OS X 10.7 (Lion) And New MacBook Air – Possible Announcement

By Peter Chubb - Oct 13, 2010

The Back to the Mac event is something that you will be hearing a lot over the coming days, which will be held on October 20, 2010. Before we even get too much into things, we need to make a point of the image that goes with the invitations sent out. You can clearly see a lion peering from behind an opening Apple logo.

We can learn so much for that alone, we know how Apple loves to stick with cats when it comes to their Mac software – so maybe this could be for OS X 10.7 (Lion). Other than that it is all guesswork, so what else could the Cupertino company announce?

For those hoping to hear Steve Jobs say, “And next we have the Verizon iPhone for you, ” then you can forget it. The reason for this is simple; the event is all about the Mac. However, this does mean that we could see the new MacBook Air for 2010.

There is no certainty that this will happen, but this is one Apple device that is long overdue for an upgrade, as it is now over a year since the last update – that’s a lifetime for computer hardware.

Philip Michaels from Macworld also suggests that Apple could update iLife and iWork, these have not been updated in some time now. The truth is, we do not have a clue as to what the Back to the Mac event will offer, but it’s certainly great to have an opinion.

What do you expect from the event?

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