Wow Patch 4.0.1: Update On Patch Issues, Bugs & Problems

By Jamie Pert - Oct 13, 2010

Now most of you have downloaded and installed the new 4.0.1 patch update for World of Warcraft, you may have noticed some nagging problems within the game. These “known issues” were raised in an article we posted earlier and we have an update for you to see which of them will be resolved and when along with new issues raised.

Along with the already known bugs, new ones have been found. These range from the Druid spell Insect Swarm (Balance) not being available even when your spell book tells you to visit a trainer to learn it, only to find out that the trainer says you already learnt the spell.

There has also been some confusion with the Master Riding skill, missing enhancements, authenticator issues, renamed Warlock pets, and probably a WoW players biggest nightmare — missing characters. The entire list can be found by visiting the source page below.

Are you having any issues with WoW Patch 4.0.1?

Source: WoW Insider

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  • Daniel

    I can’t even get into the game i get into loading screen click play and i can’t even get into the game SOMONE HELP ME!

  • Asdsad

    ffs blizzard fix the loading screens

  • Stefan

    Hello everyone.I want to ask if someone of you had a problem with WoW after the current patch 4.0.1.Before the patch i played the game on Ultra.After i downloaded the patch and log in the came i went to a local town it took 15min for me to enter it.Like im playing on pentium 3. :S> then i dicided to go in a bG and while atacking opponets the screen together with the character lag so much.Does any1 know what is the problem?

  • Paul

    my problem seems to be different to ever one else. i have patched it easily but when i start up my game, everything seems to be moving 10x faster than normal. even the loading screen showing deathwing is moving to quickly. then when i log into my character he runs at seemingly 1000000 mph and when i cast spells the cast bar goes quickly aswell but then it lags for a secound and then casts :S someone please help me!!

  • juaquan johnson

    omg ok so every time i start my click on my wow icon on my computer it just downloads but it goes realy fast but when its done it just stops so i click it a get and i have to hurry up and click the play button befor it starts down loading agen then it goes to the login i type in my user and pass word the i press enter and then it tell me i need to update and i have to press the restart button to download the new patch so i pres restart and agen it downloads realy fast and when it stops i have to do the same thing every time and it wont let me play ive been on youtube google but i get no answers

  • Haldiria

    Seemed to download patch ok, then I started getting a delay in reaction time of everything i was doing with hunter and mage. Very annoyed since I end up dead. 🙁 . Also I started randomly getting a message popping up when I would try to launch program. It would simply state, Cannot obtain patching information. Please check your internet configuration. Well, nothing on my end has changed so and my internet otherwise works great. I cant even get into Launcher at all now. Help!! What's the use of having this if I cant play. Please fix issues soon.

  • Person

    When I try to DL the new patch, it freezes at a certain point and sends me the message "The server connection has timed out" and it closes my launcher and I can't reopen it until I restart my computer. When I do, the process just repeats itself again. Can anybody help me with this?

  • davidlee9245

    I downloaded the new patch and now when the load screen comes up an window pops up and says “lost connection to updater” then you click ok and it shuts down. Any Ideas?

  • caity

    I'm pissed. I cant even get into realms. And if I can, I can't see my characters! WHAT THE HELL.

  • fuckblizz

    I got same shit as everyone else i can rarely afford to pay for wow and now i did and i cant fuckin play this is HORSE SHIT

  • expert noob

    i also downloaded 4.0.1 patch without any problems, i can login and play with al my characters but the problem is that wow shuts down almost everytime i go into a dungeon or when a friend try to invite me. (i can go in a group though when our all characters are close to each other.
    also when i play with my rogue i can't learn new spells and i can't open the subtlety menu in my spellbook, if i try the same thing happens, wow just shuts down…

    can someone help me? i'm' playing on macBook but i don't think that's the problem.

  • cuzini

    total bullshit-takes forever to dl then i keep getting this *free up disk space* msg -i have freed up like 17 gigs of space for the installer but it just keeps sayn error not enoigh hard drive space right around 65% installed i have three lvl 80s and i cant even play -im about to just say screw it all together

  • chad

    im having an issue since installing the 4.0.1 patch i cant go in crystalsong forrest storm peeks or agent vanguard /argent tourny grounds it blacks out my screen then comp crashes says it could be a prob with my graphix driver but ther all up to date spent 4 days back and forth with gms to no help everything worked fine before the patch pls let me know if theres a fix for this or if any one is having the same issues im lvl 78 and this will be my first 80 toon realy need thes areas to work right

  • Jason

    My friend downloaded the patch but when it comes to installing it when she goes onto the logging page it comes up with the Text saying failed to apply patch . please try again later does anybody know how to get it working?

  • joy

    The Youtube post tips works and by installing new driver for the graphic card works like a charm too thanks guys.

  • Becky

    I downloaded the patch but mine and my brothers laptop are the same and the graphic card stops responding ever so often ONLY where I play wow..

  • Yazurt

    Blizz has done it again a fail patch that won't load worth the crap stuck at 10% , uninstall game multiple times , reinstall , uninstall virus program , shutdown firewall , restart in safe mode with networking , and the countless number of wasted hours trying to resolve this is unfreakin real . Get a hold of tech support only to have them give me solutions that don't work , there forums on this subject are junk , there support sucks , I enjoyed this game a great deal had a great deal of friends but now I can't even get past that dam updating tools . Hey Blizz F@#$ You Very Much .

  • Tom

    Well i load up the game, log in, fine all good, load my character and BOOM! doesn't load, just sit there looking at my screen at a fully loaded bar doing FCK ALL! cant believe i pay for this crap. sometimes i log in, make the mistake of trying to MOVE and i get timed out. if its not sorted by Friday i'm stopping my subscription. no way am i paying for this anymore!

  • Cody

    Everytime i log in it says ''connecting''success!''then after 5 minutes it tries to load the realms for another 5 mins.and when i finnaly log in it dc's me.What should i do?

  • Robert

    I was playing the game fine until today. I tried to log on and it said patch needed restart and download the patch. tried downloading the patch and it said i was up to date and didn't need a patch. Now I have this round robin. Every time I go into the game this same thing happens. I can't play.

  • james

    My problem is that for some reason when i click on my wow icon its showing that it cannot obtain the patching information

  • Becca Boo

    Ever since i downloaded the new patch I have not been able to play. I can log on and choose which character to log in with, but at the loading screen it freezes up and I have to restart my computer. Twice I was able to load into the game but could not see anything but background. Once I was able to enter game normally but after a minute my entire system shut down and I recieved the blue screen. I have more than enough memory and ram. 10 meg Broadband connection. 8600 gt nvidia graphics card. And currently running windows xp. I have followed all the directions given from blizzard tech issue forums and have reinstalled the game 3 times now. Nothing is working. The only step I have not completed yet is updating my graphics card driver. The update is waiting for me on the Microsoft automatic update site, but whenever I install it, my computer either reverts back to lowest graphic settings and won’t let me fix or it just totally deletes nvidia off my system. It is an update from 2007 that I some how missed but never needed obviously until now maybe? I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to cancel my account, but if I can’t play there is no point in paying for it.

  • Paige

    I downloaded the new patch. When i click play it goes to the log in screen…but i cant see "email" or "password". Also there are bluish and black and some times green squares everywhere. I can see the dragon flying in…but he is all black. I have no idea what to do to fix it.

  • Kim

    It took me a week to get into the game after my first full download failed totally – I then deleted everything and started from the file /sigh

    This could have been done better as many errors was in the test realm. Guess they got enough money. Cataclysmic pre-patch it certainly was. Will the Cataclysm then be blowing up my computer?

  • blizz sucks

    ive downloade patch 4.0.1 susccessfully it says wow is up to date so i click play and it loads up but the graphics are extremely messed up i wrote them an email 5 days ago…. thank you blizzard great job on the patch

    • Ben

      I am having the same problem. Did you figure out how to fix it?

  • its over!

    Ive pretty much seen it and done it all in this game, but Ive never seen anything as drastic as this patch, ever. While a few of the enhancements in game are appreciated, I think what did it for me in the end was the complete redo of all classes and trees….well thats at the top of a verrrry long list anyway. Have you noticed the "rush" mentality that has taken over this past year? Dungeons, leveling, everything. It feels like a shadow of the original game, where people played for FUN and truly worked together and helped each other. Some of the many realms Ive been to in the last few months have been nearly vacant, and the ones that do have plenty of players have become so plagued with trolls and downright nasty people..I am unsure if its the new generation of tough talking 'behind the screen' cowards, or if this is just the overall majority of people that now infest the game. I dont mean to imply a blanket stereotype, I know there are still good people on there, I know some of them personally. However anyone who has been playing for any length of time CANNOT deny it is truly a different wow world these days. Remember folks, there are countless 1000's of games to choose from, and as a one time wow fanatic of many years…Im voting with my $ and time to go elsewhere. I canceled today and will not be back. Good luck to the few true gamers left out there, it was fun and I'll miss ya!

    • Shadow

      4.0.1 is a really terrible patch and WOW is now a Simplistic, Instant Gratification, Video Arcade Game…

      Over the last couple of years the game has became more and more simplistic and more "instant gratification", the challenges have disappeared, it became easier and easier to survive and to get "everything" … (from ? marks on everything to "trainers" being able to teach all skills, spells etc…) no challenges left in the game.. just a rush to get to level 60, to 70, to 80 and then what??? YUK…

      My Wife and I made it less than an hour of game play (on the new patch) before we realized that the game has lost all of it's remaining appeal and to the point we're not even interested in the Cataclysm release…

      We've both canceled our subscriptions today…
      (5 year veterans of WOW…)

    • Duality

      I to am not going to renew my sudscription why? well since patch 4.0.1 there is a lack of play I once enjoyed, and the game is now boring me? never thought It would. this patch is ill thought out and so bugged I can't believe there was any thought gone into it.
      Well there r more games out there so off to test a few, nice knowing those that played well. cya.

  • masterpaladin

    yeah i am so pissed. whenever i log in and select my character and enter the realm. my graphics blend together. i dont know what is wrong. i have done the blizzard repair. but it doesnt change anything. if anyone finds out any information about my problem plz post it on this site again. thx in advance. 😀

  • goatgirl

    has anyone noticed a weird sort of ticking lag? it lags for a split second but does it every second. its giving me headaches….

  • Kai

    Each time I join a Random (all normals, hc's, bg's and headleass horseman event) My screen freeze. I cant see my damage. Many bars and shit have they're size fucked. And I have no addons on. And I have major FPS problems. lame patch…..

  • Gibbo

    Can anyone hlpe me im trying to download the patch, it is going really slow and after about 10 mins of downloading i get a blue screen saying IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL and my pc restarts and does the same thing when i try again, i am using windows seven. can anyone help?

  • Dickster

    All good, Its a game, i would heav to say that 90% If not more were do to addons. Ya there are issues, at least they did this when the only really import to do is ach and hollidays. before Cata comes out. Maybe alt ICCs and such. Relax although yes it has been futrating. All new talents and such. But at least we have a month to fix it before Cata comes out and we bust ass to get to 85. much better then all at once. My better half and I would have probaly giving up then. At least thisGame can be mentally stimulating unlike must ive seen were all u do is sit ther qand shoot. If your tired and dont need nothing from ICC. Do some questing work on ach. Help others. Heck fart around with AH see how much money u can make or lose in a week. Remove all your addons and macros and play it. And yea i have typos and spelling ,grammer errors, but at my age as long as point gets across i dont care. The world is to appolgetic as it is chill have fun enjoy life in what ever u doing. I just hope my internet kicks butt in nursing home if i live that long. Take care all

  • PLaing wow!

    HAHAHAHA mine is running perfect not issiuses at all! lol suckers im playing and your not!

  • Darshawal

    I'm LOVING the new patch! The game pace has slowed down, and now with all the other players lagging and locking up…I am in the top 2 or 3 for DPS in my 5 man group! I even made the top 10 in a EOTS Battleground! Finally Blizzard has introduced a feature to level the playing field for those of us who only use a mouse to click every icon during playing 🙂

    Thanks Blizz!

  • Nikita

    my download is mess up somewhere, i have to reinstall… another 5 day wait to download patch.

  • dean e

    This patch is driving me nuts im having major probs with it on windows 7 i even tried a fresh install and got the first 3 expantions installed fine then i get a 5.29g patch download that fine its installed ok then once on the new launcher it goes to update tools gets 40% in then looses connection then when you try run it again it says your copy of wow is damaged please reinstall , so i have had to run the program on admin just to get it to work but now every time i log out i have to redownload a certain amount of the patch and thats after it saying your warcraft is up to date ….blizz really didnt think this one out to well 🙁

  • ryan

    after uninstalling everything then downloading direct from blizzard everything works ok now, took 2 days in total as i had a 9.8GB then another on of around 5GB too. give it a try if not already