T-Mobile 5GB Data Cap: Are you affected?

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2010

We have some disappointing news for consumers on T-Mobile now, as the carrier has announced that they will be introducing data caps for users who continue to use excessive amounts of data on their smartphones.

As reported from BGR, the data cap will commence this Saturday, October 16 and customers will suffer from an automatic drop in data speeds if they go over the usage limit of 5GB.

T-Mobile has said that they are enforcing this rule to make the browsing experience fair for everyone, by limiting those considered to be ‘extreme’ users. The carrier has issued a lengthy statement, advising customers how the new data caps will work. Below is the important part that you need to read:

”If a customer happens to reach the 5GB limit, they will receive a free text message informing them their data speed will be reduced. Customers will continue to have Web browsing capabilities but at slower speeds, which will be determined by their device type. Once their new billing cycle begins, data speeds will no longer be restricted.”

It sounds pretty fair to us. Even if you do go over the 5GB a month, you’ll go back to normal speeds on the next billing cycle. It will be interesting to see if any of you actually come close to churning out 5GB of usage.

For those of you on T-Mobile, does the new rules apply to you?

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  • gp11111

    I hit this the 3rd day with the sidekick…. bull…

  • yasuya

    weird i've gone over my limit a couple of times and i got the messages saying that my data-rate was going to be reduced, but it was still fast enough to stream hulu via tethering.

  • jorge

    Yea I’m super effected. I used the 5gb data usage in 5 days. Now I have to wait. Like wtf. .? Samsung vibrant. Android need 3g speed not metro pcs speed. Wtf.

  • Dany

    tmobile needs to start taking care of us the heavy users, after all i pay them more tha $100 a month…..

  • DonaldB

    Well I’m at the beginning of the billing cycle, I downloaded a game off Steam and hit 5gb in one hour. I didn’t know there was a throttle until I got spammed with 2 messages. Seems I get exactly 3kbps, it’s ridiculous how throttled it is. It’s practically cut off. I started my contract exactly 1 month prior to the change and haven’t had this issue yet but I guess they changed it on me. I’m supposed to wait 1 full month after paying a premium fee for a premium service?

  • Krautwreck

    After throttled down I barely touch 8 KB/sec. They should remove the UN from UNlimited. Fuck this bullshit.

  • Hey guy s I think this is so unfairrrrrr, lets strike a boycott, if if more than 100 people call to complain to tmobiles higher authorities like the supervisors supervisor as to speak to supervisors supervisor theyll tell yoy it will take more than 24 hours for them to call you back so do it if we all will do this they will change it to reall unlimited we were ALL UNINFORMED THATS,ILLEGAL THAT DOESNT STATE ON OUR VONTRACTS AND EVEN IF IT DOES TJEY SHOULD HAVEEE TO VERBALLY ADVISE US! thats against the policy not to advise in a situation where it says unlimited but actually its limited speedwise so lets BOYCOTTTTTTTTTT!

  • Ben

    I just had that problem today. YOU SUCK TMOBILE. They should just call it 5gb plan, no UNLIMITED. The net is so slow, its like it doesnt have a data plan at all.

  • Mike

    This is total crap. I just got hit with the "throttle" because I went over 5GB. When I called T-Mobile, I explained that "unlimited" is the exact opposite of what they are doing.

    I've got to wait 8 days for my next billing cycle for this to be reset.

  • oscar

    Just bought the G2 and im at 7GB used. My home internet connection doesnt work for the past week or so and i do all my homework on my phone and they sent me a text when i got to 5GB but didnt slow it down until i got to 6GB and It seems that i will be spending alot of time at the library to do my homework because i cant do anything with the speed i have thank god i need 2 more days until my billing cycle starts all over.

  • neilunderwood

    Yes I'm affected. I work in a remote area where the only internet connection I have is my Nexus One. I use it pretty much all day to tether. I've been consistently over 5GB per month since I started tethering with it back in January right after I got it. I have NEVER received a notice about throuttling until today. I called T-Mobile and they said it's a new feature and it's supposed to help prevent overage charges and distribute bandwidth better. I understand throttling for bandwidth, but overage charges? I pay for unlimited web. Telling me I have 5GB limit all of a sudden sounds like a limit to me. Good in theory, not in practice. Bad move, T-MO.

  • Gnu

    As long as they call this a 5gb data plan and not an "unlimited" data plan, i'm fine with it.

  • RT @jimmyontheradio

    Sounds crazy. I’m not affected because I would never buy T-Mobile, but even with an iPhone, I never come close to that much data usage.