GreenPois0n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak: Problems on iPhone 4, iPod Touch?

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2010

After delaying it’s intended 10/10/10 release, most of you will already be aware that the iOS 4.1 jailbreaking tool GreenPois0n is now available to download. We want to know if you are having any problems with your iPhone or iPod Touch after installing.

If you haven’t already downloaded GreenPois0n, you can try it out over at the official website here, although we wouldn’t recommend it to those who are seeking an unlock method on iOS 4.1 too.

GreenPois0n has been implemented with the Limera1n jailbreak by Geohot, which means that it now supports a variety of iOS 4.1 devices, not just the 4th gen iPhone 4 and iPod Touch as previously stated.

For those who have already installed GreenPois0n, is everything working fine or do you continue to have problems with the software? List your issues below so our other readers can help you out.

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  • mark

    when i try to download an app it comes up and says waiting under it then after a few seconds it dissappears… :/

    • mark

      it is an ipod touch 2nd gen

  • Tittysanchez

    I was tethered jailbroken on 5.1 it sucked so I got ishshit from cydia and it gave me a 4.1 shsh so I used ifaith to stitch shsh and build signed ipsw then tricked iTunes into using the custom 4.1 and it worked I downgraded but I can’t use greenpoison to jailbreak it it keeps rebooting after greenpoison starts the jailbreak then the jailbreak fails

  • astro

    just occasionly it runs slower than usual and freezes and turns off if alot it going on your iPod

  • Unable to update filesystem, need some help.

  • i tried greenpois0n and it downloaded and everything but now cydia wont work when i click on it it just takes me back to my home screen. what can i do?

  • i tried greenpois0n and it downloaded and everything but now cydia wont work when i click on it it just takes me back to my home screen. what can i do?

  • Xavier

    Ok, a few days ago I tried to reset my iPod Touch since I don't like it jailbroken… so I forgot I had to restore it by iTunes in order for it to take it off, so instead I went to Settings>General>Reset only on my iPod – it said it'd only take an hour… so an hour goes by and I see it is frozen were the greenp0ison skull is loading.
    I try to connect it to my iTunes, but it doesn't make it to wear my iTunes can read the device, taking the opportunity to restore from my PC.

    Please help, I have to idea what to try… I try to stop it by holding down the top and square button, but when I turn it on, it does that whole process ^^^ again 🙁

  • Ermano

    I tried jailbreaking my iphone 4 running on 4.1 firmware. I used greenpoison to jailbreak. Now my iphone has to be restored and updated to the latest version of 4.3. Any one here can help me recover from this disaster? I really dont wish to update the version to 4.3.

  • Sam

    I jailbroke my iPod with greenpoison and I started Cydia but hit the home button whil it was finalizing and now my media apps are gone. ( app store, camera, videos, etc.)

  • Bill Garison

    The lights on my iPhone are flickering and it shows the apple and the loader when it's booting up but it is no shutting off it's in the background

  • kelso

    my loader wont open, please im begging for help.

  • Eileen

    I install green poison and is Currently facing spring board crash whenever someone sends me a message! Help!!!

  • rod

    My phone is currently updated and when i try to turn it on it is stuck on the loading screen when i start up my phone. please help!

  • mee

    a friend installed me greenpois0n, and the loader and cydia icons were there, but when I opened cydia my itouch restarted and when it tuned again, the music, safari, photos, videos, gamecenter and so on didnt appear, just my downloade apps icons were there 😀 I didnt loose my music(thanks god) because when I plug it into the computer my library was right, but now my itouch its not only not jailbreaked but its also missing the most important icons?
    some know what i should do?

  • jacob

    i downloaded green pois0n but after the fact i had a white loader screen not green and i cannot enter the application, any advice on what to do??

  • Mike rk

    iPod Version- 3rd Generation 4.2.1.
    I downloaded Cydia and then I tried to download Installous. It was taking soo long so I stopped it and started to re-download installous. But it keeps on showing the bar (when downloading) going all the way to the end, then nothing happens and the Installous icon doesn't pop up on my home screen. Help.

  • Manuel

    i tried the green poison with my ipod touch and now it wont be recognized by my computer. What happened?

  • Ollie J

    I jailbroke my ipod touch 4 and my mic broke…. i got it replaced, but I would like to jailbreak again. is this a common fault?

  • K-man

    Greenpois0n works great but my iPod reboots itself sometimes what’s up with that

  • Stephen

    Hi i installed limera1n on a 3gs running 4.1, works great, except that for some reason the 3g and data services no longer work … anyone else have the same problem ?

  • Adam

    Guys I seem a bit thick and not sure what tp do but i did try and jailbreak my iphone 4.1 and it told me to press menu and power together which it didnt work now my phone is just coming up with cable and itune screen on my phone could anyone help me with this please

  • Phillloyd

    Used greenpois0n on 2 iPhone 4’s running 4.1 in the uk.

    1, t-mobile 2,3uk.

    T-mobile version perfect, has facetime and mms running great.

    3uk version runs great has facetime but no mms.

    Tried rebooting and updating cydia.

    Any other ideas?

    Many thanks

  • JKT

    Do not use GreenPois0n for Mac. Not only did it not jailbreak my phone after multiple attempts, it crashed the USB bus on my Mac, leaving it unusable so I had to force reboot it. Avoid!

  • I got iphone4 4.1 advice how to jailbreak bcos I tried both green poison n limera n my phone is factory unlockeD

  • joe

    i tried greenpois0n on my ipod touch 3rd gen (mc086ll) and it worked for a little bit and every once in a while it would restart randomly until it completely clashed and it took me 4hrs to restore back to factory specs

  • Jlm

    Greenpois0n looks cool.I've got a
    iPhone 3G with baseband that won't allow me to JB with either of these tools.:-(
    I did recently get AppleTV2 hope greenpois0n JB comes out for this soon!! Inject here:-)

  • TheiPodToucher

    I have an 8gb 2nd Gen MC model and jailbroke with greenpois0n and it sometimes randomly shuts off.

  • jsleep

    Greenpois0n sucks, I’ve restored three times so far. Gonna try limera1n…

  • aaron

    i used greenpois0n jb on iphone4-4.1 and everything was great untill two weeks later my screen would go black after every call. i had to hold the home and sleep button down for a couple seconds. finally the screen came back to normal. does anyone know what went wrong?

  • Me and my brothers iPod randomly shuts off we need a fix we are on iPod touch 2g’s

  • aa_36

    i installed cydia and whiteboard after jailbreaking, but after i set the themes i still see no difference..

    • jim aASD

      i have heard that whiteboard is not working on some ipods…try to download winterboard (it is far better than whiteboard) and download any theme you want..enable the theme, respring and if you don't get a positive result………then i don't have any other ideas!

  • Fayalhd

    Greenpoison slowed my iPod touch 4g down especially in games

    • jim aASD

      this didn't happen due to greenpois0n….i would recommend you to delete some cydia apps you don't use, and some games(if you have a lot)…….this should speed up your ipod a little bit!

  • rdz_michael

    Just installed Greenpois0n on ipod touch 4g with 4.1…still needa run the loader but ill post back afterr i do

  • sai kumar

    I have jailbreak my ipod touch 3g using greenpoison, works fine. But, i couldn't find safary, music and some other main ipod applications. Any one can help?

  • JD

    Used Greenpois0n. Easy to use and thought it was flawless until I tried to send an Mms. Keep getting an error message saying it’s unsuitable for the mms adaptation.

  • george

    i installed it but now it can't find my carrier anyone plz help

    • Chummpy

      If you used Limerain then reboot the use greenpoison. If u used greenpoison then rejailbreak with limewire. Worked for me. Also download the app "Palringo" on device or pc and join the group CHUMMPBREAK. IT A Jailbreaking and cydia help group.

  • yakub

    i have 3gs 16gb and use greenpoison work perfectly and will try on my ihone 4 on this weekend

  • tucker

    i used greenpoison on my iphone4-32g it works like a charm from first run.


  • Isaiah

    I have a itouch 2g mc 4.1, ive tried greenpois0n and limera1n on my mac and neither of them worked 🙁 please help!!

  • Haider Ali

    I have an iPod Touch 3G (MC Model) iOS 4.1 and I tried both greenpois0n and limera1n, but they didn't work. What's wrong?

  • Arianna

    I believe I installed this correctly. Cydia is on my iPod touch. But when I go on to, my safari is unable to download the files. Am I missing something? =(

    • allen

      use firefox.

  • XmLo

    I installed first Limera1n and it all was cool, except for some problems with the apps bought in iTunes, they didnt even work with my iPhone, and when i tried with GreenPoison the same happened, any1 know why??

  • Ajay

    I installed Limera1n on my iPhone 4 with OS 4.1 with modem firmware 02.10.04. After installation when I ran Limera1n it started fine but it could not find cydia. It was not able to download it from the internet though I could browse the internet using Safari. It kept saying check your internet connection. I tried at least 10 times even re-installing Limera1n did not help.
    Yesterday I installed greenpois0n. It loads everything including Cydia. I ran cydia and it installed with out any errors. But my cellphone still does not recognise the SIM card.
    Is my phone unlocked or not can somebody please help.

  • need help

    i have an iphone 4 16gb & installed first limera1n & everything was ok other than the fact that it ate up most of my memory. It would state that i had over 5 gb of photos when i only had about 150 photos. so i erased all my photos & still had over 5gb of photos??? so i restored the iphone got stuck in dfu mode & then did greenpois0n on it & it worked but now no service??? i got my memory back but now i have no service & im on att network??? any advice???

    • jon

      restore to default and get a new phone from apple

  • safcmad

    I installed Greenpois0n and it has worked a treat. Easy to follow instructions and I’m not intending to unlock so this is perfect. Top notch!

  • Luke wignall

    Sorry but greenpoison is rubbish! Doesn’t even jailbreak most of the iPods? WTF let down much!

  • Econn98

    Why would you download Greenp0ison? They kept playing around with you, didn’t tell anyone it wouldn’t work with older devices, then didn’t even deliver on their promise date????? Limera1n deserves all of the credit and gratitude, use them and their site. It’s better and Geohot deserves the traffic!

    • seyaad

      put in and ran away nowhere to help the problem cause by limerain at least greenpoison team with dev team is there to answer


    i tried limerain first and spent hours/days trying to get cydia icon to appear , but no joy !!!! viewed all the comments and watched you tube advice etc …. then when green poison came out had problems too , i have ipod touch 3g running 4.1 . in the end i restored ipod to factory settings and it worked first time!!! now jailbroken , just synch back to i tunes after j.b and you should be o.k !!! worth trying this because i tried everything else suggested and was on the verge of throwing the bloody thing thru the window !!!!

    • ricky

      I jailbroke my ipod with green poison and it worked for a month or so and I updated to 4.3 and of course undoing the jail break but it didn't fully restore it says somethings wrong with my internal device. I'm new to Apple products but I have no idea what happened?!?

    • staceyausten

      how did you restore the factory settings?


    I installed green poisons jailbreak on my iphone 4 4.1 and have had not one issue with anything.

    Cant wait until they come out with the unlock for the phone as well so it can be used on other carriers.

  • Zack

    I tried BOTH Limera1n and Greenpois0n, and neither of them worked. I did them on two different computers too, one running XP and one running Win7. Limera1n kept saying that the jailbreak was successful but on the phone after a restart it wasn't there. And Greenpois0n failed every time. BULL SHIT.

  • Wang

    Hi I have a problem with my iPhone 4 4.1. I can’t enter dfu no matter how hard I try. I helped my other friends jb with green poison and so far so good. Is it possible that it is impossible to go into dfu mode?

  • Jacx

    I instal Limera1n, so far so good….

  • Leonardo

    I installed Greenpois0n but nothing happen at all.. No cydia.. nothing.. them, i sintalled Limera1n and after installed cydia. So, I´m HaPpY NOW..!