Halo Reach DLC: Noble Map Pack – Release Date and Price

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2010

We have some great news for Xbox 360 owners now, as Microsoft has just announced details of the very first map pack for Halo Reach. It is simply titled the ‘Noble Map Pack’ and it will be available next month.

As reported from VG247, the map pack will consist of three new multiplayer maps and will be available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace on Tuesday 30th November.

The three maps are Tempest, Anchor 9 and Breakpoint with each being accessible in a variety of Halo Reach multiplayer game modes.

The Noble Map Pack will be priced at 800 Microsoft Points, and will also come with new achievements to unlock. We’ll bring you more detailed information on the new maps soon.


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  • Tiger

    yeah not liking that it costs $10 to buy maps for a game that will most likely require these to be purchased in order to play most of the matchmaking game types just like in Halo 3. Spend more money to play a game I've already purchased in order to continue playing.. this is why I never got into WoW. stupid college student budget…
    also Infection is cool. It was a huge player made custom game in halo 3 and now Bungie is giving players what they want. Glad it has it's own playlist now.

    • Super Stranger

      Actually, you won't need to have the map packs to play the playlists like in Halo 3. There will be a map-pack only playlist, but the maps will be in normal playlists if everybody in the lobby has the pack. I think it'll probably try to match people who have the pack to play together.

  • bolt

    I tried to kill a hunter with a luggage cart sadly the same thing happend it kinda sucks that random civy stuff dont kill things to well.

  • franko

    I tried to kill a hunter with a forklift…it didn't work out to well.

  • Mattio

    really hope they put the forklift into forge on these maps

  • Ryan

    Its funny that when i play halo infection is picked all the time. Anyway hopefully the new maps are a little different getting sick of these maps already..


    Figured they would be com-min out with new Map packs seeing that Halo is finished now.

    Wish they would get rid of Infection no one wants to play it !!!! LOL

    • Tsagu

      no one wants to play infection? your obviously on crack.

    • Dan

      I love infection ^^ it is half of the custom games, and it's easy kills!

    • Guest

      no i think ppl want to play it just cuz u get own in it doesnt mean ppl dont want tot play it idiot