White iPhone 4: Celebrities Have them, You Dont

By Alan Ng - Oct 13, 2010

We hate to rub salt in the wound for our readers who are desperately trying to get their hands on a White iPhone 4, but we heard about this and had to let you know. While the iPhone 4 is still unavailable to buy from the Apple Store, it seems as if Apple are still distributing them to a select number of users.

As reported from T3, these are no ordinary smartphone users though, as British Actor Stephen Fry was seen at the recent T3 Gadget awards holding one of the coveted models for all to see.

This is no doubt a kick in the teeth for those who have been waiting for one for months, and also to those who continue to see that same ‘unavailable’ message on the Apple store. We could suggest that this recent White iPhone 4 outing could mean that the device will be out before Christmas, but we wouldn’t want to get your hopes up again.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you slightly jealous that he has one and you don’t? – Because I am.

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  • Marc

    Ask Mr Fry how well the camera works with the flash enabled! Ask Mr Fry if the white is consistent across the entire phone, home button included. Ask Mr Fry if the proximity sensor works properly. There are many reasons for the white iPhone's delay and so there should be. There was enough drama over the antenna issue… not that I have had ANY problems with mine… but then I'm not on a crappy US network!

    Now, as to Ian's comment regarding Stephen Fry, I half considered pasting in a filmography but even I didn't realise it extended to a hundred titles:

    …then you consider all the other works by him and including him and you have a very, very long list of achievements.

    Maybe Ian just doesn't like Brit actors/comedians/writers and prefers yankee drivel?

  • Tim McGee

    If the white iPhone doesn't do anything different than the current one the real question is "why do you have to have a white one"? If Apple had released a white iPhone first would you want the current model? While I don't have an iPhone I think they are great phones but I wouldn't care about color. After all, I use Zagg protection on every phone I own. I would order a white (possibly leather) skin from Zagg and go on with the show.

  • sam

    ian he is far more interesting than you, because unlike you he has some significance.

    the fact that he can fill the most prominent opera house in australia and one of the most prominent on the world with people wanting to here him talk for nights on end probably says something in itself

    where as people would not even accept money to listen to you. maybe be careful about what you say before you pay him out because jealousy dont suit ya.

  • Not really, another little way of making the geeks dribble.

  • ian

    They're just iPhones with a white case!!! Who cares? THEY'RE JUST LIKE THE BLACK ONES but look crummy and get dirty quicker.

    And Fry isn't an actor – he's just a(n occasionally amusing) fat guy who writes on some microblog site, about stuff he really knows little about. Can't remember the last time he actually appeared in a signifigant acting role.