WoW v4.0.1 Patch Update: Problems and Bugs after Download?

By Alan Ng - Oct 13, 2010

While it is certain that the majority of World of Warcraft players are now enjoying the latest 4.0.1 patch update to the game, there are quite a number of considerable bugs and problems which may be causing gamers a lot of frustration.

Firstly, if you still haven’t had the chance to download patch update 4.0.1, you can do so over at FilePlanet here, the download is just under 5MB.

As for problems with the patch there seems to be a lot of them. So much that Blizzard already has a page full of ‘official’ known problems over on their website. They have listed issues in different categories, making it easier for gamers to find out if the problem they have is widespread or not.

Some of the general problems include animation issues with Frostbrood Matriarchs, sound problems when switching between talent specializations and incorrect honor points system for level 70 Brutal pvp gear, weapons and gems.

Take a look at the official 4.0.1 problems thread here, and then let us know if your problem is on the list. If you have encountered a different issue with the game after installing, let us know so others can try and help you.

You can read the official 4.0.1 patch notes here.

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  • Bogs


  • spartan117

    grrrrrr, i have wotlk and tbc but it wont let me download them onto my new pc any help???

  • saintmichael paladin

    at last installing went smoothly but than when updating tools at 3% keeps saying error in installation and need to repair, doing repair it says there's no problem found and so i'm in a vicious circle

  • Jeramy

    I reached level 60 and it said that I can now learn flight form. When I get to one of the druid trainers, the form is not on the list. Please Blizzard, will you help by fixing the problem?

  • Kent

    1. Make a macro to turn off tooltips.

    /script GameTooltip.Temphide = function() GameTooltip:Hide() end; GameTooltip:SetScript("OnShow", GameTooltip.Temphide);

    Run it. The cog icon no longer appears, so no more crashes in the instance.

    2. Do the instance.

    3. Make a macro to turn tooltips back on.

    /script GameTooltip:SetScript("OnShow", GameTooltip.Show);

    Run it.

  • frustrated

    I downloaded the patch and made sure my firewall let wow in, and now every time i am go to play i have really bad lag and then i dc. I dc'd four times in one dungeon then when i come back in i am in a different location of the game. I never had this problem before, and i also cannot use my number keys for spells, and my guild tabard is on me, but not when i go to remove it is not in the area. =( I spoke with another player and they said blizzard told him the lag and dc is his computers fault. I find that hard to believe when it is happening to more than half the players, and it never happened to my computer before EVER!! now it is every time i play… =(

  • Testut

    I've patched wow correctly as it seems.. WoW is up to date etc etc. But when I click on Play, write down my account and pass and then click on Log in.. I get instantly kicked, as if I were pressing Alt+F4.. I cant find anyone else with this problem. I hope someone can try and give me some solution ))) : ..
    I noticed that if I introduce a wrong pass/account the bug does not occur.

  • Ztraveller

    I had the same problem with the download eventually had to delete stuff from the HD. Now after patching it's incredibly dark adjusting the gamma doesn't help and the cursor lags so far behind, the game is basically unplayable.

  • marc

    I guess we'll all just have to wait when blizz comes with solutions…

  • colin

    5 gig download and a furhter 1.6gig and then a wait of 3hrs for it to install.
    and i cant gewt my exotic pets to play ball.

  • Artur

    "Firstly, if you still haven’t had the chance to download patch update 4.0.1, you can do so over at FilePlanet here, the download is just under 5MB (Megas)."

    The download is, in fact, over 5GB (Gigas).

  • frederik

    for me it says patch information is not availible help???

  • Steve

    I get kicked out with a 132 windows error message each time..thoughts

  • Molly

    I can't even download it. It gets to the blizzard downloader and makes it between 1% and 3% and freezes my computer. I've updated my drivers, connected my laptop directly to my router, tried in safe mode, and downloaded one of the mirror patches. Same thing every time.

  • Tomislav

    I download it and I cant paly it I mean it says login server down??? pls some help me

  • Random Guy

    I downloaded the whole thing then when i try to log in it keeps getting stuck at "successful" then brings me to the realm selection page but no matter what realm i try to log into it's the same problem and it brings me back to the realm selection page. To complicate things whenever i cancel the action it brings me to a black character selection page rather than back to the realm selection page or the page where i enter my username/ password

  • krss

    can anyone tell me why he downloads patch so slow?? i am at 500 mb and he downloads about 4 kb/s my downloda speed is 1024/128?? plz can anyone help me

  • Peter

    After I went to Brackground Downloader, had it finish the Update, then opened up WoW Laucher. The game emedietly went to Update 0%, and it just sits there, doesn't time out or anything, just sits there at 0%. Anyone know what to do? I've disabled AddOns and reset Cache and Interface. :/

  • Collin

    my number keys can no longer be used for casting spells or using attacks on my bar….they do nothing now lol, such a hassle

  • alex

    same here… pc freezes when the loading bar full

  • Tinnis

    System freezes up every time. Updated BIOS and chipsets, turned off add ons, reset graphics to lowest level (default setting). Makes no difference. Every time it goes to the full run of the bar across the bottom for start up, and then the whole system freezes up. Can't even do a power on reset.

    • guest


  • Gunthersmug

    Running like a charm. Cup of coffee, comfy new PC chair and just loving the new changes.

    • FUGunther

      fuck you.

  • Cass

    Everything is Installed, i click launcher, the new launcher appears, i click play.. nothing happens, opened task manager and it says WoW is running but i dont see it, second time i tried launcher opened then i got a download timed out message.. wtf is going on.. why can they never get it right -.-

  • Forbin376

    Characters missing after patch 4.0.1 installed. They will never achive any levels now…. Fortunately my highest level character IS still present and one level 12 I had as well – but that is it, the others are gone! My one Death Knight as well…poof!

  • jacqueline

    my downoad has been timing out…..i have been trying for around 12 hours now and am around half way through.

    *on a side note i am very sad that my resto druid can no longer be a tree unless i pop a cool down:( blah

    • newpatchrapesme

      me too 🙁

  • Bastian

    Idk whats goin on.. my Cata downloader times out in like 35 sec. Can someone help me please

  • laura

    Game starts then i get a totally black screen. Computers freezes and crashes.

    • what the hell?


    • shayne

      i've tried everything too and same thing… crashing and freezing