Jailbreak and Unlock iOS 4.1: Pwnage Tool Release Date ETA

By Alan Ng - Oct 13, 2010

We have some great news for those of you who are looking to unlock your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch after deciding not to jailbreak with either Limera1n or GreenPois0n, as a new version of Pwnage Tool is coming and it’s well worth waiting for.

As reported from Redmond Pie, iPhone Dev-Team member Musclenerd has confirmed that a new version of Pwnage Tool will be available this Sunday for iOS 4.1 devices as well as the 2G Apple TV.

This jailbreak method is different to Geohot’s Limera1n and the GreenPois0n jailbreak by Chronic Dev-Team, as Pwnage Tool will allow you to jailbreak whilst keeping your iPhone baseband, which is crucial if you want to unlock it using ultrasn0w. This may sound confusing to the average iPhone user, but in simpler terms, download Pwnage Tool this Sunday if you want to unlock it afterwards.

We don’t have an exact release time for Pwnage Tool this Sunday, but we’ll be sure to let you know nearer the time. Let us know your thoughts on this, particularly from those who are yet to jailbreak on iOS 4.1.

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  • amen

    No current unlock for 4.1 with bb 2.10. Have to wait until 4.2 is released. I have the same problem. Mine is jailbroke but can't unlock.

  • Bridget

    I just got an IPhone 4 that has version 4.1 on it for my birthday. The person we bought it from jailbroke it already. Now im wondering if anyone knows how/when i can unlock it. I cannot use it as it is with Rogers and i have Bell account? Any help….this is my first Iphone!

  • Lilly

    I made the mistake by upgrading my iPhone 3G previously Jb and unlocked 4.0 to 4.1…I havent touched it since will if and when will there ever be a way to Jb and unlock it so I can use it with T-Mobile??

    • ihab

      redsn0w 🙂 ,, google it !

  • Ricardo

    Where is LIMESN0W right now? have a New Iphone 4 in a box waiting to be used…
    Please release LimeSn0w Geo!!!!
    thanks bro.

    • Yves

      Its been out for a while! Go to limera1n.com

  • matthe

    i have a iphone 3gs and its 4.1.. how can i unlock it??

    • johnR

      are you jailbroken?if you are check your modem firmware.you can use ultra snow but it only works for basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01 and 05.13.04.if your baseband does not match with any of these then you probably updated your baseband which means your out of luck.you have to wait for the unlock which we don't know when will be available.

  • Eli

    I hate apple. Pricks should let us do whatever we want with our hard earned devices

  • lincoln

    will it jailbreak my ipod touch 3G 8GB running 4.1?
    Becasue no other firmware is yet to jailbreak my device.

  • will I be able to jailbreak my iPod touch 3G it’s already updated to 4.1 ? I’ve been looking everywhere so I can jailbreak it but found nothing :/ someone please get back to me 🙂

  • john

    redsn0w does not work well for 2g mc version, because it is a tethered jailbreak, does anyone have a good reason why limera1n/greenpois0n shouldn't support it???

  • Dave

    The above post from HungryMoose DOES NOT WORK!

  • pikes4ever

    People, do your homework!! Use google!!! People should not have to spoonfeed this info to you! For the 3G and ipt2g use Redsn0w 0.9.6b1 and for everything else use tinyumbrella + gp/limera1n + ultrasnow for the carrier unlock.


  • Xapin

    What! I hope Pwnage Tool ads iPhone 3G to the list. GP and LR don't support it. GP and LR suck for that.

    • you dont need GP or LR. any iPhone 3G can be downgraded and unlocked easily with redsn0w already. only 3GS and 4 have difficulites, use google

  • HungryMoose

    FYI, for anyone interested, if you're still on 4.0.2, you can upgrade to 4.1 and unlock by using tinyumbrella, ultrasn0w, and greenpois0n or limera1n.

    Steps (iPhone4 with 4.0.2 FW and 1.59 BB) :
    1. Download tinyumbrella and shut off iTunes (iPhone connected and on)
    2. Save your 4.1 SHSH blob to cydia using tinyumbrella (verify that there were no errors)
    3. Download official 4.1 IPSW file
    4. Start TSS server in tinyumbrella
    5. Start iTunes (tinyumbrella still running)
    6. Restore the IPSW file you downloaded (DO NOT UPGRADE)
    7. Eventually, iTunes will crash and give you a 1004 error, this is what we want
    8. In tinyumbrella click "Kick device out of recovery mode"
    9. Unplug iPhone from USB and wait for it to reboot. You will now be at FW 4.1 with BB 1.59
    10. Download & run greenpois0n or limera1n
    11. From Cydia download & install ultrasn0w.

    • Dave

      Where can I get the official 4.1 IPSW file? Thank you for your time

    • jrt

      Tinyumbrella method does not work, I tried it and it upgraded to new baseband.

    • johnR

      just to clear things up.this guide is ONLY FOR THE IPHONE 4 & NOT FOR THE 3GS. as of now tiny umbrella only works with the iphone 4 in terms of preserving the iPhone4 baseband 01.59.if you use the latest tiny umbrella on a 3gs it would not preserve your baseband.rather its just gonna upgrade it to the latest baseband in iOS 4.1 which is not unlockable yet at this time. I repeat USING TINY UMBRELLA TO PRESERVE YOUR BASEBAND ONLY WORKS FOR THE IPHONE 4 & NOT FOR THE 3GS. if you have 3g/3gs wait for pwnage tool so that you can upgrade to 4.1 without updating your baseband then unlock with ultrasnow. as of now ultrasnow only works on: iPhone4 baseband 01.59, 3G/3GS basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01 and 05.13.04. if your baseband is not any of these then sorry but no unlock for you at this time.

  • Ali

    I have an iPhone 3G baseband 05.13.04 on 4.0 and want to upgrade, hopefully to iOS4.1 as my phone is very slow and annoying. It is jailbroken and unlocked through ultrasn0w on Cydia. What's my next course of action? I've tried googling but there are so many sources of info out there and they all contradict eachother?
    Thanks in advance

    • GetMatt

      Use Pwnagetool when it comes out on Sunday. Whenever you have questions about JB ONLY trust the "Dev Team" and "Chronic Dev Team" Google Dev Team and you will find their blog.

      • Rob

        I agree on the recommendation. The Pwnagetool will let you upgrade to 4.1 without upgrading your baseband to 5.14. The concern with the other jailbrake tools is that they upgrade your baseband to 5.14 and right now unlock tools like ultrasn0w cannot unlock baseband 5.14, they only work till baseband 5.13.

        For the 5.14 baseband folks, we are all waiting on an update to ultrasn0w which may happen before 4.2 iOS release or very close to it.

        That's my understanding so far.

  • sj11

    will this jailbreak & unlock an iphone 4 on ios 4.0.2 baseband 01.59.00 that has never been jailbreak or unlocked before?

    • gchen

      Just use Limera1n to jailbreak then use ultrasn0w from cydia to unlock, you are done!

  • rome

    i just have one question will i b able 2 jailbreak and unlock the iphone 3g i didnt c anything saying this would work for that

    • GetMatt

      Yes it will as long as you are currently on 4.02 or an earlier version. If you are already on 4.1 you are stuck until Ultrasn0w is updated after 4.2 comes out.

      On another not. They probably already have a way to update Ultrasnow, but if they show their hand before 4.2 comes out the Apple will close the hole and there will be no unlock for 4.2. Since Pwnagetool will preserve bb then they don't need to release a new unlock. For anyone who updated to 4.1, it's your own fault Dev Team warned you the day iOS4.1 came out.

      • Israel

        Except, of course, for those of us where it's NOT our own fault. I was just given a iPhone 3G a couple of days ago. The previous owner had updated to 4.1, since they were on AT&T and it didn't matter. I'm not on AT&T, so I'm stuck with my original 2G iphone, unable to make use of a perfectly good iPhone 3G until someone comes out with an unlock for it. How is that in any way my fault?

  • Daniel

    Will this jail break iPod touch 2g mc model and+ will it be tethered or un-tethered

  • gchen

    The new Pawn tool will not unlock your existing 4.1 version phone. If you have 4.0.2 version or earlier then you can use the pawn tool to upgrade to 4.1 without update your baseband. There are already many programs out there can do it. I just think this just waste time. We really need a tool that can unlock the current 4.1 baseband.

  • Radu

    In order to use limera1n or greenpos0n you have to update to 4.1 official firmware, which updates you baseband, and you don't want that because there is no unlock available yet.
    Ppwnage tool is great because it lets you keep your current baseband which can be unlocked. Hope everyone understands now.

    • Mandvi

      cant you use the umbrella to preserve baseband

      • Radu

        umbrella works only for iphone 4

  • mUmU

    It is NOT a waste of time for us, 3GS users who rely on ultrasn0w for unlock. And NO it will not unlock 5.14.02 or 2.10.04 bb's. You will have to wait for updated ultrasn0w. And it will not be available before 4.2.

  • aibid

    we can't unlock with new baseband. we have to wait till ios 4.2.

  • kokosak

    can i unlock my 3g with the newest baseband and ios 4.1?


  • gigabait

    I have a limerain jailbrowken Iphone 3gs with 5.14.02 bb will i be able to unlock ?

  • Stu

    So if you have an iphone 4 running 4.1 with 2.10.04 bb, you still can't unlock it this Sunday?

  • They need to crack the new baseband thats what people are waiting for anyone who has upgraded on itunes LR or GP is shafted till this happens 3 jailbreaks are a wast of time and effort the hard work is over on that one.

  • julian

    will this be able to jailbreak ipod touch 2g?

    • sushi

      you can jailbreak an ipod touch non mc model with the old pwnage tool right now, u dont have to wait, i dont think……

  • huckstah

    OK so I jb with limera1n already on my 3.1.3. Will I just have to re-jailbreak it with pwnage in order to unlock it, or is it permanently screwed?

  • Boo

    will this Pwnage tool be able to unlock my iphone 4 4.1, new bb???
    it's NOT YET jailbroken.
    Thank you,

  • strawbarigurl

    I HOPE that there's a Mac version of THIS unlock!!!!! THAT'S what I'VE been waiting for…

  • Djlooni

    I jailbreak my iphone 4 with lime ra1n..am i still going to be able to unlock it with the new tool? Can any one tell me pls..

    • Jay

      No it only covers the old baseband so it’s just a waste of time to use pwn,the day you will be able to unlock it is when they find a way to unlock the current bb.

  • Sb

    So if I have already jailbroken with recently released limerain I can not use this pwnage tool that is being released on Sunday?

  • aditya india

    guys don't do anything till the release of dev -teams new version.. wait for it..am doing the same.

  • vjeshit

    What good if you can only save the baseband to unlock with ultrasnow? People can upgrade fw and preserve baseband and jailbreak with GP or LR. So what is the different? just a combined tools? Why spend time to develop a third jailbreak tool????? Why not spend time to develop pwnageSnow????

    • Armando

      Totally agreed. I bought an iPhone 4 that came with iOS 4.1 and the carrier lock. I’m felling like I have a wheel-less Ferrari on my garage, know what I mean? I wish dev-teams develop ASAP a unlock tool cause I’m desperate for the unlock

      • wow how did you get a wheel-less Ferrari ON your garage? I usually like to get the modes of transportation IN the garage

        • Mike

          Everyone hide!! Grammar Nazis and Spelling Police are fighting it out!!

      • Harkar

        I have an iPhone 3G having ios 4.1, will I be able to unlock as well or is it for those who haven’t yet updated to 4.1 and want to do so?

    • Michel

      You are so right that’s just a waste of time when they can be working on the new bb