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Medal of Honor Metascore: Not All Reviews Are Bad

If you checked the site yesterday you may have seen that many of our readers were put off by IGN UK‘s 6/10 score for Medal of Honor, now Metacritic has averaged out the review scores for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 versions and it looks like it may not be as bad as some sites have made out.

At the time of this post the Xbox 360 version had a Metascore of 76 (here), the PS3 version had a Metascore of 75 (here) and the PC version also had a Metascore of 75 (here), quite a few critics scored the game 85-91 out of 100, so it must be doing something right.

From the look of things the biggest disappointment is the game’s short campaign, however in terms of sounds and visuals things are great. Some critics are saying that the multiplayer isn’t perfect, however I think that updates and DLC could perhaps make this much better.

If you are looking to buy Medal of Honor and you do not want to see the over critical reviews check out the Official Xbox Magazine review, GamingXP’s review and’s review.

Have these more positive reviews changed your opinion on Medal of Honor?


  • Frank

    I think its awesome, the campaign was great and multiplayer is better than MW2, although the killstreaks arent as fun. The maps are somewhat small, but I like that so you dont have to run around for 5 minutes trying to find the enemy, smaller maps force more action.

    • Fidelis G

      I'd drink to that.. One of my favorite game, this MoH. This one did not disappoint…

  • J.J. Abrams

    This was supposed to re-launch the franchise, I'm not looking to wait months for them to fix things they should have got right at launch.

    F-ing garbage, do not waste your money.

  • Like the guy said updates and DLC can fix it and also the same things proletariat complained about with modern war 2 are the same thing they are complaining about with MOH but for some reason it’s a bigger problem I guess because it’s an EA game

    • MEDzZ3RO

      It's bizarre.I played the Beta and thought the online was top quality;I've yet to play the finished product but I see no reason it should of gained all of these issues in the matter of a few weeks.
      I suppose the bottom line is too many people are addicted to Cod and appear to be blind to it's flaws.

  • bob

    bought it yesterday, maps are small , spawn killing is everywhere , small selection of guns, DONT BUY IT


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