PS3 and Google TV Disappointment: 97% Want The Service

By Peter Chubb - Oct 13, 2010

Yesterday was seen as a positive step for Sony, as they unveiled their range of Google TV devices. We had hoped that Sony was to offer details on a possible integration with the PS3 as well, but we were disappointed. We asked our readers if they would like to see Google TV on the game console, and 97% of them said yes.

This is a huge number, and shows how popular of an idea it was – just wish that Sony thought the same. We are not certain if such a feature would ever make it to the PS3, but it would help them get one-up on their rivals.

In our article yesterday we also asked if Sony would consider changing to the Google OS, but some readers feared that this would leave the console open for vulnerability, meaning that they could be hacked or jailbreaked more easily.

Other readers said that they were all up for the idea of having Google TV on their PS3, as long as it is free. One of the biggest issues with this idea though is with the Intel chip. This is the processor that forms part of the hardware of Google TV; this will cause an issue with the current processor in the PlayStation 3.

OK, so what seems like a great idea could face a few hurdles, but there has to be a possibility?

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  • guest

    Check out PlayOn, it runs on the PS3 wirelessly and all of the services are available. Yes it is $20 a year but it works great.

  • Joe the CEO

    "One of the biggest issues with this idea though is with the Intel chip."

    I think we're forgetting…Google Chrome is Linux-based. Linux runs on the PowerPC architecture. It's just a matter of recompiling and adding the needed drivers. Heck…there's already a guy who had Android running on their PS3!

  • Leo

    The HDMI in does present a problem. I wonder of there’s a way to integrate this as an add-on connected through the PS3’s USB ports. Probably not, but I guess I’m a wishful thinker.

    IMHO, if I have a PS3, I do NOT need another bluray player on the same TV, so the Sony is out of the question for me. The Revue seems nice, but it just seems overpriced to me.

    So my recommendation to Sony is to find an add-on for the PS3 to integrate Google TV. I would GLADLY pay $100-$150 for something that would do this, but again, that is just my opinion.

    • mrmairondil

      @Leo – Lookup "Playtv" and "torne". Those are the TV tuner adapters for the PS3 in Europe (and Australia) and Japan, respectively. Both have been out for a few years. PlayStation Japan announced a PS3+torne bundle to be out in mid November.

      Both connect to the PS3 via USB. Both serve as DVRs. Neither work in the US.


    i dont think sony will give us google tv to ps3 owners, much less for free.
    sonybosses are so dumb, they think that if they give google tv for free to ps3 users then nobody will buy a sony google tv… maybe ps3 owners wont at first, but the ps3 could lead to broad adoption, as with bluray.

    what i like most from the google tv, its that is just like a pc, app market will be available next year, the browser is already as good as you can get with flash and all chrome stuff, fast, efficient and in full HD, i may be able to create and install my own apps.

    sure i will love to get it free with a firmware to my ps3, always say that the only thing that the ps3 envy from a pc, its the apps, even without android, sony should give the chance to install whatever the user wanted (chrome, office suit, calendar, etc) from an app market open to any developer.

    as for GOOGLE TV, i may upgrade my tv by years end if it found their way to my country, LED cant make me buy a new tv, i could not care less about 3D, google TV just hit the spot.

  • brendan

    what about bringing cross game chat to the ps3 surely its easy enough for sony to being this in!

    • ddas

      no offense but if you into multiplayer games you should have gotten xbox

  • VinTheDean

    What you have to remember is that Google TV is just a service. An interface to other media like YouTube, NetFlix, HuluPlus, Web Browser, etc

    The PS3 already provides this types of services. It's not like you are going to be watching the "special" content through Google TV. Granted you will can mix both in one display. But the PS3 does not have any type of video in capabilities (in the US at least) to display mixed content on my TV.

    That said, would I like to have it on my TV. Sure why not.
    Would I like to see the Google Chrome on the PS3's browser- Absolutely. I think that a Google sanctioned browser for the PS3 would be the best thing that Google could bring to the PS3.

  • chris

    If not Google TV, at least add some more apps to the existing XMB!!!

    The following should be relatively obvious additions:

    – Love Film (confirmed)
    – Twitter
    – Facebook
    – 4OD
    – ITV Player
    – Newspaper apps (Times, Sun etc)
    – Amazon
    – Napster

    • sddsdsd

      funny how all the apps you listed seem useless to other people,
      seems better browser is better idea

  • Ryan

    What about upgrading(?) the PS3's web browser to Chrome? If anything comes out of this, I for one would love that to happen.