Apple Sexting Patent: Sleazy Censorship Mechanism

By Peter Chubb - Oct 14, 2010

Apple is never out of the news long enough, maybe that’s the reason why they are now the third biggest selling computer vendor in the U.S.? However, it is not all good for the iPhone maker though, as their latest sexting patent has been met with joy and anger.

Apple always likes to take control of what we do on our iPhone, so it came as no surprise that they wanted to try and add a parental control mechanism for SMS on the iPhone. They hope to be able to prevent young children from sending rude text messages – often called sexting. There are other forms of this called chexting, which you can read more on in a previous article.

John C. Dvorak from PC Mag has been looking more closely at Apple’s plans and had this to say, ‘Let’s face reality this patent is not about sexting.” We can be certain that there are those who agree, but if you are a parent who continually worries about what your child is typing on their handset – then this could come as a relief.

Dvorak believes that there is more to this patent than meets the eye, saying that there are more uses to this than just parental control alone – what these are we will just have to wait and see. Do you think that this anti- sexting patent is a good idea, or one step too far?

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