T-Mobile MyTouch 3G: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Download ETA

By Alan Ng - Oct 13, 2010

We have some great news for MyTouch 3G owners on T-Mobile now, as some leaked documents has revealed that an update to Android 2.2 Froyo is due to start rolling out on Wednesday 13th October – tomorrow!

As reported from BGR, the documents have been obtained by TmoNews, and confirms that the rollout will start tomorrow, and last through until October 25th, so just under a fortnight.

The changes within the Froyo update are high in numbers as you would expect, with owners being able to look forward to features such as remote wipe, live wallpapers, camera and camcorder enhancements, improvements to the Gmail app and much more.

You can find a full list of new features and tweaks by viewing the document over at BGR. If you have a MyTouch 3G, let us know your reaction to this.

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  • tonyG

    Got the perfect fender version of my touch3g, it was working like a dream.. until; the stupid download happened.. then my whole life that revolves around my phone came crumbling down. The people on the store told me is a very common problem, and my solutions were to reset/wipe out to manufacturing or to exchange it for another lesser my touch (black or white) with 4g capability. What is the point. I like my phone but is useless for how slow it performs, shame on tmobil for not coming up with a patch to fix this issue that affects thousands of loyal customers like you and me. i'm considering moving to verizon, after all..

  • Luna

    This update is terrible….where can I re-download the original version of android so I can wipe my phone and fix this issue!
    My main concern [which broke my patience for them to send a fix for it] is that now it keeps turning on and turning off on it's own and it takes FOREVER to reboot! I have to remove the battery several times and even then it'll still take and hour to MAYBE reboot completely….I paid $500 some bucks for a fender last year….this is not what should be happening. Why mess with perfection? Why was this product not tested first

    When I brought it in the only thing i was told was that it couldn't be fixed…and that my choices were to either wait for an update that might never come, or go onto the t-mobile site, download the original android, wipe my phone and start all over again….

    I searched the website and could not find the update. Could someone please tell me where it is?

  • brit

    This update SUCKS!
    My phone runs slower and my text/email takes forever to load. T-moblie said the only temporary solutions was to do a factory reset every 10 days or so…which means all my apps and call/text logs get erased. Why have this phone if i have to re-download my apps every 10 days! uggghhh so annoying.
    I think this was a marketing ploy to get everyone to buy new phones because they get so frustrated with this update!

  • Abomb

    okay so i figured it it.
    what i did was…..Turn on USB Debugging an then in the notification i clicked turn on USB storage and BAM! it worked =] surprisingly.

  • Abomb

    im having a mounting problem where the CPU doesnt recognize that the phone is plugged in. On the phone itself (mytouch3g) at first it wouldnt show up in the notification bar that it was mounted but i read another post that told me to reboot my the phone while it was plugged into the CPU (which solved that problem) but the CPU still doesnt recognize that its mounted…??? kind of confusing.
    so how or what do i do to get my CPU to read and allow me to access my SD card. im thinking of rooting my phone but i cannot because of this. this all happened after the 2.2 update.

  • jed

    Original Mytouch3G post OTA Froyo update:
    It runs slower.
    It won't mount unless it the first time after a reboot.
    The battery dies faster.
    I'm going to root it and try a different ROM.

    • brit

      im having the same problem… did the root work?

  • mat

    Just called tmobile they said could take til 15th of Dec. Before we all get update. I really can’t wait any longer. I sell tmobile and still got to wait just like the rest of ya: (

  • Kim

    my phone will not mount either. the phone works a lot slower now. my text messages take so long to send and the ones received don't show up in the order they were sent.
    anyone know if there is a new process for mounting the phone? this update was so annoying!

  • sandra

    i got a update and i said install later since my phone wasn't charged so will i get it back or no?

  • Edward

    For you guys who had the battery problem are you using the Mytouch 3G or the Slide?

    • Linda

      Mine is the MyTouch 3G.

  • Natalie

    I got the update and i also have that battery problem.. My phone now is also slow, freezes, and wont mount to my computer..any ideas?

  • Luke

    U need 1.6. Does anyone know how to get the 1.6 update manually?

  • Daniel

    What’s the link so I can add and dose flash come with it.

  • darion

    I still got 1.5 I need 1.6 to update or does it matter?

    • ernie

      It dont matter

  • bob

    update on the update:
    to be completed by 12/15.
    so, if you don't have it by now…just wait longer.

  • xin

    Well here it is the 31st and no update for me. I’ve been waiting forever and don’t believe any of what they say. I even received a auto text explaining it all and still no update.

    • Ernie

      then it hasent reach your area yet i dont have it yet either

  • iluvher

    Do a master reset it will correct the issue

    • Linda

      A master reset helps, but does not make a big difference. Still very disappointed. I did that yesterday and it still does not perform as well as before the upgrade. I happen to have two batteries for my phone plus a universal charger. Even so, I need to keep one battery constantly charging just so I can keep using this phone.

  • chole

    Got the FROYO update..
    Within one hour of the update I found my battery will no longer hold a charge.
    Right now I am only getting 4-5 hours standby if I'm lucky,If I actually use the phone I have maybe 1-2 hours before my phone completely dies.

    Before the update I could go a day and a half w/o a charge and as far as talk/use time I never really had to think about it.
    SO Disappointed.

    I have tried battery calibration- Turned my Wifi and GPS off- Uninstalled every app that was not a necessity as well as some that were- Dimmed my black light and obviously pulled my battery out to make sure it was ok.

    NONE of this has helped me.

    I called T-mobile and and the rep asked me to take my battery out and look at it—- Seriously! After I did that (again) and everything looked fine he then asked me if it got wet…. I had already explained the FROYO update and that my battery was fine before.

    The solution via T-mobile customer service is a New battery….. 🙁

    Does anyone have any information that would actually be helpful for me?

    • Jalal Richardson

      Same problem i had, called t-mobile and everything luckily i have the extended warranty because they sent me a new phone. Now I'm back to 1.6 but i'm happy I don't really want 2.2. update anymore.

    • j haslam

      i spoke with someone from android about the same problem. they told me that they know about the problem and have no solution. call this number and ask for executive customer service. 1800-318-9270. this is the corporate office number. if enough of us complain they will have to do something. they gave me a new phone. but it has the same problem after the update was installed.

  • JSB

    Make sure you have a fully charged battery before downloading..I am sure it won't take it all in any way but do want to get hung up in the middle.

  • Aimee

    THANK GOD! I've been on cupcake since March and it's killing me. I've been looking for this update for months now. I called Tmobile today, and they said that we should all be update by Oct 31st @ the latest, and if for some reason we haven't been, to call them Nov 1st and they will force the upgrade. ITS ABOUT TIME!!

    • mad rg

      Now we have to wait till dec. 15…how disappointing

  • ptown

    Too bad for those with the 3.5mm, fender and slide versions. No 2.2 for us. Not anytime soon anyway.

    • bigaspn

      the 3.5 and finder will be getting it the slide will not seeings how its already 2.1 all 1.6 mytouchs will get the update

  • Texas_spanky

    I am having a real hard time rooting my phone.. i get the error messege "An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands"

  • Aaron

    Excited finally mt3g 1.6… Not for long though : )

  • lucy

    I’m.so excited to hear this! I’ve been wanting 2.2 but wasn’t willing to root my phone for it. I was one of the first to get the last patch so I hope I will be one of the first to get this update.

    My touch 3g slide

    • Somebody

      Not having root access is like missing both of your thumbs. Your hands will still work, sortof. There is NO downside.

    • bigaspn

      you may be one of the last to get it im not sure ull get it for a wile the update to 2.2 is for the old mytouch 3g not the slide that may be coming at a later date if u do receive it i would like to know.

  • zztop

    thank god finally