Crysis 2 Beta: Xbox 360 Only – PC, PS3 Owners got Screwed?

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2010

We have a few somewhat ‘surprising’ details to bring you now, as it has been confirmed that Crytek are currently sending out emails for a closed multiplayer beta for Crysis 2, which will only be available on the Xbox 360.

Many gamers may feel aggrieved about this, particularly PC gamers who believe the PC should be the lead platform for the game – after all, it is a sequel to a PC game.

On the other hand, PS3 owners may be upset about this, particularly with the consensus being that the PS3 version of the game was performing better than the Xbox 360 version, according to Crytek themselves. They then bigged up the fact that the PS3 version in 3D will be better than the 2D version, so this seems to be a bit of a letdown for both parties.

If you’re a Xbox 360 owner, this is obviously great news. According to this report from VG247, the emails are being sent out now to ‘valued’ members of the Crysis community only. If you think you make that list, you better double check your inbox now. There is no exact date for the beta it seems, just a heads-up from Crytek that it’s due to start soon.

What do you make of this? As a PC or PS3 owner, do you feel letdown by Crytek or not?

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  • Andy


  • Jerry

    Console beta makes sense, being that pc configurations can be all over the map.
    Testing on a known, fixed platform in order to debug is a logical step to game completion.
    Also, testing only one of the platforms will make bugs easily corroborate.
    Maybe picking the weakest platform (xbox according to Crytek) will benifit pc and PS3 users.

  • Pete

    this game is SICK in 3D!!!!!!! Love it!!!

  • Garrett

    They just announced a PC beta today.

  • Slymayer

    We don't have the beta but that's the price to got a better quality. kthxbai

  • Tony

    What Did Pc Gamers Do To Deserve This Treatment? Why Is Everything Coming Exclusive to Consoles? Why Did Crytek Abandon Us…

    • crysis original

      We(PC gamers) only made this the benchmark of all true gaming machines to be based on(PC's) What a bunch of clowns….I cant wait to see what an epic fail the console clowns will do to this compared to a high end PC rig. F**K M$ and all their attempts and crytek as well.

      • Steven

        yes same for my and why did they want to bring it out on the XBOX360 and PLAYSTATION3 what can they do whit it this game is the next part of the story after crysis and crysis warhead and it has never been on the XBOX360 and PLAYSTATION3 how are the owners of a XBOX360 and PLAYSTATION3 posible to understand what happend in crysis they have never played it and they dont know the reason why the aliens are in the united states the people who have a PC do know why bekous we have played crysis and crysis warhead that has been the start of the story this is yust the second part of the same story why on consoles and not only on pc why crytec

        • Gary

          I’m an xbox owner & have never played the origional. I liked what i saw in the demo so i looked up the plot for crysis and pre-ordered the game. Problem solved.

        • Lulz.

          Bekous? Enough said.

        • bob


  • dave

    No Need to worry, the beta will be to iron out any bugs and problems, the biggest user base is the xbox.. just means the PC and ps3 versions will have the fruits of all the labour. It had to be beta release on something. As long as the finished game is all good, then lets roll with it.

  • Jaxx

    You know what Crytek, this action alone is enough of an excuse for me to not buy your game. Congratulations you lost a customer. I am boycotting this game

    • Phil

      I don't think they care..

  • Gamer SRB

    Looks like Microsoft payed again around 50 million $ to have an exclusive beta. That SO looks like them. They can't do anything without bribing somebody……..

  • Allan

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa why not, was the place to play crysis 2 for PS3, shit bad news

  • Graham

    I'll have your invite (is it a code??) I'm a professional artist and have been gaming since 1978. I have worked in Q&A for many companies.

    If I can have your invite please send to:


  • rccccccccccc

    got a invite. though im pc not an xbox 360 owner… -.- so wanna play it though.

  • HMS!!9E

    LAWL.. Crytek just wants too see how good it will perform on the 360. I'll be amazed to see it running on 30 FPS at all times which i know it wont and all that screen tearing, No AA and what not LUL..

    Atleast the PS3 version will be a bit better than the lame box but still crysis is a game that looks best with max visuals and this is something which only a PC can get. Butter Smooth Frame Rate and Awesome Visuals on PC > Shitty LUL-BOX and Lame Station 3.. XD

    • Anti-Fanboy

      The X360 and PS3 are consoles. The PC has better graphics.
      It is also more expensive, goes obsolete faster, is easily stolen, and has specific requirements to have good graphics. You can't have just 'a PC' and get good graphics. No, it costs good, good sums of cash.
      Crytek said it themselves. Comparing PC to console is like comparing an Ford F-150 to a big, fancy, red Ferrari.

      • youcrazy

        is easily stolen, are you high? You think my monster high end PC can fit through my front door lol? You would be wrong. Oh look, an Xbox 360, *picks up with one hand and walks out your door*

  • Xzeno

    Maximum Armour!