Skype 2.1.2 iPhone: Update Hits App Store – List of Changes

By Jamie Pert - Oct 13, 2010

If you use Skype on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad we have some good news for you, an update to version 2.1.2 has recently launched and can be downloaded via the App Store here.

The good news is that this new version brings a lot of new improvements and fixes. Let’s start with the fixes, the app should now crash less, especially when receiving events whilst playing voicemail or when running multiple Skype searches. Also devices which do not support multitasking should be a lot more reliable.

Developers have also corrected a few problems with the chat keypad when receiving a call, another fix should correct some incorrect event notifications, finally voice should no longer be routed to the main speaker after receiving an incoming chat event tone.

In terms of improvements there are a few to be aware of, including a new “Go Offline” setting, this can be set for when Skype runs in the background, also worth noting is a new friendlier format for event notifications and finally there are now more descriptive Skype settings and options.

If you already have the Skype app installed you may have already received the update, if not check out the Skype app at the App Store, its free.

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  • Brad

    Since Skype2.1.2(220) update SkypeIn calls have ceased to ring – All calls pushed to voicemail.

    Receive screen notification of voicemail, but no missed call notification.

    All settings (iPhone4, Skype) correct.
    Volumes set correctly as well.

    iOS 4.1(8B117)