Verizon iPhone: Customers don’t like AT&T – True or False?

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2010

We have an interesting article for those of you planning to buy a Verizon iPhone, as in case you needed further persuasion to get one, we have found a list of 5 reasons which highlight the advantages of an iPhone on Big Red.

The article in question comes to us courtesy of PC World, and it follows on from the ‘unofficial’ official confirmations by the WSJ and then the NYT, both of whom state that a Verizon iPhone has well and truly passed the rumor and speculation phase.

Their first reason, and probably the reason which most of you will agree with, is that ‘iPhone customers don’t like AT&T’. They have quoted various surveys for this bold statement, surveys which conclude that customers are disappointed with AT&T’s current service.

Other reasons that PC World pick out is that customers will be able to choose between V Cast or iTunes, for their iPhone ‘media on demand’ requirements. V Cast also offers a combination of video and music like iTunes for those of you who didn’t know this.

They have also mentioned about the possibility of 4G LTE support for the iPhone, but as we suggested in a previous article, this is unlikely to happen on the iPhone until 2012 at the earliest.

The most interesting aspect about their article though, has to be the statement about customers not liking AT&T. As an iPhone owner on AT&T, or as a Verizon owner who has experienced AT&T in the past, do you agree with this or not?

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  • IT Guru

    Well, do some research; CDMA with miner adjustments is capable of both Talk and Data simultaneously (but yes, currently, you are right, it cannot do both – and speed on CDMA is horrible). On top of that, Verizon will have the LTE network in place long before ATT (ATT is installing a tower on my company's property but is not installing LTE anything). Furthermore, Apple has already discussed installing both GSM/CDMA capabilities in the next upcoming iPhone. Do more research, and it may not matter with LTE anyway. Regardless, I think that it should be able to take advantage of VoIP capabilities when in the distance of a public wireless network (would definitely help inside homes). In my experiences, no company has perfect customer service in all situations, sorry you got burned with your experience. Verizon is awesome, easy billing, Fiber connectivity at home (Fios), and excellent coverage. Hopefully they too get the iPhone; chances are they will, they have the iPad.

    • Gary

      I mean come on can’t make a phone call? This is really getting ridiculous. If your dropping calls then you probably have a bad phone…go to the apple store they’ll give you a new one for free. I probably drop a call once a month, maybe.

  • Marc

    Well said, The two best companies in my opinion is SPRINT & VERIZON. As a service member of the armed forces, Verizon has exceeded in their CDMA Data service. Being out on field training, where some service providers, like AT&T, didn't work too well out in the woods!! To me, that is very critical. I had buddies of mine who weren't getting any service at all with their AT&T service. SPRINT & VERIZON has done well out on field exercise. I've been with SPRINT for 6 years and never had a problem with their service. From what I witness with VERIZON in my military career, they are just as good as SPRINT. I want the new Iphone 4, but with AT&T as their service provider, forget about it. Hearing the new of Iphone 4 coming to Verizon has excited me!! I just can't wait!!!

  • RT @jimmyontheradio

    I had Verizon for 6 years and finally recently bailed for the iPhone 4. I'll be the first one in line to get one on Verizon. AT&T is a joke. There is little to no reception in my city, which is quite large and close to other large cities. My always have to borrow my girlfriend's LG Rumor 1 on Sprint to make phone calls whenever I am inside, because no matter where I am in the city, as long as it's indoors, I got nothing. Worthless network. (I'll be traveling this weekend to a large city with known good AT&T reception and I'll be posting how my reception is on my page,, so I will let you guys know if it's truly my town or the device.)

    • vanceintupelo

      How true. I was with Att for years. Never really thought getting reception everywhere was possible. I actually thought it was ok to have to stand on a chair in the den to get reception. I switch to Verizon and WOW….I get reception everywhere. Att did get 3g to tupelo but too late. I enjoy Verizon and its going to take a lot more than a nice phone to get me to switch back.

  • Well for the person that had problems with Verizon 10 years ago I’m goin to let you know some thing. That is a long time ago frome wear they are now. And for the people that are barking like the personthat tipe thes befor me. It looks like you have not used a cdma phone for a long time its really different now. And for the person that tipe that will like to used a Droid X trust me you will be able to use it with out a problem with data limits like at att.

  • Loomis T simmons

    The worst customer service belongs to at&t, it goes hand in hand with the reception you get when you use their service! I just returned my Iphone4, it was great for apps and photos, but lacked one thing, the abilty to make and/or hold a call! You can play every game there is and listen all the music you want, just can't call people! You can add and talk about all the technolgy, and one being fatser, you can use CDMA or GSM, doesnt matter, YOU CAN"T MAKE A PHONE CALL!

  • Ed Butler

    I agree with above people that posted in regards to AT&T < I was with version 0ver 10 years ago for about 8 months and I hated every month, their customer service isa 0 on a scale of 10. as for the speed your correct that cdma is just not as fast as GSM. I have had an Iphone since they came out I have an iPhone 4 now and even with the so called problems everyone talks about I would like to point out that most of these people that bark about these problems don't even have an iPhone, the iPhone 4 is the best phone I have ever had. I would like to use a droid X but At&T don't offer one and I just adore their Customer Service I have never had a problem with anything at At&T

  • Greekthuglife69

    Check out YouTube by greekthuglife69 it’s crazy

  • Jack Johnson

    You are forgetting a couple key points about the user experience. A Verizon iphone on CDMA WILL NOT do voice and data at the same time. Something that snooty iphone lovers do consistantly. Second is the speeds. As much as iphone users complain about AT&T, the simple fact is, CDMA data speeds are maxed out. GSM (HSDPA) is just faster. plain and simple. Even PC World will tell you that AT&T has faster data.

  • Louis torraca

    Absolutely! With most of the phone users all looking at one day having a smartphone to have their face buried into, verizon will have the better package as well!

    Consumers will want to view everything live or in hd, and that type of data download may very well exceed AT&T’s measly two gig cap! Furthermore the tethering issue and the fact that people have to jailbreak iPhone to be able to do what they want will further push their customers away!

    Finally there is their lousy network and dropped calls! The only thing keeping me to AT&T is my iPhone, and as soon as verizon offers one, my days with AT&T will be numbered with the countdown of the days left on my contract.

  • nael

    i cant wait for verizon to have iphone.. that way, all these crybabies go and move to them and experience how extremely awful their customer service is… i went from verizon to att and I for one have no problem with att.. i get excellent coverage where i work and where i live… add to that the experience i had with verizon customer service and "miracle billing" where figures just prop up, i will never go back to verizon…