iPhone 4 Fragile Compared to 3G / 3GS

By Peter Chubb - Oct 14, 2010

When we first saw the iPhone 4 leaked on to the Internet – thanks Gizmodo – we did not realize how sexy the device was, it was only until you held it in your hands that you got to appreciate it. During the Apple keynote, Steve Jobs explained at how tough the new phone was, but it seems as if this is untrue.

The reason why I say this is because there have been a number of reports that the glass has started to shatter for some people, which has since been dubbed “Glassgate” – you have to laugh how people come up with these names.

CNN explains how a recent report shows that the fourth-generation iPhone is more fragile than previous version, including the 3GS and 3G models. According to Vince Tseng, the Marketing Vice President for SquareTrade “The surface area … which you can scratch or break has basically doubled.”

Almost 25 percent of the damaged iPhone’s were said to have been with broken glass; Apple as always has not commented on these latest findings. You have to wonder if the iPhone 4 was rushed in its development, you only have to look at the whole antenna saga to understand what I mean. It does not matter how sexy looking the handset is, we need something that not only works how it should, but can stand up to everyday abuse. Let us hope that Apple can redeem themselves with the iPhone 5.

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  • Steve

    Did not even have my iphone 4 for a week and the front glass shattered after dropping it once. I dropped my old 3g more than 10 times and it still works. Should have invested in a case.

  • Arpit

    All i phones are fragile and unreliable Black berries r sooo much better

    • RT @jimmyontheradio

      Truth! I hate my iPhone!