WoW Cataclysm: Tree of Life Model Revealed – Do You Like It?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 14, 2010

Now the World of Warcraft 4.0.1 patch update is out of the way, albeit with many problems, bugs and issues, a new piece of information has been datamined by the guys at MMO-Champion. The new, highly anticipated Tree of Life model has come out into the wild.

(Click image for a high resolution version)

Now, the image above might make some of you drool with excitement, others maybe be completely and utterly dismayed. Quoting a soundbite from Cirocoo of Rexxar, “Hunchback of Notre Lame” seems to describe the new form down to a tree.

If you are looking at the image and also thinking, the posture looks familiar, you are right. I’m not sure whether it will be in the final build (I sure hope not), but the new tree of life form shares the same skeleton and animations as the male orc. You can view a YouTube video at the end of the article that confirms this.

Some are complaining that the new model looks a lot more masculine compared to that of the older treant model that will be scrapped come Cataclysm. Baring in mind that tree form is now a cooldown.

What are your views on the new model? I quite like it, but I do agree that it needs some work along with its own unique set of animations and skeleton. So Blizzard, Moonkin, Travel and Aquatic Form next? Yes please.

Source: WoW Insider

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  • Alex

    When I first started playing WoW, before I had glimpsed the tree of life form, this is what I imagined it would look like. It's gonna be amazing!

  • Dez

    What you guys talking about? This new form is hundreds time better

  • Kop

    what happened to making it permeant, they ruined it.

  • Madelynne

    I already miss the Treants–they were wonderful. This is awful! What are they thinking?

  • JBR

    That is absolutely hideous. The currently one is fine– just permit color changes which occur with the bear/cat form for druids as well. And also let boomkins have this color change. Anyway, hideous looking thing.

  • Morfinn

    I don’t mind it, granted it will need some unique animations so it’s not an Orc wearing a tree costume. That said I give it a thumbs up, but make it more uni-sex, it’s far to masculine.

  • Druidguy

    uhm. . . . do you REMEMBER the old tree of life? 80-year old, nudist, janice joplin? This is MUCH better.

  • Erin

    This is….God awful. A soul patch? Seriously?