Call Of Duty Black Ops Makes Medal of Honor a b-grade FPS

By Peter Chubb - Oct 14, 2010

The 2010 Medal of Honor reboot has certainly had its fair share of average reviews, although the overall metascore has not been as bad as we first thought. Having said that, some of our readers have said that they will be canceling pre-orders and will wait for Call of Duty Black Ops instead.

There has certainly been a huge response to the new Medal of Honor game, but sadly in a negative way. One reader of ours suggests that MoH was just a b-grade FPS. You can be sure that fans of the game will defend it, but we cannot help but wonder if they are backing the wrong team?

EA recently said that this is just the start of the franchise again, and that there is more to come with newer versions. This is 2010 – the game developer should have given us a game that is worthy of a modern day first person shooter.

There are so many things wrong with Medal of Honor, such as sub-par graphics, unoriginal weapons and a basic lack of performance. All we know is, this game is nothing like what Black Ops is expected to be. Do you think poor Medal of Honor reviews will help COD Black Ops sales?

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  • Tom


  • Tom

    if you think graphics are in Medal of honor is better than Black ops than your brain is messed up or your mom dropped you hard.

  • friend 1

    Black Ops is way better than Medal of honor cause the graphics are better than medal of honor plus the realism in it not bunch of made up crap and attach them to guns. plus look at the graphics in Medal of honor it looks like someone colored them in with color pencial

  • Friend

    ARE YOU F***kING KIDDING black ops is many times better than medal of honor. cause medal honor has some shity graphics. plus in cod the people look morer realistic in it than medal of honor. Plus medal of honor copied there story from a book. Black ops graphic may be similar to mod2 but its still better and more relistic than the shity graphics in medal of honor

  • Bad Uncle Willy

    I got cod black ops on the weekend, and I have to say I was disappointed: The graphics in moh are way better, the sounds are 100% better, and all in all much more immersive. black ops has the gimmicks to make it a longer playing kick, but I fix all the bugs for the pc version as soon as possible – I'll keep my copy on ice in the meantime.

  • Robeast

    BBC2 is better than both of these!!!!! Can't wait for 'Nam to come out!!!! COD sells so many copies because every 5 year old in America gets one. Its full of little kids!!!!

  • Artlin

    Multiplayer… Someone said it was more strategic and one needs to think before he/she acts. Thats complete bullshit. Its not as run and gun as CoD but that's just by a really small percentage. Oh! It was real fun picking off ppl with any sniper rifle… considering we all had one and backed the other team into their own spawn point. That was a real epic match after match after match after match. I finally got to play the on the other team. It was real fun being sniped into staying far back in the spawn point to wait out the match. It was rare to see anyone die by anything other than a sniper rifle. That reminds me of HL1's Day of Defeat. Invisble walls and camped spawn points. Im no fanboy. MoH had its time with me but has failed to keep me.

    Cheater/Hackers/Cry Babies dont factor into my dislikes of any game. Those are pointless excuses fanboys use! Black Ops judement will come as soon as I get my hands on!

  • Artlin

    MoH came before CoD, long before CoD. I loved it on the psx/1 and 2 but slowly stopped playing the series because they all became stale and boring. When "today's" MoH hit I screamed like a little girl. Well I finally got to play my past love again… I fucking 120% agree with Fidel c! If anything my hopes for a better MoH have been crushed. Im upset that I didnt rent first… Invisible wall! Invisible all! Invisible wall in both Single/Multiplayer! I thought that shit was dead with todays techniques! One thing that annoyed me was that nearly everyone looked the same in SP. Oddly enough I felt like I was playing a ripoff of WM or a B game that was never advertised. The 5-6 hour SP was the biggest gaming disappointment Ive ever faced. The time isnt of any concern, its the content! It would have held me longer if was a bit more exciting but it wasnt. MoH's SP has nothing on MW1/2's SP.

  • kiLLA 24

    Call of duty black ops is a good game but not as good as i thought MOH is as well a good game treyarch didnt do this game justice though zombies are back and better than ever the online play for black ops is different dont think your going to go from MW2 and think your hot shit at this some of the maps are cartoonish but you cant argue with the graphics overall though black ops wins in a close one but if treyarch makes the nxt CoD

  • Robbo

    MOH multiplayer and Graphics is just Rubbish and boring, bring on Black Ops

  • I am disappointed with MoH. The graphics really frustrate me. The grainy textures and dull colors take from the gameplay. It is after all a game; how bout some vibrant colors. I want something visually pleasing, not something that looks like it was colored with sidewalk chalk. Multiplayer maps are way to small and no where near as good as bfbc2. This could and should have been one of the best releases of the year. I’m left felling like a dummy for not renting before I purchased. It’s kind of like the one you try and squeeze out that ends up Bering wet; somethings aren’t what they should be. You still have call of doodie in your pants.

  • vardosky


  • sin

    how can u say cod black ops is better and it not out. i luv moh and duty but duty is full of hackers and kids any1 can tell u that. let the game come out before u say its better than anything

  • Anon

    if they are both good – which we can all agree that atleast they are – and they offer a slightly different angle to things, then why cant we have both and play both!

  • anon

    Black Op's looks great, MoH is awesome fun, it feels like a mix between BFBC2 and MW2

    Modern Warfare 2's run and gun gameplay isn't for me, BFBC2's more strategic cautious play is more like it.

    MoH is a mix between these with run n gun elements and some cautious behavior needed to survive in game.

    I play HardCore servers ONLY online.

  • Fidelis G.

    I quite don’t get why MoH got such low ratings. Talking from the single player POV, I sincerely think this is a great, great game. I enjoyed every single minute of playing it. Apart from the glitches in some of the missions, I think the storyline deserves more credit. I’m a fan of the CoD series too, and I must say I very much enjoyed playing both of them.

    I rate the game at 8/10. If it wasn’t for the glitches I’d given it a 10 in a heartbeat.

    • noob

      storyline? What story line… the one from the history books that EA copied down?

  • George Carter

    CoD: Black Ops looks and plays just like CoD:MW2. Character customization, theater mode, wager matches and pretty much every other feature is copied off other games. Maybe it's only originality is in it's cut & paste features. Please it's garbage.

  • Antoine Flemming

    btw, Black Ops customization is not that deep. Yeah, you can make your own emblem. Great! Not that this is a problem, but its not a whole lot of customization. And its not worth it really. Yeah, I'm getting Black Ops too, but zombie mode, who cares. Emblems? Who cares, unless you can get your whole clan to make the same emblem to represent your clan (doubt ppl will do that). You can praise Black Ops for having all of these new features, but remember that Modern Warfare 2 had a bunch of new features, a whole lot more than COD4 did; MW2 promised to stop hacking and cheating, but it failed. Black Ops has a bunch of new features, more than WaW had, that Treyarch is promoting; they're not the same as MW2's features, but theyre new. AND Treyarch is also promising to stop hacking and cheating. AND at least for PC, its the same Steam/Valve exclusivity, might use VAC. And the gameplay looks the same as MW2. Given that, why is it so CERTAIN that Black Ops will be amazing? Just because its not made by IW?

  • Antoine Flemming

    Markie, Medal of Honor does not look like MW2. I've played both games, I'm a huge fan of both games, and they are not alike. MoH is not a rip-off of MW2. Hell, its even based off of a real operation that really happened called Operation Anaconda. But yeah, but I guess you didn't know that. You've probably never even played MoH.

  • Antoine Flemming

    Uh, "There are so many things wrong with Medal of Honor, such as sub-par graphics, unoriginal weapons and a basic lack of performance. All we know is, this game is nothing like what Black Ops is expected to be." Yeah, "unoriginal weapons". WTH, did you want them to MAKE UP weapons? This is supposed to be realistic and AUTHENTIC. That means theres actually REAL weapons (M4A1, M16, AK-47s, AK-47Us, RPGs, AT4s, M249 SAWs, PKDs, etc). Its not supposed to be an ultra customizable game with unrealistic addons and attachments. Its not about perks and super-abilities where you're almost playing a modern HALO. Those relatively few weapons and modifications (suppressor, acog sight, holographic red dot sight, laser designator, etc) are what the military and the enemy (Taliban) actually use. You have a problem with that? Get in touch with reality. The real world isn't COD.

    • James

      You, are my hero 😀 I am a fan of both, but trashing one when nobody has the other to compare it to is ridiculous. And I love the realism!

  • Hurr

    Wow, you are bashing the game for having "Unoriginal Weapons"? Seriously, the editor has some problems. What do you expect them to do, make up new weapons? This game is based on the war in Afghanistan and the weapons reflect this.

    And the graphics themselves are themselves better than what we have seen in CoD; maybe its because I'm playing it on the PS3 with a HDTV and HDMI Cable, but then again from what I have seen this website like many others is biased towards any competition for your beloved CoD.

    Also, you cannot like this game if you come from a CoD background; you cannot just jump in and play. In MoH you need to think and use tactics a lot, something which Call of Duty lacks.

    Also to the other commentor, are you blind? The game looks literally NOTHING like Modern Warfare 2, they don't even use the same engine, for gods sake the Multiplayer uses FROSTBITE, HOW DIFFERENT CAN IT GET YOU IMBECILE?


    • Kevin

      Agree. I see now that this writer is a CoD fanboy. His arguments are visuals, weapons, and performance. I love CoD, but MoH has better visuals. There is no arguing this, and anyone who tries has 0 credibility in my eyes. Weapons: All accurate to their real world counterpart. Performance: This is your only valid point. It's the fact that even with servers, MoH has lag all over.

      And, this may go down as the most stupid sentence I've ever read about MoH and Cod: "All we know is, this game is nothing like what Black Ops is expected to be." How the hell can you 'know' something when you are comparing it 'expectations'? Article FAIL.

    • Pmaster

      Hi Hurr,

      I've got a question about Medal of Honor. You say you play this game on the PS3 with a HD TV and a HDMI cable.

      I've got a HD TV, HDMI cable and the PS3 too but when I start the game it's not what I expected. It's very laggy. The graphics are just fine but that's all. The game does not run smoothly.

      I've also got the game-mode enabled.

      Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?



      Agree 100% MoH isn’t a kiddy shooter where u can just run all over the place and run and gun all the time no perks to help you out none of that u gotta think about what your doing, have good aim, and be on alert, and be aware of your surroundings at all time where in CoD u can run around like a mad man and run and gun down anyone that gets in ur way while listening to screaming little 12 year olds in to the mics….and this guy who wrote this is talking the graphics…u got to be kidding me I’ve played this game on a ps3 in HD and I’m not bashing neither game I’m not a fanboy of ANYTHING but MoH’s graphics don’t even compare to any CoD game….MoH’s MP looks beautiful….CoD has gotten so many people brain washed and as far Black Ops I will not get my hopes up Treyarch has never made a CoD game better then IW not even close Black Op may be better idk we will all see

  • evan

    cod black ops i have to go with no way medal of honor is good but not better cod black has good graphics and ZOMBIE MODE! AWSOME try beating that NEW GUNS and awsome maps think better cod BLACK OPS!

  • Jack

    Medal of honor iny opinion is a C-. Multiplayer can’t even compare to modern warfare 1. MW2 and black ops is out of their lead.. Even call of duty 3 is better.

  • xmajorax

    When i saw the commercial for MoH i was like
    "Yeah Black Ops-wait what? Medal of Honor? Whatever."

  • Markie

    I'm buying Call of Duty: Black Ops for sure! When I first saw the trailer of Medal of Honor, it looked just like Modern Warfare 2 and it was a total rip-off. Plus, I love the new features in the Black Ops such as deep customizations for characters and the zombie mode. Can't beat that.

    • braiks

      This right here.
      Medal of Honor will be in simple words, a worse game than Black Ops.
      Because Medal of Honor has been made very similar to the Call of Duty series. There is no debate here. You can't beat Treyarch in their own battlefield. And to give DICE justice, the only game comparable to Black Ops still is BFBC2. Medal of Honor is just a rip off MW2. Black Ops offers exactly what Medal of Honor offers and a few more. Do yourself a favor reader and don't buy MoH. If you don't want Black Ops then go ahead and get yourself the amazing BFBC2, but not MoH, no.