legal…i mean there a lots of drugs out there and still there are illegal -.-

  • FedUp

    I canceled my accounts and Cata pre-order. I work in IT all day fixing things. When I go home to relax, the last thing I want to do is pay Blizz $15/mo. for the "privelage" of troubleshooting their broken patch and not even enjoy the game. I know major updates are never void of issues, but I have no patience for this and shouldn't have to.

    I might renew sometime in the spring, but for now R.I.P. WoW…

  • Guest

    Man up. Remember how OP rogues were in vanilla? Then look at them in WotLK. Blizzard will balance things out, personally I am excited about the talent and class changes. The game would become very dull if the expansion was practically the same experience as WotLK. A total change is great – allows for a new generation of players to develop and compete at the top level. Players will have to adapt to the new changes or fall behind, its just a new challenge, and without a challenge any game would become boring.

  • Jay Mayer

    Hi everyone i have been playing wow for about 3 years … only really learning the dynamics of the game within the last expansion. I do agree with some of you people….. this week has been abit of a nightmare TBH. However I do think there has been an over reaction towards this patch ( remembering of course that it is extremely buggy at the moment). For those with learning disabilities try looking @ for explanations to the changes to your class. You'll always find alot of helpful info there. For those of u battling with new rotations ( hit the hell of the practice dummies).

    Back to patch yes new tree = new abilities ( doesn't mean that it is bad ) I'm still playing with rotations on Feral druid and DK but both are putting out about 2k to 3k more DPS.
    So my advice is to calm down a little. Relax let Blizzard sort the buggs …. you clear out all your old add-on's…. go to reload them anyway.

    Cheers All Good Luck

  • Moglar

    I have heard a lot of screwed up and unproductive rants in trade chat regarding the new patch. Well I have a possible solution for the people that flame in trade chat about the patch. Go buy controlling interests on Blizzard/Activision stock. Then you can have your way. Until then STFU unless you have something productive to say.

    • charles

      why are you flaming and ranting here? Are you a majority stock holder here? Just saying πŸ™‚

  • Rob

    warrior arms pvp has been raped, been critted by a noob geared hunter for 26,8k, really he had green / blue quest items, i could already see that at his melee weapon head armor and shoulder armor was Blue rarity tops. and im a wrathfull/relentless Warrior, later i dueled a hatefull/deadly warlock, he defeated me and i got him down to 40%, believe me , i know everything about warrior pvp, i played 4 years, and even got a high rating pvp team, I NEVER SEEN ANYTHING like this, what a horrible mistake this patch

    • Charles

      I couldnt agree more. It seems that Blizz doesnt want melee to be involved with pvp anymore. Ok so no one bothers to que for BGs. Did Blizz think at all about pvp servers? Who will try to level a melee class when the "squishies" (joke because now they can all heal themselves instantly) one shot them. Way to put an experation date on anyone wearing plate.

  • Kidvicious

    I play a holy paladin and various other classes …. thou it was a shock as I'm so use to my spec and set skills, i for one will see this as a challenge. I remember when I left wow and returned when WOTLK was released … loads to learn, new talents, dominant classes v others, frustration at first …but still …… I adapted and loving it.
    Its a game …. if clicking a few buttons in a certain order is to hard, go back to a Wii … Blizzard have 12 million subscribers and if I'm to be honest, it wouldnt suprise me if they keep growing.
    I really doubt that the few (in this forum) who leave .. will really leave. Give it a few days, read up, learn, adapt.

  • Guest

    For those with legitimate complaints, such as the autism/dyslexia and other genuine issues with adapting to changes in WoW, i truly feel for you, and hope you can learn to enjoy WoW as a the 'new' game they are making it.

    For those of you who are crying because blizzard made changes without asking you, personally, for your opinion, good riddance. Major patches always require balancing. Maybe try waiting a week or two (ohmygosh!) before complaining that you have been nerfed into oblivion? Read the EULA. It is blizzard's property, not yours, and they can do whatever they want with it. Furthermore, as a for-profit company, it is their INHERENT goal to make money, so why wouldn't they make a new expansion if they see profit in it? Any objection you can make is derived solely from your own self-centered desires to continue playing your powerful, well-geared, easymode toons at the expense of whatever changes Blizzard feels that the community as a whole would enjoy.

    As a player since vanilla, i was getting bored with the content and mechanics, and am looking forward to having a 'new' game to play again. If you dont like it, you can go to the store and buy a new game of your own.

    • Ron

      I too am frustrated with a lot of the changes. But…It's always like that on upcoming xpacs. I agree strongly about the Tree change. That's a bad design flaw by nature of all the forms in the druid class. I really miss the options of tuning a character..and in a way…I think Blizzard in trying to change the game has (instead) dumbed it down like another game called Star Wars Galaxies. Sony dropped the ball on that game and ruined it. I know too many people are addicted to WoW. But for me..the excitement about choosing classes and fine tuning is gone…as is my subscription after xpac if I dont like the changes. Dont be a hater when people drop their accounts….It's the best way to let blizzard know…*you messed up…" hit em where it hurts.

    • a player

      Well after reading all the doom and gloom mongers, your post was easy and to the point, well said.
      I have played for 2 years and can see the merit in change not just for the long term player but the new also. things will take time to get used to, but the game will again be a game and not just for the few that think being king of the hill makes htem something special, sorry guys your not your really just annoying for those that want to play and enjoy the gane and challange.

    • Kurt

      Blizzard may have a EULA, making it their property. But just like real-life property, let's say a hotel, if too many people have a bad experience and word travels, that hotel may go under. Why? Less people spend their money with that hotel.

      Blizzard may think they are 'god' but not really. The account holders are the ones who made them great. But as usual, greed causes things to go to the heads of the upper echelon.

      We the players, spending our money monthly, do indeed have the power to pull the plug on Blizzard. If those of you who like to say "good, be gone, we can have the game all to ourselves" are clueless about economics.

      With the sheer scale of the costs involved in keeping the servers up and running, there most certainly is a critical percentage where they won't be able to keep the lights on for the few remaining players who always said "boo hoo why ya QQ".

      People ARE leaving. 12 members of the guild I belong to left after just two days of this slop, as well as 1 relative of mine who threw in the towel after his bear tank was nerfed and he wasn't going to go through the effort all over again to gem and enchant everything. So I don't have the pleasure to play with these people anymore, which makes me feel it might be time to exit the game as well.

      I have many who are begging me not to, and saying if I leave then the game will be no fun for them anymore either. So they will leave. Think they're just talking? I have news for you, people leaving has affected me personally.

      If enough people leave as I've ranted about above, reaching a critical mass that damages the operations of Blizzard…

      Those who bullied people with the "QQ" comments may find they don't like being on an abandoned ship heading for a cyclone from h-e-l-l.

      • Bill

        The thing kurt is that too many ppl are addicted to wow so blizzard do have the right to do anything they want since there will always be some lonely nerd whos only way for pleasure and enjoyment is wow

      • James

        Well said my man, well said. I am leaving too because half my guild and friends are moving on to a more polished game (way too many bugs in this patch). Once the ball starts rolling, it will gather steam and push the envelope too far for the bloated self promoting gob of goo that Blizzard has become. This is the beginning of the end for WoW and I couldn't be more sad.

    • Dedication

      "why wouldn't they make a new expansion if they see profit in it?" Do you auctualy see profit in this expansion? LOTS of people are quitting. Therefore LESS money for blizz. Lol, wait awhile until they start going broke,then maybe theyll think about fixing this shit. Do you honestly think WoW will be around forever?

    • No Way

      Here is something I have been wondering about. Are there going to be a lot of new dungon material in the Cata or are they going to keep us running through the same old dungeons? I was just wondering because I'm growing a little tired of running the same things.

  • Angel

    I have 10 toons in WoW, 4 of them 80, and you all right, this new patch is really bad, Blizz want us to change the gameplay and its frustaiting, but i think that we need to give them a try. Some1 of you said, that if we complain, we are the raid quiters, that could be true, but come on if Blizz want to experiment with a game, changing the gamapley, why dont they create the "World of Starcraft" or the "World of Diablo" and lets WoW be the same it was, but keepin it evolute with the same gampeplay?

  • Guest

    Yawn, I DK and it's not in the least nerfed, 2H in unholy is the most fun I've had for ages, and as for my hunter, boy am I glad to see the back of mana. Yes things have changed, yes people have spent a lot of time perfecting their toons only to start again, but change is part of life, get used to it. Frankly if you've tuned your tune to the point when you win everything then what's the point anyway (shooting fish in a barrel).
    Really learning how to overcome these difficulties is part of the game!

  • BigV

    LOL you'll all be back. It's a game and we play it for fun and for the challenge.

    • noname

      Some of use won't be back. Time to move on to bigger and better things. lol

      • No Way

        Jesus your grammar is horrible…too bad Blizz can't fix the intelligence leveling of some of you "long-time players" that suddenly are turning tails and running for the hills because someone is trying to improve the game for you. You people disgust me.

  • Tim

    Re-invention of the game? Bring it on! Thanks Blizz.

  • Mark

    The only toons I play are a pali and a DK (I like smashing things I guess). Both have been seriously nerfed. I play both for DPS (ret and unholy), so I lost Bone sheild and almost all of the DK attacks are like a toddler smacking somebody with a pillow. Going back to the vanella interface after getting really good with the add-ons was really annoying. Wish they didn't do so much all at once.

    • Mark is gay

      Im happy with the dk nerfed theres too much dks in wow

  • vinny

    the whole wow experience is ruined beyond comprehension and after 5 level 80s im quitting .. what a waste well done blizz you killed off warcraft just for the sake of making more money from expansions

    • senyu

      no, if that wanted that they wouldn't have touch the game in anyway they have. They would have left it that same with some new bullshit spells and recycled bosses. The fact they are changing the game so drasticly means their trying to improve it. These are radical changes and need to be looked over carefully and tested many times. Since you played the game so long give them the benifiet of a doubt to TRY it for a bit. Its their game anyways. Plus you all sad to quit so easily, i certinily wouldnt trust you if thats how fast you turn against something

  • Goo

    I cancelled my subscription to WoW yesterday after about 3 years.

    My fully glyphed, gemmed and enchanted priest got useless glyphs (who ever decided that?!) and glyphing is too damn expensive so I'm now an incomplete priest that can't come anywhere near his old dps.

    Addons are failing … resulting in a lot of healers not being able to use simple addons like Healbot.

    Range finder is bugged so you'll have to guestimate how close you need to be to a target.

    Gameplay has changed so much that wipes in even the simplest HC's are now common. Expect NPC's to own you.

    There's just too much broken atm. The game was a relaxing passtime and an intense experience all rolled into one. Now it's just annoying.

    • Drax

      Wow at the amount of people that have canceled their accounts within a few days of a patch.

      Yes it’s different.

      Yes some classes are nerfed/bugged and some are great.

      Yes Blizz are still making changes.

      No you don’t have any patience.

      You’re the kind of people who rage quit a raid after 1 wipe leaving everyone saved. Good riddance.

      • Its too different! I'm OK with changes – but this many!!
        Most classes are nerfed! Pallys, Locks, Hunters, Druids, Priests, Warriors…
        Too many changes, too soon, not enough information from Blizzard on the changes!
        I play a Lock and they told us about losing Soul Shards, but not Felstones etc
        I do have patience, but they have around 12 million monthly subscribers paying around £9pm – thats about £108m pm or approx £1.3billion pa – in anyones world thats a lot of money – surely some should have been spent on R&D?
        I have a good spec Mac and a PC and both of them are now playing the game at around 10 – 15fps – and thats with all the graphics turned down low. So low in fact that the background scenary now draws itself as I get closer like the early Tomb Raider did.
        I have spent a year getting my Lock the way I want him, now I've lost all of that work at a stroke – no I'm not happy, we pay a lot of money for very little in the way of support from Blizzard.

        As for quitting after a raid wipe, I'm usually the only left (along with a Mage friend of mine) who is there after everyones quit on the first wipe! Three times in fact last night as people kept d/c-ing either deliberatley or due to game issues.

        This really isn't good enough Blizzard, it really isn't!

      • Charles

        I get the feeling you have a mage

  • Drew

    I can only assume that with all these great new changes in the game and these QQers cancelling their account, I am in for a TERRIFIC experience!

    • Charles

      Try playing-you are dead wrong

  • Victor

    I have played World of Warcraft for nearly five years now and with this patch I have cancelled my account.

    I began playing AD&D some 30 years ago and was pleased with WoW for all of the options it permitted. The talent trees were a big part of making my characters unique extensions of myself in Azeroth.

    With this latest patch the option of going "hybird" (i.e. mixing one's talents to meet unique play styles, gear specs, or just for the fun of experimentation) has been removed. The fun of trying different talent builds is now gone in favor of a "cookie-cutter" approach to playing.

    When I posted a polite, well-worded protest to these latest changes in the talent tree designs, my post was deleted within thirty minutes. This is the straw that broke the camel's back: that they changed the talent system was bad enough, but to censor someone who politely disagrees with their decision is simply fascist.

    The ideal MMORPG is one that strives to allow the complete freedom of games like AD&D. Of course no MMO can actually achieve this because it is (by nature) limited by the programming of the game. But by locking characters into this carbon-copy talent system, and then denying players the right to voice concerns over this decision, Blizzard has effectively decided to run the other way. Freedom of choice and the fun of experimentation has been eliminated from the character classes. That's just sad.

    • Noraeliice

      I agree. I have been playing WoW for over 2 years. My favorite class is hunters. I love playing the game at all levels, leveling professions, running dungeons, and raiding at all levels. I have 7 hunters over 40 (2 80s) across 4 accounts and multiple servers. They have totally destroyed hunters. I worked hard to learn my classes, get them ICC geared, gemmed, enchanted, putting together a cross talent tree spec that works for my play style, and working on my marksman rotation to get the best dps I can. Now I cannot even solo some lower level instances, because without my AOE, I just stand there and die when a group attacks me. Forcing me to be like everyone else with limited talent tree choices, in addtion to telling me what shots I MUST make in order to generate focus is not fun. Forcing me to be a beast master hunter with 2 shots is not fun. Taking away my ammo and source of income is not realistic and not fun. I too loved my tree healing form. OK, so pink flowers for girl toons would be nice, but to take it away was wrong.

    • Noraeliice

      I loved the game. Yes I am able to adjust to playing my DK tank and my Disc Priest. But the changes to hunters, trees, and ret paladins make them worthless. I have not tried playing my warrior, mage or lock yet since I have cancelled 3 out of 4 accounts so far. I am evaluating other games and seeing what Blizzard will do. It is NOT about adjusting to a NEW game, it is about loosing the game I fell in love with.

      I too have expressed my suggestions, agreed with posts about the changes in the talent trees, hunters, and druid tree form. This morning when I noticed several threads I had posted to had been DELETED, I made a post questioning this practice. My post was not rude, it just politely pointed out that threads had been deleted where people did not like patch 4.0.1 changes and many discussed cancelling their accounts. Well, that thread was also deleted and my account is banned from reading and making forum posts for 3 days.

      Blizzard not only does not care, but does not want anyone to know how many people are NOT happy with the changes and have cancelled their accounts.

    • kevin

      I feel ya man i canceled my account after 2 years of play, tried a few other mmo's. Found one i liked and its free. give Allods a try you'll probably like it.

  • Oring

    I love when tons of people complain about the wow patch. Having played since vanilla, when people really hate a patch it usually means they made the game better/more fun. YAY!

    • jey

      i played since vanilla also…. i'm really enjoying the change? nerfs? learn to REplay your toon or cry about it to someone who cares to listen

  • Peter Corless

    The crashes just logging in has made the game entirely stupid so far. Plus the nerfs to tanking have been idiotic.

  • Danny

    One of my best mates, a pro warrior tank and very skilled pvp'er who knows almost all he needs to know about his character, can't honestly believe what the patch has done to his class. Completely ruined everything he's built up on for over 2 years now.

    Replacing armor penetration gems with critical strike rating? Did blizzard really think that would go well? Being able to be two shotted by any ranged class? I was watching him play as a 18k crit took him down. It's ridiculous…. Personally i ran a Dungeon (Pit of Saron) with my paladin tank, I got taken down so quick by a boss I had done a thousand times before, I just quit playing him now.

    Blizzard, either bring back the way it was and the way we liked it, or at least FIX this major disaster.

    • Sunsear

      I also have an elite pally tank and I have been nerfed to bad it is an absolute disaster. And makes this all that much more distasteful is that Blizzard @!#!$ed up my toon so badly and did not provide any support at all so that people could try and recover from the damage And I also agre what is with buffing renged and non-plate so much and screwing tanks a l plate wearers in general???

  • gene

    blizzard really messed almost everything up it looks like they are trying to make every one a aggressor look the the tree druids not the tree form only lasts 30 seconds what is up with that but they did get a healer some attack spells why? healer is a healer they do not have time to attack nor would most try. mages got nerfed, dks got nerfed, i heard pallies got nerfed. i am very close to droping all of my accounts myself and i know of some more people that are as well

    • Suzy

      I completely agree. My shadow priest lost so much dps I won't even play her anymore. I was in the process of leveling a druid because I wanted to be a tree and now Blizz has ruined that too. I think after all these years of living in Azeroth, I will finally be living on Earth again. Good bye WOW. Blizzard, you have ruined the game. I don't even want to mess with it anymore. A game is not supposed to be this much trouble. The fun is gone and so am I.

  • JBR

    I can feel for Sparrow. I, although not dyslexic, fall into the autism specturm and I follow patterns. My rogue rotation was a strict pattern I had going and pulled some very good dps in 25-man raids. Now, it dropped severely and the new traits, including many of my favorite simple things (like Vitality) are gone. I personally am ruined by this. I enjoyed playing it because of the rotation, slight variances in mobs / bosses HPs, etc. I do think the game has had great changes for those with the ability to adjust to change within a month or to, but for me the game is over. I am not spending money to regem, I was only able to purchase 5 gems for regemming and to me– I'm not grinding or being ripped off to redo my entire character.

    Simply, too much all at once. Blizzard, maybe good for those with the time, for me, it's goodbye. Also, taking away tree form!? Hello? You don't just pop into bear form to 'tank' momentarily. You don't just hop into cat form for SOME dps… why does this have to be special? I made a resto druid just TO BE A TREE! It's a cosmetic thing.

    And don't let me get started on hunters, the insane complexity of good lock dps, etc.

    • sallyann

      I feel for you totally!! My partner has learning difficulties, he is dyslexic and likes to have things in order, even though we havent even finished the download yet!! (so far 4 days of downloading btw) when he does finally get to play im sure that these dramatic changes are just gonna be too much for him. Blizzard seriously need to sort this out!! the ammount of money they are making from us all, they should perhaps try asking us, the players what changes we would like!! I sincerely hope you can find a new rotation that you can get on with and btw Blizzard bring back TREE FORM!!!!

  • Joey

    I cant even log into my DK and my computer shuts down if i do

  • Tealanya

    i am a Restoration Druid – tree healer so i am nerfed beyond comprehension and now thanks Blizzard have no interest in playing this toon i loved for over 3 yrs. Why why why so sad but i am not gonna give you more money to mess with the character i learned to play and loved and now is use less

    • Sparrowhawk

      My daughter loved palying her rogue but tonight she has cancelled her subscription to wow. She has dyslexia and has difficulty reading.

      the new patch has changed her toon so much and she cant cope with reading up on the class to tweak it back to the spec she had pre patch. As she said to me earlier…
      "I have spend a fortune (Wow gold) buying and enchanting for armour pen or (armor in american speak).

      Did Blizzard even think about the people with learning difficulties when they "buffed the base points and coefficients"? If you have problems reading from a book then it is made worse when you have to read up online.

      • David

        I personally have nothing against dyslexia, but, the majority of people that play WoW probably don't have dyslexia. Why would blizzard focus on maybe 1000 people out of the 12 million that are subscribing? Sorry to hear what happened but honestly blizzard doesn't give a damn and neither does anyone else without dyslexia.

        • Charles

          Seriously?!! Sadly your comment about Blizz not caring is true but dont lump the rest of us in with you're insensitive ass. End your response with Blizz not caring, save the part about the rest of us not caring for your next clan meeting

    • mke

      you have cata spells but wrath gear, things will change. the balance is for cata not wrath.