Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Release Date Pokes Fun At GT5 Delay

By Jamie Pert - Oct 14, 2010

EA have been secretly laughing behind the backs of Sony, Polyphony Digital and Gran Turismo 5 fans by releasing a press release that has stated a “timley release of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on November 18.”

If you are a long standing fan of the Gran Turismo series, you will almost certainly be aware of the games delays. The most recent however moves the supposed November 2 release date further towards the Chistmas period.

Rumors are racing around as to the reason for the delay. One being that it suffered some production problems. According to some, Polyphony were polishing off some of the games final aspects but were 3 days late in turning it over to production facilities.

Slightly back on track, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is the racing game that brings NFS back to its original roots. Police chases and racers will dominate the road, as well as the opportunity to challenge friends even if they are not online at the same time.

Will the delay to GT5 encourage you to purchase NFS: HP in the meantime instead?

Source: Cynamite

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  • irrever

    little children arguing in the schoolyard, very amusing

  • Tony

    There will be internet rage if GT5 gets anything less than 10/10 on Metacritic. The fan boys will go on rampage after these delays lol

  • mikey

    wow…comments galore.the fact is gt5< when they decide to launch the game is a sim,and nfs is arcade.nfs not all but some have given me a lot of fun as well as pleasure coz it says what it dose on the tin.however gt5 needs to be released now or never.people are stating gt5 is a wicked game and will be the best driving game forever maybe in for shock or dissapointment.we havnt played finshed product yet,just some nice videos to keep us company for all of 5 years.what a joke.

  • theRacingFan

    Gran Turfismo 5 is too realistic just like real life i'm sure that's why some 12 yr olds would rather play nfs than GT5. It's too much for them to handle 🙂

  • yash

    grand turismo is no match n will never be for need for speed.

  • joe joe

    Look GT AND NFS don't compare. I personally hate GT as I find it extremely boring.The races are such a drag and cars feel slow.But the cars are alot more realistic and it's suppose to simulate real driving.NFS has fun because it's an arcade game and has cool features like nitro,crashes,out of reality drift and so on. When I come home I would choose NFS over Gt cause to me I would be like "Wtf I don't need a simulator I drive in real life no thanks and besides GT cars feel slower than real life cars.Lets play some NFS baby"

  • Mat

    I respect nfs Porsche unleashed… But man I say any nfs after that sucked really bad. Sure Porsche unleashed wasnt the most realistic but it was great for it’s day and can still be fun. However, I now see myself as a hardcore GT series fan and have been an addict ever since I got my hands on them. But hey Porsche unleaded is fun to play here and there. And by the way, hit us with a official GT5 release date! Im dying to play it and I’m sure the same goes for everyone else here

  • General-Xan

    I agree with deadman40 even till today i still play GT2 while i don't even know where i put the older versions of NFS.
    Also people should stop comparing arcade with simulation games it's very annoying

  • deadman40

    NFS its a kids game and will last you about a week . I would sooner wait and get a game that will be playable for years GT5

  • GT Fan

    Lol that last guy who finds GT races to be boring is because he sucks and can’t stay on the track.

  • Marvelous07

    GT5= Boring races, which is bascially how all simulated racers are. NFS:HP= Entertainment, high speed pursuits with spike strips, helicopters and exotic cars.

    You can’t really compare arcade racers to simulators, but NFS wins for entertainment value hands down.

  • michael

    what a waste of time this press release is!! GT5 is synonamous with the real driving simulator, it is, and always will be the ultimate driving game. Oh yeah and Need for rbdrftr already touched base on 'it reinforces little douche bags in 1.4 pugs with chavvy lights to burn around the streets' the games are literally targeted for different markets….the delays are a bummer though!

    • mrdengue

      No one says NfS is better than GT5, that's absurd. But we have been waiting half a decade for GT5. A wait like this for any other game it'd mean Vaporware. And don't get me wrong, im willing to wait another 5 years. But come on….It'll be better that your release date is Feb 2011 and you surprise us with a Dec 2010 release than the other way around.

  • fomoco289

    People who don't understand all the work that Polyphony is putting into this game and how detailed and accurate it will be are the ones who buy nfs and call it a racing game… I have friends who called nfs shift "realistic", i called them "idiots"… the two games don't even compare…

  • rbdrftr

    Gt5 and Nfs games aren't even on the same level. Gt3 and 4 destroy every Nfs game to date and always will. I mean look at shift that was terrible. Pro street was the only one that was fun for a few minutes. Nfs I swear is the reason kids are street racing but not me I drift and autox. Go legit Nfs and try to bring something close to even gt2

    • jjjjj

      At least NfS brings something….GT5 sounds like DN Forever.

      • hrbjgvje

        you know whats unique about gran turismo games… they dont relise them every freakin year… the gt series are unique and who cares if they put it back for a few weeks, i can gaurentee you that gt5 will outsell nfs…