iPhone 4 vs 3GS: New Screens Break More Often

By Jamie Pert - Oct 14, 2010

It would be fair to say that the iPhone 4 hasn’t been well received by everyone, this has mainly been due to reception issues, however we are now hearing that the iPhone 4’s screen is more likely to break than the iPhone 3GS.

According to a hardware warranty company called SquareTrade the iPhone 4 is nowhere near as robust as the 3GS, in fact their data shows that iPhone 4 accidents are being reported 68% more frequently than the iPhone 3GS.

Perhaps the most worrying statistic is that the iPhone 4 seems to be much more likely to suffer a broken screen than the iPhone 3GS, SquareTrade say that the iPhone 4 has had 82% more reports of broken screens within the first four months than iPhone 3GS.

One of my friends is a plumber who spends a lot of time on building sites etc, he owns a 3GS and it has not failed him in 18 months, therefore this shows just how robust this device really is, not being quite as robust as the 3GS is not a bad thing, but 82% more fragile isn’t great.

You can see SquareTrade’s full report here (PDF), do you think your iPhone 4 is less robust than the iPhone 3GS?

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  • anton

    Make no mistake , my iphone4 fell from the desk and the Screen is broken in multiple places. Called apple for help to fix the screen cost $200

  • Stu

    Make no mistake. You can scratch the iPhone 4 in your pocket the first time out.. My iPhone fell out of the car onto the pavement. The phone was chipped and scratched all over the place– ONE WEEK AFTER BUYING IT. The sight was so hideous I had to return it. I bought another one and within a few days there were scratches on the screen in several places. SCREEN PROTECTORS ARE A MUST!!