Sony (Google) Internet TV: Pros And Cons

By Peter Chubb - Oct 13, 2010

Sony announced four Internet TVs and a Blu-ray player during an event yesterday, all with Google TV built in. On the outside you cannot fault the Japanese consumer electronics maker for their design, which Sony say is the first full Internet TV. We know that there have been other models of TVs with access to the Internet, but only with limited features – such as Twitter.

All five devices along with the remote are now available for pre-order on Sony Style, and will come to Best Buy on October 24th. Stewart Wolpin from DVICE has taken a long hard look at the specs for each TV set and has offered his pros and cons for Sony Internet TV.

One of the things that Wolpin liked about these Google TV devices is how you can watch TV while surfing the Internet – this could become very valuable when a commercial comes on and you want to search for more information on that product.

A bad point however, is the remote; we already discussed this in an earlier article, as it is just too bulky and clumsy looking. Logitech has a much better solution; their aftermarket remote makes Sony’s effort look like something from the Leap electronics toy range.

Visit DVICE for a list of five pros and cons for Sony Internet (Google) TV.

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  • Ramilperezresare

    a keyboard for sony internet tv? hard to input web pages thru remote. 

  • RT @jimmyontheradio

    Wolpin is dreaming if he thinks people will research commercials more. I would still mute them. Also, people can still watch tv and surf the internet right now.