Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3: 10 Upcoming Exclusive PS3 Titles

By Jamie Pert - Oct 14, 2010

The Xbox vs PS3 war continues, and instead of looking at graphs to guesstimate which of the consoles is the better one, we look at 10 exclusives on each console that give both sets of fanboys something to be happy about.

PlayStation 3 Exclusives – PlayStation 3 owners probably think they have the best games to look forward to in the near future, as do the Xbox 360 owners. So without no further a-do, we introduce inFamous 2. The original was well received by the gaming press and public, and this next instalment is expected to set the gameworld alight.

The Killzone series was another heavy hitter and one of the first PS3 exclusives that truly showed off what the console was about. Killzone 3 aims to continue the impressive sci-fi shooter.

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, the unmistakable Uncharted 3 and The Last Guardian are three more titles that all PS3 fans are highly anticipating, and should see a release in the 2011 game holidays.

Little Big Planet was a huge success. It was innovative, and I fully expect Little Big Planet 2 to be even bigger.

Covering the racing genre, look no further than Motostorm 3: Apocalypse. Often underrated, Sony will revamp this franchise to make it one racing sim you will never forget. Collapsing buildings, crashes and unadulterated carnage? Yes please.

Which brings us to our next title — Twisted Metal. This is the game that ‘the people’ want. The demo at E3 was unbelievable, lets just hope the single-player and multiplayer modes do the same.

Gran Turismo 5, which will be out very soon is the benchmark for all racing games. A lot of expectation is riding on this game, lets just hope that it delivers and some.

Resistance 3 ends our 10 PS3 exclusives, and after looking at the live action trailer we expect big things from this shooter.

We will continue our look at Xbox 360 exclusives in a later post, and will update this article when it is live.

You can view the 10 upcoming Xbox 360 exclusives by clicking here.

For the time being though, would you agree that these are 10 must-have exclusives for the PS3? What are you looking forward to?

Source: Gaming Bolt

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  • Terry Boulder

    The way I see it brothers, All you PS3 boys are funny. Think about this…Each time Sony has tried to get ahead of Microsoft, they get countered. PS3 starts to inch closer to X360 sales and then X360 pulls ahead again. Its the story of the current console gen. X360 starts off for a few years with much better exclusives than PS3. Then PS3 actually starts to make some decent ones, but only a few have big gigantic hits that go over 3 million. X360 has had some that have hit 4 to even 10 mill and beyond.PS3 released the slim. But then X360 released the S console. PS3 came out with "Move". But X360 came out with Kinect. Face it Brothers! X360 is always 1 step ahead of PS3.

  • Opi1 pierogi

    Killzone and resistance will never compare to halo and gears franchise. I can say this because I own both systems.

    Online experience on the ps3 is terrible. Everyone on ps3 talks crap online because they are miserable. I feel like I’m playing with a bunch of gangbangers.

    Love xbox live and all it has to offer. Playing w friends is easy unlike ps3. Can join games painlessly and NO LAGGY SERVERS!!

    Talk all the crap u want about my post. If it wasn’t true then I’d like PS3 better.

    Ps3 is collecting dust because I don’t even watch blurays anymore. Blurays have been replaced w streaming Hd files.

    • annon

      you must be dumb. you cant stream games with HD files to the PS3. while shitty Xbox has the fear of getting scratched CD's.

  • Ps3 Guru

    well it has been pushed back is what i meant

  • Ps3 Guru

    they forgot gt5

  • guest

    Don't forget MAG (up to 256 players online at once,) and Socom4… They rock for sure.

  • CJR

    Come on guys.. It's the number of game exclusives and not the number of consoles.. It's pretty obvious that the PS3 has MORE exclusive games in the coming year… It's not also not about your preferred gaming console.. It's the games that matters… PS3 has the better lineup of exclusive games but we'll never know.. Maybe Microsoft might still have some titles that they will announce next year…

  • marhorn

    Well apology accepted! but Im from the Highlands and yes having an informed opinion is vital, thats why I know that overall Xbox has sold more than ps3! and that is taking into account world markets. I dont mind who wins the gen, but il tell you something…it deserves to be Xbox!

    • GordonShumway

      This could go on for a long time 🙂

      Lets have some fun with figures:

      The Xbox 360 is the 10th most popular console of all time. It has sold 43.75 million units since its launch five years ago, averaging 8.75 million units sold per year. 25.18 million of those units were sold in the Americas, and 18.57 million were sold in the rest of the world.

      The PlayStation 3 is the 11th most popular console of all time. It has sold 38.70 million units since its launch four years ago, averaging 9.67 million units sold per year. 15.58 million of those units were sold in the Americas, and 23.12 million were sold in the rest of the world.

      So yes, Xbox has sold more overall, but when you look at the figures in detail you can see that overall figures are not that meaningful in this situation.

      But, after carefully analysing all the data available, I have come to one conclusion. The clear winner of this generation is… Nintendo 😀 with around 75 million units sold, and more importantly a significant profit on each console, extremely profitable first-party titles, and a host of expensive and yet not so useful accessories. The sad thing is, by the time Xbox and PS3 catch up with the Wii, Nintendo will have probably released another mass-market monstrosity.

  • marhorn

    Yeah you got one thing (slightly) right, Xbox destroyed ps3 in 2010 and not just because Reach. Look at the figures! Xbox is the only market that shows an increase in its figures, where as sony now wont even release its figures! You really think Microsoft dont know what there doing? expect something from them very soon…. and ratchet and clank? seriously?

    Bye bye ps3!

    • GordonShumway

      Sorry, mate. I'm from the world outside the US where Xbox and especially Wii have been consistently losing market share pretty much every month this year. Sony have some killer sales figures in Europe and in Asia. Said simply, outside of the US, Xbox isn't doing as well as inside the US.

      Xbox sales figures are up this month, but it's probably mostly from the new Slim model and from Reach. If you look at the bigger worldwide picture, including both US and overseas sales, PS3 has slightly outsold Xbox over the last year. Nobody has "destroyed" anybody, both consoles are doing well, and the only loser is Wii.

      Contrary to your comment, it's not that Sony are not releasing the figures, but that NPD are not releasing them. NPD sell figures to analysts, but this month they have decided that they want to stop publicly releasing them. This is their business, not Sony's. Sony have always had a habit of only releasing figures when they hit big milestones, or when they have to report back to their investors. None of that has changed. Of course MS will release their figures because they want to highlight the success of the Halo launch. This is all normal business practice, and nobody is hiding anything.

  • GordonShumway

    I'm a multi-console owner, and I don't want to be accused of fanboyism, but I don't understand people defending the 360s list against this list.

    The 360 exclusive list on this site is a joke. I mean, it has Gears, which should be great, but NOTHING else. Fable has always been a series of empty promises… Does anyone actually remember Peter Molyneux's promises this time last year about Natal integration? Turns out that it was a tomato throwing mini-game that has now been cut from the final game. I was even looking forward to Kinect until I saw that it has zero hardcore titles.

    So, Gears is a "must buy". Mass Effect doesn't count because there's a good chance it'll be multi-platform, or timed-exclusive (which I hate on any platform. What's the logic in paying money to a publisher not to release DLC on the competitor's platform for six months? Is that where my Live subscription goes?). Forza Kinect looks like a gimmick, and everyone knows deep down that Star Wars would have been better on PS Move. Star Wars is about light sabers and blasters… and they want us to play with empty hands.

    Here is the PlayStation, with inFamous 2, Killzone 3, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian, LBP2, Motorstorm, Twisted Metal, GT5, and Resistance 3. Not all of those games are for me, but all of them are big titles. I know that I will buy KZ3, UC3, GT5 and The Last Guardian. For me, four "must buy" games compared to one "must buy" on 360 from my point of view. And, the thing is, I might get a couple of the other PS3 games too if I try them and like them.

    I honestly think that 2010 was a good year for 360 exclusives. Alan Wake, Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2, all pushed Xbox slightly ahead of PS3s God of War 3, ModNation Racers, Heavy Rain… but it was still close. I only think that 360 pushed slightly ahead because Reach launched late in the year, whilst most Sony exclusives were at the start of the year
    But from this list, 2011 will be another good year for Sony, but an exceptionally bad one for 360 hardcore gamers

  • PermanentlyAngry

    Had a look at the 360 exclusives first and to be honest their line up looks really weak and its only really Gears 3 that I'm looking forward to. Then I look at the PS3 exclusive list and realise its missing some other games that others have mentioned and things like SOCOM and I have to hold my hands up and say the PS3 has a very, very strong line up and at the moment way stronger than the 360's. I still think that this year (2010) has been sneaked in terms of exclusives by the PS3 and I have to say unless Microsoft have some very big announcements planned for 2011 I can see it being another great year for PS3.

  • Owlman

    All these 360 fanboys make me laugh, for they are too blind to see whats in front of them. They are only getting one good exclusive (and I admit it is a good one, I played GoW2 and had fun), and yet there are so many PS3 exclusives I am looking forward to, especially Twisted Metal and LBP2.

  • marhorn

    Only game worth getting on this list is Gran Turismo!

  • Jdc

    Nice, I can't wait for most of these games. My wallet can, however.

  • Mark

    The PS3 exclusives look supurb. The Xbox exclusives look tired. VERY tired infact. And ME3 will be multiplatform. (As ME2, with a ME1 catchup game/story is coming soon to PS3).

  • Randall

    Fable 3 isn't even 360 exclusive either. So it's Gears of War 3 a whole year from now and a whole lot of empty promise filled Kinect crap for Xbox until then. No matter how you slice it, that is a dire sounding exclusive situation compared to what Wii and PS3 are bringing to the table in the first three months of 2011 alone.

    Xbox really is long past it's best at this point.

  • marhorn


    Xbox wins GET OVER IT!

    • Jdc

      But, for xbox to win, it would have to have more than two good games on the list, which it doesn't. Also, note how I'm using correct grammar and have fully mastered the use of upper and lowercase lettering. Impressive, eh?

      • marhorn

        The pig and and and and and whistle. Theres a sentence for you. Unless you havent noticed this is the ps3 exclusive list, so of course theres not gonna be Xbox exclusives! You certainly havent mastered the art of reading.

    • RoadShow

      PS3 owns 360, 360 is most unreliable console in history of gaming. The only console or gaming platform period that is pay to play (STO & WOW excluded as individual universe games). Xbox live is now $60/year, that's $300 every 5 years, you are essentially re-buying the most unreliable console in history of gaming every 5 years.

      Plus you have to have that sub to M$ to "purchase" the "right" to purchase a subscription to say, netflix (a service that will replace cable and satilite tv someday).

      Plus xbox $299 for a console that doesn't even have blu ray, or an internet browser.

      Plus all best 360 games are on PC, better on PC (all shooters are) and free online play the PC way.

      No need to own RROD/RDOD, disk scratching, unreliable, overheating, expensive proprietary hard drive limited to 250GB, POS 360

  • DJAlzheimers

    Go Angelo. Oh and @ 3-Above Final Fantasy 13 came out long ago. If you're talking about 14 that's on the PC and Ps3. Viva Microsoft. Call me a fanboy sony sucks, especially marcus psp.

    • J.W.

      If you bothered to read his comment correctly, he did say Final Fantasy Versus 13. Not the same as Final Fantasy 13. Didn’t mean to just blow your mind, but they are not the same thing.



    • darkbridger

      Final Fantasy XIII Versus is a totally separate game from Final Fantasy XIII. You either misread his comment, or where unaware of FFXIII Versus

  • John

    angelo is LEGIT

  • angelo

    Oh…and for you that will cry out ps3 fanboy…go check out the halo reach leaderboards…I’m there…and will definitely be getting gears

    • Terry Boulder

      @ angelo,

      You can't be serious? You expect everyone to be gullable enough to think that you are the real angelo on the Halo Reach leaderboards? Give me a break. You can say you are all you want. on this site you can type in whatever name you want. So dont give me that bull that you are the "real" angelo on the leaderboards. Go ahead and deny it all you want, but I could type in as a username on this board and I bet at least 1 person would think Im actually him.

  • angelo

    I’ll give you your massive 360 lineup…gears of war 3…fable 3..that’s it…I know there are more…well maybe there is…but none worth playing or mentioning…bring on the fanboy nonsense..but you haven’t got a leg to stand on.

    • LOW

      Angelo you took the bait they dont care witch consle has the better games they just want to see you fight about it.These guys are the biggest trolls on the web.

      • angelo

        I know…I love to hit these up once in a while…the arguments amuse me and help pass the time when some girl is goin “blah…blah…blah” in my ear….but Microsoft does suck..

  • 3-Above

    Dont forget Final Fantasy Versus 13, IF its still PS3 exclusive that is.