PS3 Move and 3DTV Essential for Virtual Tennis 4

By Peter Chubb - Oct 14, 2010

The idea that 3DTV will change the way we view movies and play gaming on our TV is something that I am yet to get onboard with. However, a number of developers believe in this new technology; so much so that they state that games like Virtua Tennis 4 will make you go and purchase not only a 3DTV but PS3 Move as well.

Now Move is something that I do think will work, I am not saying that 3DTV will fail – I just think that the technology still has a way to go yet. Having said that, consumer electronic makers are already working on glasses-less 3D TV, something that will make those who already have to wear glasses happy.

Joel Taveras from DualShockers spent some time playing with Virtua Tennis 4, and although he did not want to say how much better it was playing this on the PlayStation Move than it was with playing Wii Sports tennis on the Nintendo Wii, you can tell that it was.

Having played with the Move, I can say that the response is much better than the Wii – Sony has had a lot longer to perfect their new system; let us just wait and see what Nintendo offer of one they launch the Wii 2.

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