Dell Streak: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Release Update

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2010

We have an update for those of you with a Dell Streak who are anxiously waiting for any details regarding the update to Android 2.2 Froyo, as Dell has once again reiterated that the update will be available before the end of the year.

While that timeframe could mean the end of December, Dell Streak owners should be encouraged to hear that the company are now also stopping any updates to Android 2.1 Eclair, in order to keep their focus on the Froyo update.

Here is a portion of the official statement by Dell regarding the matter:

”Due to resources and commitments to get our global customers the 2.2/Froyo update by the end of the year, we will not be publishing another version of 2.1 nor will we be pushing out 2.1 to additional customers. I can tell you that our target date is NOT December 31st. In fact, the over-the-air update to 2.2 is target date is much sooner than that. ”

For those of you who were not tempted to install the unofficial Froyo ROM that was released recently, it looks like you are going to be rewarded soon.

If you have a Dell Streak, let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • sara

    Just got the Streak this weekend. Love it! Don't know why they are making the new version bigger. I've never wanted the tiny phones. They can market it as a tablet but they would sell many more if they had marketed as a cell phone. Maybe they'll have a smaller version as the phone. (Not too much smaller) The 5" screen is perfect! Only downside is that I keep coming across apps and websites that need Adobe Flash player which I'm told will be on the Android 2.2 version. All the reading I've done shows that it was promised by end of year 2010. It is now mid January………where is it? My experience is that Dell has really bad customer/technical support. Good Thing I bought through Best Buy. I get their support otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. Dell really needs to improve their tech/customer support. Dells bad customer support is the reason their sales are not what they should be. This awesome phone and Best Buys awesome customer service is the reason I spent any more dollars on a Dell product. I'm just saying.

  • travis

    wen is the upgrade coming they said the end of the month what the hell I wont moving backgrounds…

  • mikeyivan

    its the last week of the year and no updates to 2.2. wtf?

  • Gurn Blandston

    December the 27th and nothing?

  • Tom

    Hey I got my Staek stocked in 1.6. I´ve been looking all over the net to get the Android 2.2 and download it. Can anyone help me out?

  • th3j4ckl3

    I will say this. I love my Dell Streak. Bought it 3 weeks ago when Best Buy first released it in the U.S. Downside, battery life (better with juice defender), and the propietary cables cost a fortune. 40 bucks for a car charger kit? I mean common?!?!. What I do find interesting though is that the picture profile in this post ISN'T the standard cable but a hack. I think a propietary cable that you can only get from dell for $20.00 is a bit much. As for dell support… Well its in INDIA, what can I say there. They never learned on that one either. I am holding my breath. I am just hoping they dont bomb support when the new dell streak comes out next year. Lets see if we get 2.3 or 3.01 support from dell on Android. Turning blue.

  • Jay Jackson

    Had my Streak nearly a month now and, as happy as I am with it, I was told it would ship with O2’s 2.1 upgrade (it didn’t). From what I read I’m glad, but come on Dell get 2.2 out, as I and many others with this fantastic bit of kit are feeling very let down. For the record, I’ve bugged O2 customer service department almost daily about it and they are as clueless as everyone else about a release date. Needs sorting.

  • EdD

    My Streak is my "everything" device. I can't live without it now. I'm amazed at everything I can have this device do. Don't need to waste any money on a full size tablet now plus I get a phone built-in too. Awesome.

  • Designs

    The dell streak is a new concept to the mobile/tablet market,

    Alas nothing goes perfect first time round.. if your only complaint is firmware (wich WILL be updated) then i say its quite successful. and your extremely naieve

    Don't get me wrong i own a dell streak and notice the bugs and inperfections but i love the phone alot more than the competition at the moment so yea the suspense is crazy but im fairly certain Dell this time round will show exactly why the Dell Streak was created, for well-performing raw mobile power. tucked up with all the apps you could possibly need and more.

    Dell Streak 2.1 v6941 runs best btw!!

  • Get a move on dell

    Its incredible that one enthusiast on his own can come up with a working version of the new android system faster than the dedicated team at dell who do it professionally. Dells team need to get a move on – are they joking when they say it will take till the end of the year to get it out.

  • andydread

    I have a Dell streak here in the US. It still has 1.6 I love it. It rocks. Can't imagine how awesome it will be when 2.2 comes out. Cant wait.

  • Nicola

    I had a Dell Streak for 3 weeks, I updated it with the 2.1 OTA update. I was so dissapointed that I took it backand now have a HTC Desire on 2.2. I lost too much functionality including the forward facing camera, abillity to play many of the video codecs ( I know you can download free android apps to play any codec but then you can not watch them on TV using the expensive HDMI dock) It crashed many times a day when using the internet. These were not small issues but how they are significant problems, ( I could live with the volume buttons working the wrong way around) To me it is absolutly unbeleivable that other people are stuck with a device that not only does not work as well as others on the market but that works less well than it did before they updated. I have certainly learnt from the experience, I will never ever buy a Dell product again, no matter how good it looks on paper as the customer service is absolutly absent, I don't understand how they are able to get away with it.

  • richard p

    Have had my streak for 3 weeks… loving it and cant wait for the experience to be enhanced by froyo! COME ON DELL! What are you waiting for!?

  • Isaac

    I just use my streak as a mini tablet (no cell connection) and I like it more every day. Yeah, I have a couple complaints but it is a great product has captured all of today's technology. I can't wait for the update.

  • simon

    I've had the 2.1 update on my streak since early october and I've not had any issues with it …and I use my tablet pretty hard. Truth is there's no pleasing some people, although I don't doubt that some of the bitching comes from competitors posing as disgruntled punters on these forums, so take all the moans and bitching with a pinch of salt.

  • Tom

    My streak is stuck on 1.6. And I’m posting from it now. I cant wait for this update it will fix all the small things that bug me about my phone

  • I will believe it when I see it on my Streak. Why won't they commit to a date?, most probably it's far from complete and still could be 2011

  • cham

    I do look forward to the better optimization in 2.2 because I use my Streak pretty hard.

  • Atiq

    I agree… DELL Need to sort it out. The Android 2.1 02 firmware update was rubbish to say the least. there were many bugs and the system is laggy. FROYO needs to be done properly, not a half frozen yoghurt that doesn't taste any good… whats the point. the Deserts suppose to seal the deal.


  • Rhys

    I just got my hands on a Streak last week in Australia. They only just came out here in WA and I now, like the rest of the world, am feeling the rage of paying for outdated software with no temporary fixes for quite major problems and missing functions people with devices worth a quarter of the price are merrily flaunting at me.

    Don't get me wrong, I love this handset wholeheartedly and I am systematically converting all my friends and family to it… But Dell is starting to make me look a bit of a fool. Why waste such an incredible bit of hardware as this??

  • Duncan

    I still find it incredable that, like me, there are many people out there who updated to 2.1 and have streaks that lost functionality but we still do not know when they will be fixed. We still pay are £40 a month for what. Dell have some serious making up to do if I am to ever buy a Dell product again. Please please sort it out quickly.

  • alphateam

    love my Streak, so much so that after I broke my first one(which there was no support on dells end for broken screens) by dropping it 10 inches, i actually bought it again….and regret nothing. It's everything i need in a phone and a tablet in one device…with the 2.2's Adobe support, the Streak should be unstoppable.

    • Leo

      You should look into that, i dropped my phone and the inner screen shattered…. dell replaced it within 2 weeks.

  • Steve C

    Ok first, this didn't hurt Dell's business. Most people don't even know this phone is coming available and only to the AT&T market unless unlocked by techies…. So stop saying that. These phones and their accessories aren't available in the AT&T stores either. Accessories are hard to find too… so no, it doesn't hurt their business. Second, many people moving over to Android for the first time don't even know the differences between 1.6, 2.1, and 2.2 anyway, most of which say "what's a Froyo" when they hear the name. All that being said, the device is still much better than others that run Windows mobile, and I like the interface better than all the versions of iPhone I've used. With the OS as a side, the device itself is most impressive and I really like mine. Having used the different versions… I will say, though, that Dell does need to get it together. They're taking WAY too long to release the OS that should have been put on the devices to begin with…. especially since their tablets (7" and above) are shipping with 2.2 already. I don't think they're losing business… but I do think their losing the level of respect.

  • JustJan

    I am enjoying my Dell Streak, however I have to say I am jealous and missing all my old iPhone accessories, when will we see more of these?


    New OS cant come soon enough, Dell really let down their customers, again and I am one of them. Far from happy with Dell customer care. Make sure that the update works this time before you release it this time ….. I am sure this is hurt Dells business.

  • Fiona

    fantastic, l've had the streak 3 weeks now and it is best gadget l've ever had. I'm new to android from windows mobile so don't really know what l'm missing re. froyo, but looking forward to finding out! I use the streak mainly for web browsing, facebooking, emailing and texting and love the fact it is small enough to be used as a phone (with bluetooth) and has speed and spec of a tablet PC. I was tempted to hold off for windows mobile 7 but am glad l switched to android, much better choice of apps, many more free apps – it'll take a lot for me to switch back to WM OS.

  • Steve Broome

    I am developing apps for Froyo so I've looked into the Streak, unfortunately haven't run into enough people who own it to get feedback on it. Good to see some comments of people happy with it (the 5" is a little bit small for the tablet comics/apps I'm developing though). I think one thing to keep in mind with the criticisms of the tablets that lack phone capability is that a lot of people (as per the stats we're seeing now) are using tablets like the iPad as a netbook/laptop replacement, not a phone replacement. And the tablets are certainly more portable than those.

  • Mpire

    I friggin love my Streak. Its a tablet that has cell capabilities. It fits fine in my front pocket WITH a Amzer protector on. Sorry im a loose fit guy, not a crotch cutter guy.

  • Bill

    I shopped tablets pretty extensively and it all came down to who had the correct size platform. The 5" is still portable enough and far better real-estate wise than the 7" and 10" offerings. Also at play was phone funtionality and availability: iPad- available now, no phone, too heavy, not portable; Samsung Tab- available?, rumored to not have phone capability in the US, barely portable, Dell Streak- available now, functions as phone, portable device. The lack of froyo on as delivered devices was not too much of a rub with me as I was operating on an iPhone 3G and Android 1.6 wasn't really a downgrade. The pending delivery of 2.2 was fit into the equation and made the Sreak the winner.

  • I'm thoroughly enjoying my experience with the Dell Streak. I came from a WM6.1 phone (HTC S743) so I really don't know what I'm missing by not having Froyo; maybe some higher end apps. I do look forward to the better optimization in 2.2 because I use my Streak pretty hard. I also hope that Dell unlocks the capabilities of the A/V Dock. I would really like to be able to stream Hulu, Netflix, and other flash/silverlight required content.
    On a side note, I think Dell was accurate to consider the Streak a tablet, 'though I call it a mini-tablet. Specifically, I can do nearly anything my laptop can do especially if the docking capabilities are opened up or hacked. There is no reason why I couldn't hook up to my monitor, sync a bluetooth keyboard (potentially a mouse) and use it as a normal computer.

  • SumGai

    After installing the "unofficial" froyo update a few weeks ago, I can tell you that it is WELL WORTH the wait. It's like having a BRAND NEW tablet. Awesome!

  • Adam

    Good news. Looking forward to getting that ‘update available’ text!

  • Jason

    It's a great new to hear that there will be an update, but slow in delivering it. Some potential customer probably look else where for a similar product but more up to date OS already. This could only hurt Dell business if they don't get their act together if they are going to stand a chance of fighting other product from the same line.