Classic Adventure Game: The Secret of Grisly Manor 1.0 for iPhone

By Gary Johnson - Oct 14, 2010

A classic point and click adventure game has recently been released for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The Secret of Grisly Manor 1.0 has players searching a mysterious old mansion for their missing grandfather.

Released by Fire Maple Games, the app has players solving puzzles throughout the house. There are clues around, and as each puzzle is solved more clues for the next puzzle are presented. The grandfather may be missing but his presence is everywhere.

The game itself is massive with over fifty different locations to explore with stunning graphics, which draw you in as you play. A fantastic soundtrack and sound effects accompany the game, and your progress is saved automatically.

The Secret of Grisly Manor 1.0 is on the App Store for only $2.99. iOS 3.0 or later required.

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  • Gmc

    what do i do after i open the study

  • Ilovesquirrells

    How do I open the study or whatever it is upstairs? I cannot make the other gargoyle thing light up.

  • Ashlynn

    How do I unlock the downstairs wooden lock?

  • Winnie4

    Maybe I'm slow but all I have is a tuning fork, fish bowl, matches, and one piece of torn paper I have no clue where to go from here….

    • Tabby

      The tuning fork is to unlock the outside shed door…make sure you pick up a log out there. I Don't want to ruin the fun but my advice to you is to touch everything and try to remember the items in each room. Stick with it…you'll get it!

    • Gmc

      Go outside with the tuning fork and click the ear hearing piece on the shack wall.

  • lisa


  • alex

    i only have the last 2 digits of the combination. where do i find the others??

  • Rasmus

    Where is the study room?

  • Erin

    How do you solve the cellar door? Stuck here for ages!

  • clare

    hi how does anyone know what to do with the door in the celler????

  • francesco

    help me!! what do you do for break the iceblock ?? in Kitchen?? pls let me know

  • Wer do you get the wooden box

  • Paige

    So i have the wooden box, and now i am stumped on how to balance the scale, and also to unlock that downstairs door.


  • CLR

    Stuck with wooden box,combination,what to do with the lights that come out of bottom of open tree trunk

  • asaS

    where do i find the 6 digit code? im up to the safe and only have 1 piece of ripped paper

  • Sasa

    It finished so fast! What a waste of money !!!

  • Reann

    this game is awful total waste of money playing it on my iphone and none of these suggetions work falcons do nothing globe does nothing clock does nothing i wouldnt ressommend this game as far as i could throw it

  • LeeAnne

    I'm completely stuck, it's annoying me now, i've done the chess piece, got the falcon (that i havn't got a clue what to do with), can't find any more keys to the stairs or the other door by the stairs, clock doesn't work, nor the colours on the globe, can't find the key for the tree stump, there's no clues to any of it.
    RellaT what's that about a dog ? omg !

    • Disappointed

      I have completed the game and am disappointed that it ended so quickly. LeeAnne, the falcons have to be arranged in the same order of the picture of the car in the bedroom. The wheels will give you the pattern. The globe spells LOVE which you can find the colors of the letters on the refrigerator .

  • RellaT

    Someone please help…….Im to the point of figuring out the colors on a globe. But I see Lee and Cinderz discussing a wooden box thats to be thrown in the fire. What do you get from that process…..(box in fire and then water to extinguish?)

    • Lee

      You get a weight from throwing the wooden box in the fire (but extinguish the fire before getting it)…The weight is put on the scale in the study.

  • RellaT

    Someone please help…….Im to the point of figuring out the colors on a globe. But I see Lee and Cinderz discussing a wooden box thats to be thrown in the fire. What do you get from that process…..(box in fire and then water to extinguish?)

    Also if the color code is in the study…..does it have to do with the dog Daisy?

  • RellaT

    Where do I get the wooden boX?

  • Lee

    Cinder, throw the wooden box in the fire and then douse the fire with water in the fish bowl.

  • Lee

    The plug is in the clock…In order for the clock to work you have to open the well-like object out in the yard with the rod from under the locked stair. Then apply the combination found in the trunk in the attic to see the light rays focused on 5 & 8. Then set the clock for 8:25…

  • Lee

    Where do you find the colors for the globe???

  • karen

    ive got matches fish and combination,clock time dont work,neither does colour combination!!!!! help do i get plug and fuse?????????????????

  • Cinderz

    I’ve put the goldfish in the bath, what do I do now? I’ve got the matches, wooden box thing, empty goldfish bowl and 6 digit code. Any help?

    • karen

      where u get plug from?

  • marian

    can anybody help me with the clock? and the color combination on globe…tnx!

    • Gmc

      clock is 8:25, for the globe go to the kitchen look at the colors of the letters in LOVE and put them in the globe

  • Sam79

    Hi thanks ive just finished the game and I’m gutted expected it to be

    A bit bigger more to it. Oh well never mind, anyone wants help

    Just ask x x

    • Heth50

      im stuck more or less at beginning!! got matches, tuneing fork and half piece of paper but cant figure out how to get the other items, cant get into shed or room round the corner upstairs!

      • Sam79

        Hi use the tuning fork to open the shed door,

        Pick the wooden bird up and use it on the top of the fire place,

        U need to tuen them all a certain way to unlock the box they r on,

        The answer to which way they face is on a picture upstairs. Hope this helped x x

        • Gmc

          the car picture in grandpa’s room that is.

    • cell23

      how do you get the key to the sairs and how do you open the tree

    • Nat17

      What do I do with the sealed box?

      • Sam79

        Hi u light the fire then put the box to burn and then put the flames

        Out with the water ,

  • mart2015

    Colours on globe : from the left : green, orange, red, purple…

    • marian

      can any body help me with the globe? and on the clock? im stuck…tnx!!!!

    • Belinda

      Where did you find the combination of the colours?

  • sam79

    does anyone know what to do with the globe with the four clours really stuckand also i found two pieces of paper when put together its a three numbered combination but i cant find anything to put a combination in please help

  • Vicki24

    How do you open the tree stump?

    • mart2015

      First you have to open the stairs, the key is in the study room upstairs, you have to find the fuse first to open the doors of the study can find the fuse under the falcons ( car picture on the wall of first room upstairs give you an answer).

  • Roquemac

    The stone table below the tree stump tells how to set the hands on the clock in the dining room where the gum-ball machine is.

  • girly07

    I dont know about other people but the big hand on eight and little hand on four or five did not work for me when i tried it

    • tats

      put the little hand on eight big hand on five. hey presto!!

      • mart2015

        It doesn’t work…

    • sam79

      have u tried the little hand on the eight and then big hand on five

    • Gmc

      it’s 8:25

  • Vicki24

    Hi did the time you said on the clock but nothing happened any ideas?

  • Sam79

    Hi firstly look under the bed and get the missing chess piece that will give u a key which unlocks the door upstairs. Then inside the big toy box which u use a blue butterfly jewel collected from a picture in a bedroom to open, get the magnet and use this when u pull the carpet back in the hall.

    Put the clock hands so the big hand points to 8 and the little hand points to either 4 or 5 and that will give u the plug for the bath.

    Fill the bath and put ya goldfish in the water I’m stuck after this so if u get far please help

    • enjoylife293

      Hey sam79 I tried putting the big hand to the 8 and the small hand on the 4 and then the 5 and nothing happened. Now I am puzzled

      • sam79

        hi im really sorry i got it wrong its the little hand on 8 and the big on five

  • trax

    I need help not sure what to do with clock how to open sheds cabjnet and how to plug the bathroom tub